If you are looking for full, rich background music in a small café, tearoom, ice cream
parlor,… BISTROSET is the sound solution you need.
The APart CHAMP3D amplifier is the heart of this system. Its 'no-fan' convectional
cooling guarantees totally silent operation, while the lockable front panel makes sure
that no one tampers with your settings. Four MASK4 speakers fit in any interior style,
and are completed with two discrete but powerful on-wall SUBTILE subwoofers.
4 x MASK4 cabinet speakers
2 x SUBTILE subwoofer
1 x CHAMP3D amplifier
BISTROSET-BL: black cabinet speakers black subwoofers
BISTROSET-W: white cabinet speakers and white subwoofers
For technical specifications, please visit the pages of the individual products.
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