High Speed Combination Oven

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Amana® Commercial AXP22T
Power Output
l Forced convection:
AIA File #:
High Speed Combination Oven
-2000 W
-200o - 520o F (95o - 270o C)
temperature range
-Forced convected air for
enhanced toasting and browning
-2200 W
-Heats quickly, reduces cooking time
Model AXP22T shown
15 times faster than conventional ovens.
Heavy Volume | Combination Cooking
This category of combination oven is ideal for...
- Theatres
- Pizzerias
- Convenience stores - Hotel room service
- Satellite locations
- Campus dining
- Healthcare
- Snack bars
Location of oven(s):
- Kitchen shelf
- Kitchen countertop, single or stacked
- Equipment stand, single or stacked
- Defrosts most frozen food products in
microwave mode
All ACP, Inc. commercial ovens are backed
by our Culinary Center. Call us with any
question regarding food preparation,
menu development and cooking times
-3000 W
-Enhances toasting and browning
Cuts Costs
l No need for costly ventilation hood - catalytic convertor filters grease and odors from the air. Integrated recirculating catalytic converter.
l Uses less energy than a conventional oven.
l Eliminates need for pre-cooking and holding.
l Uses standard metal trays, pans and screens.
Simplifies Cooking
l Touch screen operation for consistent results.
l Transfer programming information
Specification #:
Through put potential:
- 12” frozen pizza, 20 per hour
- 6” toasted sub sandwiches, 80+ per hour
- Grilled fresh salmon, 20 per hour
- Crème brulé, 10 per hour
- 1 lb. portions fresh shrimp , 30 portions per hour
l Infra-red radiant:
via USB port, wi-fi or ethernet
l Controls are intuitive and simple to use.
l Stores up to 360 menu items.
l Four stage cooking option.
l 1.38 cubic ft. (39 liter) oven capacity.
l Door drops down below oven rack
providing full access to oven interior.
Easy to Use and Maintain
l Porcelain IR element cover enhances operator safety and simplifies maintenance
l Stainless steel exterior and interior.
l Infra-red elements tilt-up for cleaning.
l Two removable air filters protect oven components.
l Backed by the ACP, Inc. 24/7 ComServ
Patents Pending
Support Center, 866-426-2621.
l ETL Listed.
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Amana® Commercial AXP22T | High Speed Combination Oven
side view
front view
back view
24 1/2”
Installation Clearances - Top: 2" (51), Sides: 1" (25), Back: None
Specification #:
AIA File #:
Drawings available from KCL CADlog - techs@kclcad.com
Menu Capacity
Power Levels
Max. Cooking Time
Program Menu
Time Entry Option
Microwave Distribution
Stage Cooking
Door Opening
Automatic Voltage Sensor
USB Port
Temperature Range
Air Filter
Fan Speed
Exterior Dimensions
Cavity Dimensions
Door Depth
Usable Cavity Space
Exterior Finish
Interior Finish
Power Consumption
Power Output*
Power Source
Infra-red radiant
360 items
Multi-level menu capability
Yes, microwave only, power level 2
Double side oscillating antenna
Touch screen, color LCD
Yes, 4
Pull down, ergonomic handle
200o - 520o F (95o - 270o C)
2 removable, with clean filter reminder
1 rack position, removable
H 20 3/8” (518) W 25 1/8” (638) D** 27 1/2”(699)
H 10” (254)
W 16” (406)
D 15” (381)
37 5/8” (956), drop down door
1.38 cubic ft. (39 liter)
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
5700 W, 27.4A
2200 W* Microwave
208 - 240 V, 60 Hz, 30 A single phase
Plug Configuration / Cord
NEMA 6-30
Product Weight
Ship weight (approx.)
Shipping Carton Size
2450 MHz
150 lbs. (68 kg.)
175 lbs. (79 kg.)
H 32 1/2” (826) W 28 1/4” (717) D 34 3/4” (883)
Cooking Power*
5 ft. (1.5 m)
Measurements in ( ) are millimeters
* IEC 60705 Tested
** Includes handle
Oven shall combine three cooking modes: forced
convection, microwave and infra-red radiant for high
speed cooking. Icon operated control panel shall be programmable with
the ability to program a maximum of 360 menu items and shall have
multi-level menu capability. Programs shall be automatically updated
using either Wi-Fi, ethernet or USB port. Display shall be a swipe touch
screen, color LCD. There shall be 11 power levels, 4 cooking stages and
defrost mode. Microwave output shall be 2200 watts and distributed
from two magnetrons located on each side of the cavity. An automatic
voltage sensor shall accommodate either 208 or 240 volts with no manual
adjustment. Oven shall provide a temperature range from 200o - 520o
F (95o - 270o C) in 5o increments. The convection fan shall distribute the
heat throughout the cavity to further reduce cook times. Fan speed
can be programmed from 0 to 100% for menu flexibility. The infra-red
radiant shall have 3000 watt output and deliver heat from the bottom
of the oven. This element shall be concealed with porcelain cover and
hinged for easy cleaning of the oven floor. The oven cavity shall have
a 1.38 cubic ft. (39 liter) capacity and use standard metal cookware.
Maximum microwave cooking time shall be 60 minutes. Oven shall have
a stainless steel exterior and be stackable. Oven cavity shall be stainless
steel construction with stainless oven door. Drop down door shall open
below oven rack for full access to the cavity. The two side air filters shall
be removable for easy cleaning and have a “clean filter” reminder feature.
A removable, one position rack shall be included. Microwave oven shall
comply with standards set by the U.S Department of Health and Human
Services, ETL listed for safety and sanitation.
Included Accessories:
l Oven paddle
Optional Accessories
l Panini press
l Pizza stone 14 3/8” (365mm) dia.
l Leg kit - set of four 4” (102mm) legs
l Non-stick baskets - set of two
- 10” x 12” x 1” (254 x 305 x 25mm) size
- 6” x 12” x 3/4” (152 x 305 x 19mm) size
l Stainless carts/equipment stands 24” (610) and 30” (762)
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