C1EL120SM For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Coyote Stainless Steel Electric Grill Use & Care Manual C1EL120SM
PUT SERIES NO. LABEL HERE For Indoor or Outdoor Use
IMPORTANT: Read all instructions before use
To installer or person assembling grill: Notate your serial number on the grill prior to use
To consumer: Keep this manual for future reference.
Welcome & Congratulations
Congratulations on your purchase of a new grill! We are very proud of our
product and we are completely committed to providing you with the best service
possible. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.
Please read this manual carefully to understand all the instructions about how to
install, operate and maintain for optimum performance and longevity.
We know you’ll enjoy your new grill and thank you for choosing our product. We
hope you consider us for future purchases.
Please read and save the instructions
This Manual provides specific operating instructions for your grill. Use your grill
only as instructed in this manual. These instructions are not meant to cover
every possible condition and situation that may occur. Common sense and
caution must be practiced when installing, operating and maintaining any
Table of Contents
Product Specifications…............. 2
Safety Instructions ...................... 3
Locating the Grill......................... 5
Operations & Features ............. 7
Care & Maintenance…..…..............8
Parts Listings............................…..13
Pedestal Stand………………………...14
Built-In Version…………………………14
• Danger
DO NOT use grill with a damaged
power cord. Electrical shock can occur
with exposure to water or another
liquid. If you notice damage to your
power cord, contact Customer Service
immediately for assistance.
indicates an imminently hazardous
situation which, if not avoided, will
result in death or serious injury.
DO NOT store or use gasoline or other
flammable liquids or vapors in the
vicinity of this or any other appliance.
Indicates a potentially hazardous
situation which, if not avoided,
may result in minor or moderate
instructions are ignored, a hazardous
fire or explosion could result in physical
injury, death or property damage!
WARNING indicates a potentially
hazardous situation which, if not
avoided, could result in death or
serious injury.
1 Product Specifications
120V AC - 1300 WATTS - 11 AMPS – 60 HZ
Overall dimensions:
18 1/8” (W) x
16 1/4” (D) x
11 3/8” ( H )
Cutout dimensions:
16 1/4” (W) x
15 1/4” (D)
3 3/8” (H)
Note: Measurements in pictures below are for the product. Cutout specs for (W) and (D)
allow an extra ¼ for cutting.
2 Safety Instructions
WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can
cause injury or property damage. Read the installation, operating and maintenance
instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.
General Safety Instructions
The area surrounding your new grill should be kept clean and free from flammable
liquids and other combustible materials such as mops, rags or brooms, as well as
solvents, cleaning fluids, and gasoline.
If located in a consistently windy area (oceanfront, mountaintop, etc.) a wind break
would be suggested. Always adhere to the specified clearances listed.
DO NOT use grill with a damaged power cord. Electrical shock can occur with exposure
to water or another liquid. If you notice damage to your power cord, contact Customer
Service immediately for assistance. 855-520-1559
DO NOT leave the grill unattended while cooking.
DO NOT operate the grill in rain, or while standing in water.
To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord or plugs in water or other
DO NOT use an alternate fuel (charcoal briquettes, wood, etc) in an electric grill.
Ensure the grill is installed per instructions and properly grounded by a qualified
DO NOT use this grill for any other use than preparing food.
10. Unplug the grill from power outlet when not in use and before cleaning or servicing.
11. Turn off all grill controls before unplugging the grill from a power outlet. Always ensure
the plug is attached to the grill correctly and then plug into the outlet.
12. Keep any electrical supply cords away from water or heated surfaces. Electrical cords
should be placed away from walkways to avoid tripping hazard.
13. Using grill tools or accessories not supplied with this grill when purchased may cause
injuries, damage to the grill and even damage to personal property. Use of these type of
accessories is at the risk of the user(s).
14. Keep children and pets away from hot grill. DO NOT allow children to use or play near
the grill.
