This is not an ordinary in line water filter.
Watercolors combine the
properties of traditional carbon
block filters and sediment filters
into a single cartridge.
No Flushing required
Great filtration with low pressure drop
Less machine maintenance
Combination sediment filter and carbon block filter in one unit.
Premium water for about $.03 per gallon.
Inside the watercolors cartridge is a proprietary technology that attaches powdered activated
carbon to synthetic fibers. This technology creates an exceptionally large surface area for
the use in the chemical reduction of chlorine, taste and odor. Additionally, the watercolors
cartridges have a fiber matrix that provides maximum dirt holding capacity that traps 3-5
times the amount of dirt before reaching the same pressure drop as an in line filter.
Watercolor Water Filters
All filters are 2 3/8" in diameter and have ¼" female pipe threads on each end
Rated pressure is 20 to 125 PSI
Rated temperature is 40 to 100 degrees F
Reduces --Chlorine taste and odor-&-Sediment and Rust particles
Inhibits the formation of lime scale (based on manufacturer's internal testing)
Rated flow of 0.5 GPM [Gallons Per Min.] or 1.9 LPM [liters]
205073 WC-750 gallon is 6 ¼" long
205082 WC-1000 gallon is 9 ¼" long
205088 WC 2000 gallon is 14 ¼" long
Add suffix A to part number and you get two 201104-¼" M flare X ¼" Mnpt fittings
Add suffix B to part number and you get two 205192-¼" Comp X ¼" Mnpt fittings
Add suffix C to part number and you get two 205086-¼" John Guest X ¼" Mnpt fittings
Other fittings we have that fit it;
100037 Elbow, ¼" Male Flare X ¼" M-npt
202014 Elbow, ?" Male Flare X ¼" M-npt
202018 Connector, ?" Compression X ¼" M-npt
100351 Connector, ?" Male Flare X ¼" M-npt
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