The Unimog
More Solutions for Municipal Work
The Unimog Concept
Getting through where others give up
Where even four-wheel drive trucks reach their limits and tractors can’t go any further, a totally different
kind of work and tractor vehicle has to take over: the Unimog. It embodies the meaning of versatility and
viability on four wheels. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a vehicle in a league of its own. It provides solutions
which no other vehicle worldwide can offer. The Unimog is much more versatile than any other with its
attachment and mounting areas at the front, middle and rear. It is also much more at home on off-road
terrain than any other vehicle, and can drive at fast speeds on roads as a transporter. The Unimog is an
uncompromising professional for uncompromising professionals. It is streets ahead in every situation and
on any terrain, such as providing municipal services in both summer and winter.
Unimog Model Range Chassis Expertise System and Implement-Carrying
Expertise Winter Services Mowing Operations Maintenance Work Clean-up Operations Transport, Loading and Distribution
Rescue Operations Easy to Operate and Ergonomic
Economic Efficiency and
the Environment
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Doing Alone the Work of Many
Mowing during the summer with three mowing machines at the same time; clearing snowy and icy
roads in winter with a snow cutter or plough and gritter. Due to its unrivalled implement-carrying
concept you can complete all municipal tasks, for which you would otherwise require a whole fleet
of different vehicles (e. g. trucks and tractors). And because you have the choice between three
model ranges, you get the vehicle most perfectly suited to the tasks you carry out.
The Unimog U 20. As a universal implement carrier up to
7.5/9.3 t max. weight, the Unimog U 20 is perfectly designed to suit the needs of municipal maintenance yards.
It costs no more than an up-market municipal tractor,
has all the advantages of a four-wheel drive truck and the
power reserves of a genuine Unimog. In short: maximum
performance potential throughout the whole year.
The Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500. As a professional
­implement-carrier over 7.5 t max. weight, the Unimog
U 300/U 400/U 500 provides unparalleled top performances. Especially for professionals wanting to combine
top performance with economic efficiency all-year-round.
The Unimog U 4000/U 5000. With its unique off-road
capabilities the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 eliminates all its
competitors. This is ensured by its ­convincing features
such as the flexible ladder-type frame for high rigidity on
roads and great torsional flexibility off the road, its superior four-wheel drive concept with ­differential locks on
both axles, as well as its portal axles giving unusually high
ground clearance.
Unimog Model Range
Chassis Expertise
Whether in deep snow, floods, morass or scree: with the Unimog you get directly to your ­destination
without making detours. This is due to the chassis concept which you will not find in any other
manu­facturer’s vehicles worldwide – and which will give your operational strength a completely new
­dimension. Unusual ground clearance, favourable angles of approach and departure, maximum stability,
­excellent traction – a top speed of up to 90 km/h on paved roads. Greater mobility just isn’t possible.
Permanent four-wheel drive. Unimog supplies a fourwheel drive concept which cannot be compared with any
other. On the one hand, engageable differential locks
in both axles keep slippage to a minimum and provide
high traction, on the other hand, an axle suspension using
coil springs makes it possible for all four wheels to keep
in contact with the ground even when it is very uneven.
This means that you get through irrespective of the type
of load you have. The high bending and torsional
­resistance of the frame provides even greater stability
in difficult operating conditions.
Fording. Flooded roads, rivers rising over their banks:
even though it gets wet, the Unimog still delivers a
­perfect performance.
Your Advantages at a Glance:
1. Wheel-hub drive
2. Centre of wheel
•Unusual ground clearance with portal axles
3. Centre of axle
•Favourable angles of approach and
departure, extreme stability and climbing
ability, excellent traction
•Top speeds of up to 90 km/h on paved roads
•Permanent four-wheel drive, engageable
differential locks
•Continual ground contact for all four wheels
•Very comfortable driving
•Very safe driving, good handling
round bends
•100 % locking effect for both axles for
non-slip traction for all four wheels
•Large selection of tyres and matching
chains for winter services or difficult
off-road terrain
•Flexible adjustment of the tyre
pressure whilst driving
Tyre pressure control system (Tirecontrol). One simple
touch of a button is enough to let you reduce the tyre
pressure of each axle individually or both at once while
you are still in the driving seat. The Unimog will not
sink into soft ground; traction and accelerative force are
improved. The opposite is true on roads. Here, a higher air
pressure reduces wear and tear on the tyres, lowers fuel
consumption and rolling noise.