15. Never attempt to repair or replace any part of the grill yourself unless specifically
recommended in this manual. All other services should be performed by a qualified
service technician.
16. Never lean over an open grill. DO NOT place clothing or other flammable material on or
near the grill. DO NOT wear loose-fitting clothes or long sleeves while using the grill as
some fabrics can be highly flammable.
17. Always have an ABC fire extinguisher accessible. Never attempt to extinguish a grease
fire with water or other liquids.
18. Always use caution when moving hot grease, or another hot liquid.
19. Allow the grill to cool before taking off cooking grates, disposable drip tray or lids.
20. When using the grill, DO NOT touch the grill rack, burner grate, or immediate
surroundings as these areas become extremely hot and can cause burns. Always use a
3 covered hand when opening the grill hood and only do so slowly to allow heat and
steam to escape.
21. DO NOT heat any unopened glass or metal container of food on the grill. Pressure may
build up and cause the container to burst, possibly resulting in serious personal injury or
damage to the grill.
22. Never move the grill when hot.
23. DO NOT use while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
24. DO NOT grill without the drip tray in place. Drip tray should be pushed all the way to the
bottom of the grill.
25. Grease is extremely flammable. Let hot grease cool down before attempting to handle
or dispose of it. The ceramic briquettes should be cleaned after (or before) each use.
26. Ensure the control knobs are in the “OFF” position when not in use.
27. Use only a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) protected circuit with this cooking appliance.
4 Locating the Grill
4" min
30" min
18" min
11/2" min
Installation Requirements for Portable and Built-in Installations
A built-in grill is designed for easy installation into an enclosure. For non-combustible
applications, the grill drops into the opening and hangs from the grill body itself. A bottom
deck is not required to support the grill from the bottom. It is also required that:
Installation of this grill must meet the location requirements shown in the above
installation illustration
All dimensions listed are minimum requirements for safe operation
Ventilation of any built-in enclosure is required for safety. Refer to your state, municipal
and local codes for required specifications
Failure to locate the grill without proper clearances will result in a fire hazard
The counter should be flat and level in reference to the floor.
The grill should be installed by a qualified installer or technician that can follow all
stated instructions within this guide and the owners manual.
5 n
If the grill is installed by a professional installer or technician, be sure that he shows you
where your circuit breaker is located.
This grill is approved for indoor or outdoor use, however a ventilation hood is always
recommended for use indoors to provide additional air circulation and protection
against a grease fire
Before installing built-in grills in enclosures, copy all product information such as model
number, serial number and store information in a safe place.
This grill is rated at 120 VAC – 1300 Watts – 11 AMPS
Clearances for Construction:
The statements in this manual are required for proper and safe use of this grill. All stated
specifications are based on the product and are certified for safe consumer by Intertek
Laboratories (ETL). The homeowner or installer must verify that all local building codes will
be met with the installation of this grill.
ü TO NON-COMBUSTIBLE CONSTRUCTION: For non-combustible material, this grill
can be placed directly on, or adjacent to the non-combustible material. The hood on
a Coyote grill pivots mainly on the body. If you have a wall or partition behind the
unit that would block ventilation, then a minimum of 2" clearance from the back of
the grill, to the wall is needed for the purpose of ventilation. Furthermore, if you DO
NOT have a wall or partition blocking the ventilation of the unit, then you only need
an extra 2" behind the unit for the hood to open fully.
ü CLEARANCE TO COMBUSTIBLE CONSTRUCTION: For combustible construction,
you must follow the instructions below to ensure the safety of the homeowner.
ü Maximum depth of overhead cabinets can be 13”
ü Minimum height of countertop from floor should be 36”
ü The minimum flat countertop surface that the grill will rest upon must be equal
to or greater than the overall grill dimensions
ü 30” minimum clearance between the top of the grill and the bottom of an
unprotected wood or metal cabinet OR 24” minimum clearance when the
bottom of wood or metal cabinet is protected by not less than ¼” thick flame
retardant mill board covered with not less than No. 28 MSG sheet steel, .015”
thick stainless steel, .024” thick aluminum or .020” thick copper.
