Four new professional monitors from Sharp at ISE 2010

Press release
Four new professional monitors from Sharp at ISE 2010
Coinciding perfectly with ISE 2010, Sharp’s new line-up of professional
LC displays seems predestined to achieve the attention of the entire
sector. The electronics group is the first LCD manufacturer presenting a
high-performance 60-inch monitor (152 centimetres). With three other
product innovations, Sharp is also marking its re-entry into the lucrative
high-volume market segments for 52, 47 and 42-inch screens.
Hamburg, December 2009 – ISE in Amsterdam is Europe’s No. 1 show for
professional AV and electronic systems integration. From 2 to 4 February 2010, it will
provide a suitable stage for the debut of four new top displays from Sharp. The PNE601, PN-E521, PN-E471 and PN-E421 professional monitors combine premium
picture quality with reduced power consumption and also have particularly attractive
narrow frames and a much lighter weight than their predecessors. These new models
will be officially launched on the European market in March 2010.
“With our innovative line-up of professional monitors, a new era is dawning for Sharp,”
says Peter Heins, Product Manager Professional Monitors at Sharp Electronics
(Europe) GmbH. “These competitive products mean that in future Sharp will also enjoy
an excellent position in the high-volume market segment for 60-inch monitors. Efficient
production of the displays at the first ‘10th generation’ LCD factory in the world, namely
Sharp’s own plant in Sakai in Japan, also enables us to bring these new models to the
market with attractive value for money,” continues Heins.
High performance and energy efficiency
The new PN-E601, PN-E521, PN-E471 and PN-E421 models have outstanding
performance. With screen sizes from 152 to 107 centimetres and full 1920 x 1080 pixel
HD resolution, the new monitors provide high-precision images in 16:9 widescreen
format. All these monitors are designed for continuous 24-7 operation and are fanless,
meaning that they also guarantee totally silent operation.
For those wishing even greater flexibility from their Sharp screens, these models have
an expansion capability based on a simple modular construction principle. The
highlights of the next generation include the option of an interface board with additional
interfaces (I/F expansion).
Despite their premium performance, these displays have particularly low power
consumption. Compared to their predecessor models, the new systems are also much
lighter and are therefore easier to install. The narrow housing frame blends into the
picture, reducing distracting edge borders to a minimum. “With these features, our
monitors are ideal for all indoor environments – from traffic control centres and other
control rooms to office communication applications such as video-conferencing, all the
way up the scale to digital signage solutions,” adds Peter Heins.
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Press release
Production in the first “10th generation” LCD factory
The 60-inch LC displays in the new line-up are manufactured at the Sharp factory in
Sakai. With this plant, the Japanese electronics group has become the first company in
the world to be able to produce panels from 10th generation mother glasses measuring
2.88 x 3.13 metres and to process these panels into LCDs for professional monitors.
Due to this high-efficiency manufacturing process, Sharp is able to bring its screens to
the market at an attractive price without diluting the excellent quality standard. Further
evidence of Sharp’s top-ranking position is that with a monthly capacity of 72,000
mother glasses, this plant is theoretically able to manufacture 432,000 of the new
60-inch monitors per month.
With the official market launch of the new models in March 2010, Sharp is also
expanding its distribution network. In this context, the technology company is relying on
strategic partnerships with distributors Kern & Stelly, Kindermann, Lang AG, Luxion and
Omega Austria.
Anyone who wishes to experience a live preview of the Sharp PN-E601, PN-E521,
PN-E471 and PN-E421 screens is cordially invited to visit ISE stand C33 in hall 11 from
2 to 4 February 2010.
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Sharp Environmental
With its global environment strategy, Sharp has made environmental protection an integral part
of its corporate culture. What we call the Sharp Super Green Strategy covers the production of
energy-saving and energy-generating products in ecologically advanced plants, along with
responsible recycling. One of the company's main aims on the road to becoming an
"environmentally advanced company" is to significantly reduce both direct and indirect CO²
emissions in our operations and products. Throughout the world, Sharp has defined
environmental standards that apply to all our plants and products, and these are being
continuously revised and dynamically improved.
You can find more information about Sharp's environmental activities on
Volker Sandmann will answer any queries on behalf of Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH
Tel: 040 / 67 94 46-42, Fax: 040 / 67 94 46-11, E-mail:
FAKTOR 3 AG, Kattunbleiche 35, 22041 Hamburg
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