Portal axles. Thanks to the portal axles, the Unimog’s axle
tubes and differentials are higher than the wheel hub. As a
result, you profit from unusual ground clearance and can
easily drive over obstacles up to a height of 50 cm. In ­
addition, the axle steering guides, with their integrated
stabilisers give the Unimog directional stability and keep
pitching and rolling to a minimum.
Single tyres. Unlike traditional four-wheel drive trucks
with twin tyres on the rear axle, the Unimog is fitted with
single tyres. This allows the rear wheels to run exactly
in the packed tracks of the front wheels. The result is lower
rolling resistance and more traction due to the tooth
system of the tyre profiles. A reduced standing pressure
is also better for the ground and lessens expensive field
Chassis Expertise
System and Implement-Carrying Expertise
Everything you can’t do with a four-wheel drive truck or municipal tractor can be done by a Unimog.
That is guaranteed by its implement-carrying concept which has been especially developed so that
you will not be held back even during the most challenging operations: from mowing to clearing snow,
from cleaning to rapid transport operations and handling heavy loads to rescue operations in critical
emergency situations.
Experience. The Unimog implement-carrying concept
­allows you a great deal of freedom. In addition, for decades
Mercedes-Benz has been working together with leading
international implement and body manufacturers and
so your Unimog combines the concentrated expertise of
­absolute specialists and more than 60 years of experience.
Up to four attachment and mounting areas. On the front
attachment plate, between the axles, at the rear, on the
frame or on the flatbed – with its four attachment and
mounting points for a great variety of implements, the
Unimog is more versatile than any other vehicle. All the
implements can be exchanged in a flash with the quickchange system. The ladder-type frame from front to back
also provides fastening points and hole patterns.
Integrated drives. Suitable for all operations: the
­integrated single or dual cycle hydraulic system,
and for the upper performance region, the high per­
formance h
­ ydraulic system VarioPower®. All hydraulic
functions can be easily controlled centrally by joystick,
with one hand.
Front power take-off. Implements with high-power
­requirements up to 150 kW can be run from the powerful
front engine-driven PTO.
Standardised interfaces. Coloured and numerically
coded plugs and connections make connecting ­equipment
easier and faster. Standardised connections make
­changing equipment child’s play.
Winter Services
Frosty temperatures, icy roads and a heavy snowfall forecast
during the night. Time to sit back and relax – in the Unimog.
The Unimog takes the strain out of ploughing and gritting work,
thanks to a large package of technical innovations designed
to give the Unimog the edge in all areas of winter service. In
fact, they give it the edge over any other vehicle in the world.
Clearing snow and gritting – for hours on end. Anyone
wanting to keep a cool head and warm feet during long
winter sessions needs the Unimog Comfort Cab with its
heat-insulating fibre composite construction, windscreen
and mirror heating, seat heating and programmable
auxiliary heating: your plus points when the temperature
is way below zero. And with the joystick control for the
dual-circuit hydraulics situated in the cab, you can lift,
lower and swing the attached plough ergonomically and
without getting tired. The snowplough weight relief
allows head-on clearing as well as partial relief for the
plough, thus helping to avoid material fatigue. In
addition it helps to increase its steering ability, and
­reduces noise.
Easy clearing. Clearing snow with the Unimog has a
whole lot of obvious advantages. In comparison with a fourwheel drive truck of the same weight it has a much higher
front axle load-bearing capacity, which means larger and
heavier snowploughs can be attached. The shorter wheelbase, its compact width, and naturally the cab with its
all-round view give the vehicle unique manoeuvrability
and a clear view which is an advantage, not only in innercity areas.
Permanent four-wheel drive. Differentials locks in
both front and rear axles, disc brakes on all four wheels,
anti-lock braking system (ABS) and if necessary snow
chains on each wheel – even when the surface is icy, the
­Unimog guarantees the greatest possible safety and
thrust as standard. And so you can master every driving
situation and can clear precisely, even in narrow streets.
EQR (Electronic Quick Reverse). Completing the
­Unimog’s winter service package is the preselectable
electronic quick reverse (EQR) system. This synchromeshed forward/reverse shifting system allows frequent
directional changes as required and makes clearing
snow faster and easier.
Winter Services
On stand-by for winter service. Even at 30 degrees
below zero. Only the Unimog has that to offer ex works.