ü A minimum height clearance of 6-1/4" is required from the top of the counter
top to any combustible material below the grill (for built-in models only)
ü 4” minimum from backsplash of countertop to edge of grill. 1-1/2” minimum
from front of counter to grill.
6 Operations and Features
Operating Instructions:
ü Your grill is designed to reach a temperature range of 175-550 degrees Fahrenheit, by
adjusting the temperature control valve. The larger the image gets around the bezel the
higher the temperature will go. There is also a built-in automatic shutoff, that will turn off
the grill after 60 minutes.
o 60 minutes is the maximum time you can set but the timer valve allows for any
time to be set up to 60 minutes. You can also adjust the timer valve as needed
during cooking and it will maintain your set temperature.
ü Before using your grill, remove the cooking grate and drip tray from the grill. Make sure
all packaging remnants are removed as well. Wash the grate thoroughly with soapy
water and a non-abrasive cloth.
o Make sure to only use the Coyote spatula and toolset that came with your grill, or
other high temp non-abrasive tools, to ensure no damage to the Teflon coated
cooking grate.
ü Ensure that the element, cooking grate, ceramic tray and stainless steel drip tray are all
in their correct positions before use.
ü When you are done grilling, be sure to turn the temperature control knob and also the
timer knob to the “OFF” position.
Preparing Food for the Grill
WARNING: Always observe safe food-­‐handling and safe food-­‐preparation practices when using this Grill, to prevent food-­‐borne illnesses. ü Always cook foods adequately. Undercooked foods can retain bacteria, especially if
thawed or exposed to warm conditions prior to cooking.
ü Always use separate plates and utensils for the handling of raw food. Never place raw
food and cooked food on the same plate, and never place cooked food on a plate that
was used for handling raw food.
Always carefully wash all plates and utensils used to handle raw food before using them
to handle cooked food.
Always wash all vegetables, seafood and poultry before cooking.
Always leave uncooked foods in the refrigerator until you are ready to start cooking.
Always marinate meat in the refrigerator. Dispose of the excess marinade, and never
reuse it.
Grilling Tips:
ü If you pre-cook meat or poultry, do so immediately before grilling.
ü Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours of taking food off the grill.
ü Never let the tray boil dry. That could be hazardous, as grease from fatty foods that have
collected in the tray could ignite and possibly cause bodily injury or property damage.
ü Use a meat thermometer to be sure food has reached a safe internal temperature.
ü Always trim excess fat from your foods to reduce the occurrence of flare-ups during
ü Apply a light coating of cooking oil to the cooking grids before grilling, to prevent foods
from sticking.
ü Cook similar portion sizes together, so that they all cook evenly.
ü Use tongs to turn foods on the grill.
7 ü Never pierce foods while they are cooking on the Grill, as this will dry them out.
ü Turn foods infrequently. Some chefs say that a good steak should never be turned more
than once.
ü Apply sugar-based sauces such as commercial barbecue sauces only during the latter
stages of cooking, to prevent charring.
ü Soak the string you use to tie up roasts and poultry on the rotisserie spit to protect it
from burning.
ü Use a disposable aluminum tray filled with water, fruit juice, wine or a marinade to add
extra flavor and moisture to slow-cooked foods like roasts, whole chickens, turkeys or
Controlling Flare-ups
Flare-ups are a part of cooking meats on a gas grill. This adds to the unique flavor of
cooking on a gas grill. Excessive flare-ups resulting from the build-up of grease in the
bottom of the grill can over-cook the food and cause a dangerous situation for you and your
grill. If this should occur, DO NOT pour water onto the flames, which can cause the grease to
splatter and could result in serious burns or bodily harm. If grease fire occurs, close the hood
and turn off the main burners until the grease burns out. Use caution when opening the
hood as sudden flare-ups may occur.
