iHealth Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker FAQ
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Syncing your iHealth Tracker
Information about Activity Tracking
Information about Sleep Tracking
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General iHealth Tracker Information
What is the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker?
The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker tracks every step you take, distance traveled,
calories burned, and sleep efficiency. Its silent alarm feature wakes you up gently
without disturbing the person next to you, and the smart alarm feature helps you
remember to be more active. A playful Activity Level feature motivates you to be
more active for different levels of steps achieved. It connects with an iOS device via
Bluetooth 4.0.
What iOS devices are iHealth Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker compatible?
iPhone 4S +
iPad 3+, iPad Mini
iPod touch 5th generation +
How does the iHealth Tracker work?
The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker is optimized for walking, running, and
everyday lifestyle activities. It gives you an idea of how active you are, in general, by
tracking total activity throughout the day and calories burned from your activities. It
also tracks your sleep patterns and helps you get a closer look at your sleep
efficiency over time.
The Tracker works with the free iHealth MyVitals app, which has personalized health
tools to help you get the most out of your data and better manage your health goals.
The iHealth Tracker uses a 3-axis accelerometer that detects your motion patterns in
three dimensions and converts that information to your steps taken, calories burned,
distance travelled, and sleep efficiency.
What information does the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker display?
The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker shows time of day, number of steps taken,
distance traveled, calories burned, and daily activity level. Press the button to switch
between each view.
How should I wear my iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker?
The Tracker can be worn one of two ways: on your wrist, or on your waist with the
clip provided. When wearing on your waist, always use the clip provided, as the clip
will trigger the Tracker to switch from “wrist tracking” to “waist tracking,” for
maximum tracking accuracy.
How accurate is the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker?
When worn as recommended, the iHealth Tracker has a 95-97% accuracy rate for
step counting.
What materials are used in the manufacture of the iHealth Activity and Sleep
The wristband accompanying the iHealth Tracker is made of hypoallergenic TPU
rubber, which is latex- and PVC-free and is safe to use next to your skin.
Is the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker waterproof?
The Tracker is rain, splash and sweat proof. However, it is not waterproof and should
not be worn while swimming or showering.
Where can I buy extra iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker accessories?
Accessories for the iHealth Tracker are available for purchase at iHealthlabs.com and
selected retailers.
Information about Setup
How do I set up my iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker on my iOS device?
Setup is quick and easy. Please follow the steps below to set up your iHealth Tracker:
Download the iHealth MyVitals app from the App store.
In “Settings,” turn the Bluetooth feature “On.”
Open the App and follow the onscreen instructions to set up and personalize
the Tracker.
For detailed information, please refer to the Quick Start Guide included in the
product packaging, or download it from iHealthlabs.com.
Why do I need to “link” the Tracker to my iHealth MyVitals account?
To protect your personal data, iHealth tracker links the Tracker with your iHealth
MyVitals account during your first setup process. The linking feature ensures that
only you can sync the Tracker with your iOS device, even if you misplace the Tracker.
Can I link the iHealth Tracker to multiple accounts?
You can only have one Tracker linked to one iHealth MyVitals account at a time.
What if I want to give my Tracker to someone else?
If you decide to give the Tracker to someone else, you will first need to do a factory
reset to restore original factory settings and unlink the tracker from your iHealth
MyVitals account. Please refer to the “How does Factory Reset work” question and
answer in the “Trouble Shooting ” section, below.
Why should I update my iOS App?
A newer version App will contain more features and improvements. Update your iOS
App for higher performance and bug fixes.
When does my iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker reset?And what happens to the
previous data?
Your Tracker will reset each night at midnight, and all of your data will reset to zero.
Your minute-to-minute data will be stored in your Tracker for up to 14 days without
syncing. Daily syncing is recommended.
Does the iHealth Tracker have PC connectivity?
Currently, the iHealth Tracker has only iOS connectivity.
How do I turn on airplane mode?
Turn on the airplane mode in the App. An airplane icon will appear on your Tracker
display. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn it off. Please note that data
syncing is not possible while your iOS device is in airplane mode.
Information about Activity Tracking
How does calorie tracking work?
The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker records calories burned from your activities
throughout the day, and your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the amount of
calories burned while at rest (in other words, the energy expended to sustain your
regular body functions while you sleep). This calculation is based on your age,
gender, height and weight. The Tracker displays the total calories you have burned
since midnight each day.
Is the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker suitable for all physical activities?
The Tracker works best when the wrist is moving as part of the overall movement,
and your foot makes contact with the ground, such as when walking or running. The
iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker is less suited for tracking resistance exercises such
as weight lifting and yoga. Though it will capture data if worn during these activities,
these types of motions might not be recorded as accurately as running or walking.
Can I log my non-walking or non-running activities?
You can manually log resistance exercise activities in the “My Diary” section of the
iHealth MyVitals App. This allows for more accurate estimates of calories burned to
be included in your daily totals.
Will my calories burned be counted twice if I manually log the activity?
Let’s say you wear the Tracker during 30 minutes of basketball, and you log the
activity in the App to find out the number of calories burned during basketball play,
the App will make the adjustment and count only the calories from the activity you
logged manually.
How does the Idle Alarm work and how do I set it up?
You can set up the Idle Alarm in the iHealth MyVitals App. The Tracker will vibrate
gently for approximately 4 seconds to remind you to get up and be more active.
How does the Activity Level feature work?