Thanks to the very long lifespan of the cab, which is made
of corrosion-free fibre composite material, with its heated
air dryer, engine block preheating, fuel preheating with
water separator, intake air preheating, a higher-capacity
alternator and more powerful batteries. If necessary, the
Unimog can be equipped for even lower temperatures.
Just ask your Unimog partner.
Gritting for hours on end. As gritters can be mounted
not only on the Unimog’s flatbed but also directly on the
ball points of the flatbed’s sub-frame, it is possible to go
on longer clearing tours using larger gritters. Gritters
with a volume of 2 to 4.2 m3 are possible.
Compact, manoeuvrable, powerful. The Unimog’s advantages for attaching heavy snowploughs can, of course, also
be used with snow cutters. They can weigh anything up
to two tonnes. The Unimog’s high front axle load-bearing capacity makes this possible. But manoeuvrability
and clear visibility are not impaired due to the Unimog’s
moderately sized body front, the short wheelbase and compact vehicle width. Working and crawling gears as well
as the hydrostatic drive allow snowcutters to be used at a
perfect working speed. The constant rotational speed of
the front PTO with up to 150 kW power output allows uninterrupted operation of a high standard. Up to 1,600 t of
snow can be cleared per hour with the snow cutter.
Your Advantages at a Glance:
•The best of working conditions even at
very low temperatures
•High front axle load-bearing capacity for heavy
snowploughs and cutters
•Unique manoeuvrability, not only in urban areas
•Great clearing and cutting output
•Large gritting volumes
•Pleasant and untiring atmosphere to work in
Winter Services
Mowing Operations
Embankment, verge or shoulder mowing with a front
boom mower? Mulching uncultivated areas, area mowing,
verge mowing, trenching, brush mowing? Whatever your
job, the Unimog can do it better. It’s the most versatile
mowing vehicle on the market, offering exactly the kind
of performance you’re looking for.
Endless possibilities. Whether for villages, towns or motor­
way maintenance departments, the Unimog can supply
a suitable mowing combination for every requirement.
For example, it offers one-person operation with a single
mower fitted either at the front or at the rear. Or you can
opt for two front-mounted mowers, for one or two-person
operation. Just as you like. And as if that were not enough:
with the triple-mower combination, the Unimog can perform three mowing operations in one go by using a verge
mower, a front boom embankment mower and a further
embankment mower mounted on the drop-side body. One,
two or three of these mowers can be operated at any one
time, depending on the job at hand.
Mowing Operations
Transferable steering. The VarioPilot® transferable steering system allows you to perform mowing jobs even more
safely and on a one-person basis for greater efficiency. To
suit the situation, the steering column can be moved from
one side of the cab to the other in a single quick and easy
step. This way you’re always sitting in the best possible
position, can move in the same direction as the traffic, and
have an excellent view of all the implements. Plus, you
can always leave the cab on the side away from the traffic.
Two-Person-operation. With two people on the job, the
fully glazed mowing door with swivel seat comes into its
own. This genuine Unimog highlight provides the operator
with great freedom of movement and a direct view of the
mowing head of the rear-mounted mower. With two people
on the job, up to three mowing implements can be used at
the same time - it doesn’t get any more efficient than that.
Hydrostatic drive. With the Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500
you can also complete your mowing jobs using the
­hydrostatic drive system. The advantage here is that the
working speed can be increased or decreased smoothly
with a constant engine speed, simply by using either the
accelerator or hand-turned wheel.
Mowing Operations
Maintenance Work
Using a branch cutter, the Unimog can perform roadside
tree and hedge pruning tasks, carry out shrub and brush
control or clear overgrown paths and tracks. Even on winter
days when there is no snow around, the Unimog can be
utilised for a wide variety of maintenance tasks. Faster and
more efficient than any conventional municipal tractor.
Additional advantage: All tree fellings and pruning remains
(branch diameter up to 25 cm) can be fed straight into
the wood chipper, which is powered by the mechanical
front power take-off.
The Unimog simply can do more. Just because there is no
snow on ground, it doesn’t mean that the Unimog is on a
summer break. The Unimog can untertake a wide variety
of tasks: Whether you are cleaning delineator posts, crash
barriers or road signs, maintaining verges, or keeping
roads and paths in good condition. The Unimog handles
materials, technology and personnel quickly and safely.