To Minimize Flare-ups:
-­ -­ -­ Trim excess fat from meats prior to cooking.
Cook meats with high fat contents (chicken or pork) on Low settings or indirectly.
Ensure that your grill is on level ground and the grease is allowed to fall into the
stainless steel drip tray
Care & Maintenance
CAUTION: All cleaning and maintenance should be done only when grill is turned off and
Drip Tray
The drip tray located below the grill should be cleaned periodically to prevent heavy buildup
of debris.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT leave the grill outside during inclement weather unless it is covered.
Rain water can collect inside the grill, the grill stand or the drip tray if left uncovered. If the
drip tray is not cleaned after use and the grill is left uncovered, the drip tray will fill with water
causing grease and water to spill into the grill stand. We recommend cleaning and storing
the drip tray after every use.
Cooking Grate
The cooking grates can be cleaned after cooking is completed and the grill has been turned
off and allowed to cool. Wear an oven mitt and scrub the cooking grates with a damp cloth. If
the grill is allowed to cool down and the grease/debris becomes hard, cleaning the grates
will be easier if removed from the grill and cleaned with a mild detergent and a non-abrasive
8 Flavorizers
You must clean the flavorizers after or before each use of the grill to ensure no build-up of
grease can occur, which could cause a grease fire. Excessive smoke, is a good indication that
there is too much grease built-up near (or on) the element. The briquettes are made of
ceramic and the tray it rests in are made of 304 stainless steel. To thoroughly clean them
when they become saturated with grease/debris, you can place them in your dishwasher as
well. Take notice of any broken briquettes to avoid clogging your dishwasher.
Heating Element
The heating element can rise to a 90-degree angle to help with pulling out the ceramic
flavorizer and stainless steel drip tray. If the element becomes dirty, you can take a
non-abrasive cloth with some light detergent and spot clean the element to help clean the
grease off. Ensure that the grill is un-plugged from the outlet and the element (and full grill)
is fully dry before plugging back in.
Stainless Steel Care and Maintenance
It is a common misconception that stainless steel will maintain its original factory shine with
little help from the consumer. Unfortunately, this is not true. Stainless steel will not stain,
discolor, corrode or rust as fast as other types of steel, but it is not fully stain or weather
proof. If it is not properly maintained, all grades of stainless steel can face surface
discoloration, corrosion and eventually rust. Any stainless steel that is exposed to the
environment will require attention and care throughout its life to ensure that it keeps its shine
and structural integrity.
Cleaning the Stainless Steel and Polishing
To clean the stainless steel, you will want to wash off all dirt and debris from the steel
with warm water. If you have tough spots to clean, then a degreaser such as Formula
409 can be used.
2. Next, you will want to rinse and dry the steel thoroughly with a clean towel. DO NOT
allow the steel to air dry as the standing water can cause surface discoloration.
3. The last thing you want to do is to protect to the unit with a good polish. There are
several polishes on the market that work great (Barkeepers Friend Polish and
Stainless Steel Magic are a few) and will help keep your grill protected from the
elements for a longer period of time. Most of these polishes are toxic, so you would
only want to use these on the exterior of the grill (not your cooking grates or
a. You will want to apply the polish to a clean paper towel and wipe with the
direction of the grain in the stainless steel.
b. There should be no excess liquid on the surface but it is acceptable for it to be
a little oily, as that will dissipate.
4. If you have a situation where your grill has developed surface discoloration or surface
rust, then you need to clean the unit as stated above and use a good polish
(Barkeepers Friend Polish, or Instant Rust Out) to remove the spots.
a. Each of these polishing agents take about 30 seconds to work and then you
9 simply wipe off the product (if needed use a soft Scotch-Brite pad to remove
any tough spots.) If you used Barkeepers Friend, then you DO NOT need to do
anything further. If you used Instant Rust Out (or another cleaning agent), you
would want to wipe it down with fresh water and dry it off again with a clean
towel and then coat the steel with a layer of WD-40 or another Stainless
Polishing solution, which will act as a surface protectant for the steel.
i. IMPORTANT: Be sure not to have your grill on when using any
flammable product, such as WD-40. These products are extremely
flammable in their aerosol form.