To help you stay motivated, the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker rewards you at
different levels of activity achievement, as indicated by a playful leaping frog who
can move to 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place, respectively. This is how it works:
At 2,500 steps: The leaping frog jumps to 3rd place;
At 5,000 steps: The leaping frog jumps to 2nd place;
At 10,000 steps: The leaping frog jumps into 1st place and is crowned.
Can I wear the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker while performing rigorous
activities such as basketball, soccer and other team sports?
It is safe to wear the Tracker during these rigorous activities, and the Tracker will
record your step count from these movements. However, the calorie count may not
accurately reflect the intensity level of activity performed. For the most accurate
amount of calories burned, we recommend that you manually enter all non-walking
and non-running activities type in the App.
Does the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker detect steps while traveling by car or
when sitting?
The Tracker is designed to ensure that false steps are not recorded while traveling by
car or when sitting. However, when there is a constant motion detected by the
sensor, it might pick up some steps. Road conditions and hours spent on the road
could also affect tracking. For instance, you might see some steps when you are
driving in bumpy traffic or during a longer commute. If you plan to drive a long
distance, just remove the tracker during your trip so it won’t track while driving.
Information about Sleep Tracking
How do I turn on the sleep tracking feature?
To start tracking your sleep, press the button for 2 seconds until “sleep” appears in
tracker display. When you awake, press the button for another 2 seconds to end
sleep recording and to resume activity tracking. Open the App to sync and view your
sleep data.
How does sleep tracking work?
When you wear the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker on your wrist at bedtime and
enable its “Sleep” mode, the Tracker will detect and analyze your motion patterns
throughout the night, and turn these data into useful information, such as how long
it took you to fall asleep, the number of times you woke up throughout the night,
and how long you were actually asleep versus merely lying in bed.
Can the Tracker save my sleep data if I forgot to turn on the sleep mode?
No, you must enable sleep mode for the Tracker to record your sleep data.
What are "awaken times"?
The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker detects your body movements while you are
asleep, such as tossing and turning, then converts that data into Awaken Times.
Knowing your total Awaken Times can help you better understand the quality of rest
that you are getting.
How does the silent alarm work, and how do I set it up?
Silent alarms can be set up in the App. Silent alarms wake you gently—and without
disturbing your partner—by vibrating softly for a duration of 40 seconds.
Charging and Battery Information
Can I check the battery level on the Tracker?
The Tracker’s battery level appears on the Tracker display and in the App. When the
battery level reaches 20%, the Tracker will vibrate to remind you to recharge it.
How long does the battery last on a full charge?
The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker is powered by a rechargeable built-in battery.
The battery typically lasts at 5-7 days between charges. If you check stats frequently
or set up multiple alarms, you may need to charge battery more often.
How do I charge the battery, and how long does it take?
Plug one end of the charging cable into the USB port on the back of the Tracker, and
the other end into your computer’s USB port. It should take about two hours for the
tracker to fully charge from an empty battery.
You can charge it more frequently for shorter amounts of time to ensure that the
battery never empties completely.
What do I do if the battery is completely drained?
The battery will drain completely if you forget to charge the battery as recommended,
or if your Tracker is not used for a lengthy period of time. When this happens,
recharge the battery and launch the App to sync the Tracker with your iOS device
before using the Tracker again.
Syncing your iHealth Tracker
How does the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker sync with the iHealth MyVitals
To sync data from your Tracker to the App, you must have an active Internet
connection and Bluetooth must be turned on. You should see the Bluetooth icon (on
the upper-right corner of your iOS device screen, next to the battery level) flash a
few seconds, and then stay lit up. This indicates that your iHealth Tracker and iOS
device are connected.
To sync the Tracker, simply open the App and tap on the “Activity” Card to enter the
Activity main page. Your tracker should initiate a sync automatically from there.
Alternatively, you can use the “Sync” button on the same page to force a syncing.
If your iOS device is connected to the internet, your data will be uploaded to the
iHealth Cloud as well (if you have a cloud account).
How often should I sync Tracker data with my iOS device?
A daily sync is recommended but not required. The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker
can record detailed data for up to 14 days between each sync. Daily syncing only
takes a few minutes; however, the more data stored, the longer it may take to sync.
Does the Tracker need to be near the iOS devicing for syncing?
During syncing, keep the Tracker within 16 feet of your iOS device.
How do I sync the time on the Tracker display when changing time zones?
When you travel to a different time zone, the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker will
automatically update its time when you sync the Tracker with your iOS device.
Trouble Shooting
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How do I get iHealth Tracker firmware updates?
We are constantly looking for ways to improve your iHealth Tracker experience.
From time to time, we update the device firmware to enhance product performance.
When a firmware update is released, a notification message will pop up in the App.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update.
How does Factory Reset work?
Your iHealth Tracker is for your personal use only, and it is linked to your iHealth
MyVitals account when you first set up the Tracker. If you want to give the Tracker to
a family member or friend, you will need to restore its original factory settings before
passing it on. To do so, go to Settings > Device Settings in the iHealth MyVitals App.
Factory Reset erases all your personal data from the Tracker, including any unsynced
data. Please be sure to sync the Tracker by opening the App before performing a
Factory Reset. You will not lose previously synced data in the App and the cloud.
When do I need to reset the iHealth Tracker and how do I do that?
If you are experiencing Bluetooth connection difficulties or unusual behavior on the
iHealth Tracker display, you can perform a basic reset on the tracker to reboot it.
Resetting the Tracker will not affect your settings, such as alarms.
To reset your iHealth Tracker, press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the word
“resetting” appears. Continue to hold the button for another 3 seconds until you see
the clock display.
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