Even when it gets tough – off the beaten track – on muddy
ground or in snow covered terrain. You require a working
platform, a crane or a winch? The Unimog can provide you
with exactly what you want. Just ask your Unimog Partner!
Maintenance Work
Clean-up Operations
Whether using a high-pressure water spraying bar on the market square or a front-mounted sweeper
at roadworks, whether flushing canals or watering flowers with the telescopic watering arm, the
Unimog can be used with a wide variety of quickly exchanged implements. For getting jobs like road
cleaning or watering done fast and efficiently.
Mechanical front PTO. Soiled roads, buildings, tunnels and
noise barriers in particular can be cleaned using highpressure large-area cleaning equipment, driven by the
­Unimog’s powerful mechanical front PTO.
Powerful performance. A pumping capacity of 320 l/min,
a suction capacity of 850 m3/h and a flushing pressure
of 300 bar make for fast and efficient operation, while at
the same time conserving resources – even when tackling
the most stubborn dirt. At the same time the drop-side
mounted water tank with a capacity of up to 6,000 litres
provides an ample water supply.
Practical and clearly arranged. All the instruments and
controls are exactly where you would expect to find them.
Implement controls are arranged according to how often
they are used, accessibility, easy to understand and situated
directly in your line of vision.
Clean-up Operations
Transporting, Loading
and Distribution
For use as a transport, loading and distribution vehicle, the
­Unimog already has a head start when it comes to efficient
operation. With an overload height of more than three
metres, and a payload capacity of over one tonne, it can
perform loading work with a front loader quickly and efficiently. The front loader can be fitted and ­removed quickly
and easily, allowing the Unimog to get on with other types
of work at a moment’s notice.
Fast and safe. The Unimog performs its transport jobs
extremely reliably and especially quickly with maximum
road speeds of 90 km/h. Not only does it get you to your
destination quickly, it also gives you a very comfortable
ride, even with a full load. And its safety features set
­standards, with four-channel ABS and automatic loadsensitive brake pressure control (ALB).
More efficient. How to be cost-effective on wheels: its
short dimensions allow the Unimog to make full use –
with the aid of multi-axle trailers or two trailers – of the
maximum permissible transport length of 18 metres.
Transport, Loading and Distribution
Rescue Operations
More efficient when working and more economical when driving. Always making the impossible possible. There are many reasons why the Unimog is just the right vehicle for local authority applications.
One of the most important is its ability to deal with sudden emergencies. Exceptional situations like
landslides, heavy snowfalls and flooding can appear out of nowhere, posing grave danger to life and
property. In situations like this you can always count on the Unimog. Where a conventional four-wheel
drive truck would have to turn back, the all-terrain Unimog gets to where it is needed and helps
wherever it can. The Unimog’s unrivalled performance makes it an indispens­able part of every fleet.
Global aid. Frequently, nature lashes out with a vengeance.
Tonnes of mud and rubble cut entire villages off from the
outside world, as in summer 2005 in the Swiss holiday
resorts of the Bernese Oberland. Floodwaters threaten
the economic existence of entire regions, as in the Oder
River lowlands of eastern Germany in 1997. Entire regions
are destroyed, as in the 2004 tsunami disaster in SouthEast Asia. Here, and in countless other crisis regions
around the globe, the Unimog has always been one of
the helpers at the front. Powerful and reliable in a way
­unmatched by any other kind of vehicle.
Always ready. Landslides, flooding, a sudden cold spell. In
local authority applications, it is often only a short step
from crisis to catastrophe. To cope with the former and
prevent the latter, a vehicle is needed which offers one
hundred per cent reliability – a vehicle like the Unimog.
The Unimog is fast on the road and agile on any terrain.
Its unrivalled qualities allow rescue teams to reach the
crisis region quickly. Here, all the vehicle’s other qualities
come into their own. All the equipment needed, whether
powered by hydraulics or by the mechanical front PTO,
can be fitted quickly and easily. Therefore, the Unimog
always has the ideal tools for the job. For rescue and
­clearing-up operations, for example, it can be equipped
with a crane, front loader, water pumps, emergency
­generators or a cable winch. It can also provide invaluable
assistance as a transport vehicle distributing supplies to
­local people. Time after time, the Unimog is among the
first to arrive on the scene and among the last to leave.