Environmental Factors that can affect your Grill
Mother Nature is a wonderful thing but unfortunately she can be tough on outdoor
appliances. There are several usual causes for surface discoloration and corrosion on your
stainless steel outdoor equipment:
1) Mortar (which contains lime) from the island assembly process, has rested on the unit for
a pro-longed period of time and the unit was not cleaned quickly
2) Pool chemicals were splashed onto the grill (chlorine and acid will cause very quick
problems) and the unit was not cleaned off quickly
3) Hard water from sprinklers (chlorine in the water) was allowed to sit on the unit
4) Salt from the ocean air/water was allowed to rest upon the grill for a prolonged period of
time before being cleaned (beach owners must be diligent in maintaining their outdoor
stainless equipment)
5) Dust, or rust, from other metals found it ways onto the grill and was left on for an
extended period of time.
6) Organic matters (such as certain types of food) might have gotten onto the surface of
the grill and it was then covered. With high humidity and low oxygen, corrosion will start
to take place.
7) Sprays and cleaning solutions containing alkaline, lime, acid, salt might have been left on
the grill surface un-dried.
8) No stainless steel polish was ever used after one of the above mentioned acts took place.
Ways to Avoid Rust on your Grill:
2) Always purchase a Coyote Grill cover for your unit. This will ensure that your cover is
correct fit and breathable, while providing the protection needed to keep all other
contaminants off of the surface.
3) When installing the unit, make sure to keep the unit covered when any masonry work is
being performed. If any mortar or dust does come into contact with the stainless, make
sure to wipe it off as soon as possible and use a stainless steel polish immediately
4) Position your grill away from areas that can receive water splash from a pool or hot tub.
5) DO NOT store pool chemicals in your island or island cabinets.
How to Remove Scratches from your Stainless Steel:
If your situation is a little more serious and you have obtained scratches in your equipment,
then you will need to purchase a “stainless steel scratch kit.”
These kits are popular in retail
stores but can be easier to obtain online. A very popular one is called “Scratch-B-Gone.” With
10 these kits, you will not polish the unit until you are done re-scratching the entire product you
are working on. With a scratch kit, the goal is to literally re-scratch the entire surface, so that
the original grains are replaced by your new scratched-in grains. With this practice, you must
be willing to do the entire surface as you will notice a start and stop point. Also, be careful to
pay attention to your rolled or finished edges as these scratch kits will ruin this finish. After
you have used the kit, you will want to follow it up with a good stainless polish (as mentioned
prior) and then a dry towel for a final wipe down.
11 Limited Warranty
Coyote Outdoor warrants to the original purchaser at the original site of delivery with
proof of purchase of each Coyote Electric Grill that when subject to normal residential
use, it is free from defects in workmanship and materials for the periods specified below.
This warranty excludes grills used in rental and commercial applications. This warranty
excludes surface corrosion, scratches, and discoloration which may occur during
regular use. It does NOT cover labor or labor related charges. There may be a shipping
and handling charge for the delivery of the warranty part(s).
Cooking Grate …………………………………….…………………..……...................................5 years (limited)
Flavorizer Bars ……………………………………………………………………………………………..3 years (limited
Electric/Plastic Components ………………………………………………………................3 years (limited)
Valves ………………………………………………………………………………………….......................3 years (limited)
Stainless steel ...........................…………………………………………………..........................Limited Lifetime
Our obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at our option, of
the product during the warranty period. The extent of any liability of Coyote under
this warranty is limited to repair or replacement. This warranty does not cover normal
wear of parts, damage resulting from any of the following: negligent use or misuse of
the product, use of incorrect electrical supply, use contrary to operating instructions, or
alteration by any person other than a factory service center. The warranty period is
not extended by such repair or replacement.
WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDURE: If you require service or parts for your Coyote Grill,
please contact our Warranty Service Center for factory direct assistance. Our hours of
operation are 8 am to 4 pm CST. The phone number is 855.520.1559 and the Fax
number is 214.520.1450. You may also fill out warranty claims online at
www.coyoteoutdoor.com. Please have your model number, serial number and proof of
purchase available for any warranty claim.
Coyote Outdoor may require the return of defective parts for examination before
issuing replacement parts. If you are required to return defective parts, shipping
charges must be prepaid by the customer. Upon examination and to Coyote
Outdoor’s determination, if the original part is proven defective, Coyote Outdoor, may
approve your claim and elect to replace such parts without charge. In any instance,
customer is responsible for shipping and handling of the replacement parts. Product
repair as provided under this warranty is your exclusive remedy. Coyote Outdoor shall
not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or
implied warranty on its products.
This warranty does not cover any failures or operating difficulties due to accidents,
abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, vandalism, improper installation, maintenance
12 or service, damages caused by flashback fire or grease fires, as set out in the Owner’s
Manual. This warranty does not cover scratches, dents, corrosion or discoloration
caused by weather, heat, abrasive and chemical cleaners, pool or spa chemicals, and/or
any tools used in the assembly or installation of this unit. This warranty does not cover
paint loss, surface rust, corrosion or stainless steel discoloration which is considered
normal wear and tear. This warranty does not cover the cost of any inconvenience,
personal injury, or property damage due to improper use or product failure.
Deterioration or damage due to severe weather conditions such as hail, hurricanes,
earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, terrorism, discoloration due to exposure to
chemicals either directly or in the atmosphere, Acts of God/forces of Nature are not
covered by this limited warranty.
C1EL120SM Exploded Parts View
1. Stainless steel grate
2. Cooking grate
3. Heating element
4. Ceramic briquettes plate
5. Stainless steel drip tray
6. Build in grill
7. Junction box cover
8. Oven rack
9. Knob
10. Led light
11. Thermostat
12. Time adjuster
13. GFCI
14. Stainless steel grate
13 Assembly with the Pedestal Stand
Place middle pole on a flat service in the vertical position
2. Next, place the bottom plate upside down on top of the middle pole. Attach the
4 bolts
3. Once all 4 bolts are secured, flip the pedestal over to where it is standing up.
4. Next you will want to remove the 4 bolts that are inside the electric grill cooking
area. They are located at grate height. Simply back these 4 bolts all the way out
and the top of the grill will become detached from the bottom frame.
a. Helps to remove the ceramic flavorizer and drip pan. Protect the hood too
if you lay it back
5. Once it is out of the bottom frame, lean the grill portion on its back and remove
the handles from the bottom frame.
6. While the grill is removed from the frame, remove the 4 black feet and keep the
bolts and washers for use in #8.
7. Re-insert the grill portion into the bottom frame and put the 4 bolts back in from
8. Place the entire grill onto the middle pole and use the 4 bolts and washers from
#6 to secure them together.
9. Attach each side shelf bracket with the screws provided. Then insert each side
shelf onto the brackets.
Assembly of the Built-In Version
To make the built-in version of the C1EL12SM, you simply have to remove the
cooking grate and then remove the 4 bolts that you see at the cooking grate
height. Once you back these 4 bolts all the way out, the top portion of the grill
will come completely away from the bottom frame.
Be careful, once you release these 4 bolts the hood will also want to come
back as it is anchored to the frame you are releasing.
2. Pull the plug and electrical cord out from the bottom frame
3. Once you have that done, you can put the 4 bolts back into the frame and you
will now have the built-in version.
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