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DJ54_Mini Collating System Brochure v1.qxd:1
Page 1
Collating Stations
Feed System
Capacity Per Station
Sheet Size Min
Sheet Size Max
Paper Weight
Speed (sets/hr)
Detection Systems
Double – Feed
No Paper
Stacker Full
10 (2 tower option for 20)
12 (2 tower option for 24)
3 wheel friction feed
3 wheel friction feed
28 mm (260 mm sheets @ 80 gsm)
28 mm (260 mm sheets @ 80 gsm)
140 x 160 mm
140 x 160 mm
320 x 450 mm
320 x 450 mm
52.3 - 127.9 gsm
52.3 - 127.9 gsm
4200 sets / hour
4200 sets / hour
Interleave insertion mode, block mode, alternate mode, normal mode
Total / batch
Total / batch
Stacking Modes
Stacking Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Net Weight
Straight, offset stack
78 mm
820 x 618 x 1000 mm
65 kg
Straight, offset stack
78 mm
820 x 618 x 1144 mm
74.2 kg
Power Supply/Consumption
230V 50Hz 2A
230V 50Hz 2.8A
DBM-120 Dynamic Bookletmaker
DBM-120T Trimmer
Set-Up Time
On-Line / Off-Line
Max Book Thickness (80 gsm)
Max Corner Stitch Thickness (80 gsm)
Staple Positions
Max Speed
Booklet Size (WxL)
Automatic size change in 14 seconds
10 pre-set sizes, 3 custom sizes
Yes / Yes
80 page book (20 flat sheets)
25 flat sheets
Saddle / side / corner / fold only
Up to 2,400 A5 books / hr
Max (booklet) size: 320 x 225 mm
Min (booklet) size: 148 x 100 mm*
Max (sheet) size: 320 x 450 mm
Min (sheet) size: 148 x 200 mm**
Min 139 x 210 - Max 231 x 320 mm
Jam, misfeed, staple empty
Automatic size change in 14 seconds
Side / Corner Stapling (LxW)
Stitch / Staple Type
Detection Systems
Max Trim Cut
Trim Adjustment
Staple Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Net Weight
Power Supply / Consumption
1300 x 700 x 550 mm
120 kg
230V 50Hz 1A
mini collating
& bookletmaking system
hands-free collating and finishing
easy to operate
bi-directional feed
2400 booklets per hour
4200 collated sets per hour
Yes / Yes
80 page book (20 flat sheets)
Up to 2,400 A5 books / hr
Max (untrimmed) 320 x 225 mm
Min (untrimmed) 148 x 100 mm
Max (trimmed) 320 x 225 mm
Min (trimmed) 148 x 80 mm*
Waste bin full
20 mm
0.4 mm increments
537 x 550 x 576 mm
83 kg
230V 50Hz 1.5A
* with optional small booklet kit and DBM-120 trimmer min booklet size is 148 x 100 mm
** with optional small booklet kit
Duplo is a trade mark of the Duplo Corporation
Duplo has a policy of continuous improvement
and reserves the right to amend the above
specifications without prior notice
DJ54_Mini Collating System Brochure v1.qxd:1
Page 3
mini collating
& bookletmaking system
The Duplo mini friction collating and bookletmaking system offers smaller print enterprises,
in-plants, offices and CRDs a cost-effective solution to their finishing needs. Much of the
functionality and dependability normally reserved for much larger finishing equipment is
available as-standard in this high performance and space-efficient system.
hands-free collating and finishing
The user-friendly control panel
has several programmes including
block mode for on-the-run
loading and interleaving for
separation of batched sets. The
display has both a ‘total’ and
‘remaining’ counter to monitor the
progress of the job.
Duplo DBM-120 bookletmaker & DBM-120T trimmer
Duplo DFC-100 & DFC-120 collators
The vertically arranged DFC-series collators are available in 10, 12, 20 or 24
station configurations with an output speed of up to 4,200 sets/hour.
On-the-run loading and bi-directional feeding enables productivity to be
maintained whilst simply collating or sending sets to the online bookletmaker.
The DBM-120 can be either hand-fed or
connected online to a Duplo collator
creating a 2,400 booklet/hour
finishing system. Flat lying staples
and the optional DBM-120T edge
trimmer result in a strong and
professional booklet.
DBM-120T trimmer
reliable paper handling
The 3 feed wheels ensure maximum
contact with the paper for flawless
and consistent delivery.
Bond, NCR, light card and even
certain coated stocks can all be fed
with separator pressure and tray
pressure of each bin individually
Out-of-paper, double and paper jam
detectors ensure the integrity of
each set.
quick automatic set-up
Changing between booklet sizes
takes just seconds. Simply select
the required size, and the side
guides adjust automatically.
For smaller books, the staple
positions can be brought closer
together if required.
straight or offset collating
The collating tray can be run
in offset mode or straight
collate mode depending on
the requirements of the job.
The machine automatically
stops when the catch tray is
full so can be left to run
without continuous
Two DFC-100 or two DFC-120
towers can be connected
together to produce a 20 or
24 station collating system.
The interconnectivity of the
whole Duplo range opens up
the opportunity to start with
an entry- level system and
upgrade the collator(s) and
bookletmaker at any time to
improve productivity as the
needs of the business change.
DBM-120 bookletmaker
four finishing modes
The DBM-120 is capable of side stapling, corner stapling, folding
and saddle stapling so just about any finishing requirement is
possible with this versatile unit.
corner staple
hand feeding
toggle dial
The DBM-120 can be used as a
standalone bookletmaker and
manually fed through the hand
feeder. This is ideal for very short
run or pre-collated jobs such as
those from a digital printer.
A simple toggle dial screen allows the operator to input and store
up to 13 separate programs for quick recall later.
DFC-120 friction collating tower
optional fore-edge trimmer
When producing thicker books it is often necessary to trim the fore-edge. The Duplo
DBM-120T is an optional trimmer unit that will cut this edge as the book is ejected
from the bookletmaker ensuring a highly presentable end product.
no trim
with trim
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