Easy to Operate and
The Unimog cab provides everything the driver needs
to cope with his everyday work as ergonomically,
­comfortably and safely as possible – even when the job
lasts a long time.
Taking the strain off the driver. The cab with its generous
headroom and room to move, is made of non-corroding,
noise and heat-insulating high-tech fibre composite mater­
ial (FVW). It is very strong and rigid and with sprung
and damped mounting. As most of the functions are electrically controlled, the vibrations in the cab are reduced
to a minimum. An optional air suspension drivers seat is
also available for yet more driving comfort.
Comfortable environment. The Unimog has an air con­
ditioner and a sunblind as standard fittings. Additional
protection from glaring light and sun is provided by the
heat-insulating glass in the Unimog comfort cab. And
not only that: dust or pollen filters and an air recirculation
switch help to reduce the irritants in the cab.
Ergonomic. All the operating controls and displays are
arranged according to how often an implement is used,
easy to reach, easy to understand and in your direct line
of vision.
Your Advantages at a Glance:
•Ergonomic operating controls
•Generous, insulated and damped cab
•Air conditioning as standard fitting
•Dust and pollen filter
•Flexible quick-change steering
•Clutch-free driving and working
Easy to Operate and Ergonomic
Economic Efficiency and
the Environment
The Unimog’s heart – its state-of-the-art Euro 5 ­engines –
combine efficient power ­development with low consumption
and exemplary environmental ­sustainability. The Unimog’s
strength comes from up to 210 kW. And here you have the
choice between driving and working modes, depending
on the situation at hand. E­ specially pioneering: BlueTec®, the
diesel technology, from ­Mercedes-Benz. With the SCR diesel
technology, you not only optimise your fuel consumption, you
also lower your ­pollutant emissions and easily come up to
the European emission standards Euro 5. Thanks to the clean
and efficient BlueTec® engine you get the green light for all
environmentally sensitive city zones.
Your Advantages at a Glance:
Uncompromisingly Clean with Euro 5
•Cares for the environment and your purse:
Up to 40 % less fuel consumption and pollutant
emissions compared to municipal tractors
•Minimal maintenance costs with great
operational safety
•Long lifespan for all parts
•First-class resale value
BlueTec®. The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) diesel
technology from Mercedes-Benz lowers nitrogen oxide and
particle emissions significantly as well as optimising fuel
consumption, without any loss of engine power. An extra
catalytic converter reduces the nitrogen oxide levels using
the additive AdBlue, a non-toxic aqueous solution which
is fed from a separate tank.
Nitrogen oxide (NO2)
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Hydrocarbon (HC)
Solids (PM)
Reliability. Direct injection, three-valve technology, turbocharger, intercooler, high torque increase, constant output
over a wide rpm range and great power reserves. With the
low-maintenance Euro 5 engines you have state-of-the-art
technology and are perfectly equipped for a wide variety of
operations. Performance capacity: from 110 kW (150 hp) to
210 kW (286 hp).
Transmission. Fully synchronised electro-pneumatic
manual transmission Telligent® is characterised by its
low driving noise, long life cycle and high level of effec­
tivity, and is perfectly suited to the various applications.
The synchromeshed forward/reverse shifting EQR system
(Electronic Quick Reverse) allows frequent directional
changes making clearing car parks of snow or rocking
itself free in difficult terrain easier and quicker.
Winter service. Equipped to go at low temperatures.
Even in the coldest of winters the Unimog is ready to go –
thanks to such plus points as the reinforced battery
for greater starting reliability, heated air dryer for the
brake unit and engine pre-warming.
Engine control. The engine feature you want at the
touch of a button. In the driving mode on the road and
when transporting loads, you profit from its elastic
­engine speeds. The working mode guarantees you minimal
­engine speed deviations when off-road, using implements
or have changing loads.
Economic Efficiency and the Environment
Always Close By
Worldwide Service from Mercedes-Benz
Where there is a Unimog on the road, then we are not far away. Thanks to more than
1,000 ­service ­stations worldwide, your Unimog Partner is easy to reach when you need
him. With vehicle ­maintenance and other services which are just as reliable, flexible
and ­progressive as the Mercedes-Benz Unimog ­itself. From our fast spare-parts service
to repairs and maintenance up to a made-to-measure financing or leasing offer. And
not just for your Unimog itself, but also for a whole range of bodies and implements.
You can rely on us.
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