Multi-purpose oxidizing cleaner for wine tanks, bottling lines and filtration equipment
Destainex-LF (Low Foaming) is a proprietary cleaning agent formulated by AiRD Australia, developed in consultation
with the Australian wine industry. This multi-purpose peroxy-carbonate based cleaner is used at low levels to effectively
remove biofilms, protein, wine color and mold/mildew from wine contact surfaces. This formulation can be used
effectively for automated (CIP) systems as well as manually on stainless steel, galvanized metal, concrete, polyethylene
(high and low density), polypropylene, plastic, flexible hoses, glass and powder coated surfaces. The peroxy-carbonate
in Destainex-LF is complemented with proprietary surfactants, chelation aids and water conditioning materials.
Destainex-LF is rinsed from the system using a single pass rinse resulting clean, bright, spot free, odor neutral surfaces.
No citric acid neutralizing rinse is required, saving time, water and energy.
Destainex-LF contains no chlorine, phosphate, halogen based compounds, or fillers, nor is it classed as a dangerous good
for shipping purposes.
0.5- 1.5kg/100L (0.67- 2 oz/gallon).
Wine film with no/light color stains = 0.5- 1.0kg/100L clean, potable water used.
Wine film with moderate/heavy color stains = 1.0- 1.5kg/100L clean, potable water used.
Overdosing will cause excess foaming, particularly if used with high pressure washing equipment. If you use water that
is in excess of the recommended temperature you will induce excess foaming. If using on heavy soils, such as
precipitated tartar, pressure wash using warm water first to dissolve and rinse away the soil. Once most of the tartar
has been removed, less Destainex-LF will be required.
Water- Potable or treated, clean, water is recommended.
The volume of water used is determined by the surface area which is being cleaned, the hardness of the water and the
quantity of the soil present.
Water Temperature- The cleaning solution temperature range for Destainex-LF is 40-60°C (104-140°F). Destainex-LF
will still work in cool water, but will take longer to clarify.
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Approximate Destainex-LF and water volumes required for cleaning:
Amount of Destainex-LF required based on soil level
Cleaning water volumes
Vessel volume to clean
(0.5% w/v)
(1% w/v)
(1.5% w/v)
1 gallon
19 g
38 g
57 g
10 gallons
(3.785 L)
(0.67 oz)
(1.34 oz)
(2 oz)
(37.85 L)
5 gallons
96 g
189 g
288 g
50 gallons
(18.925 L)
(3.35 oz)
(6.7 oz)
(10.5 oz)
(189.25 L)
500 gallons
9.45 Kg
18.9 Kg
29.24 Kg
5,000 gallons
(1,892 L)
(333 oz/20 lbs)
(667 oz/41.6 lbs)
(999 oz/60 lbs)
(18,925 L)
Mixing Directions- Chemical Insertion (powder into water) Method
Accurately prepare the water and Destainex-LF. Fill vessel with clean, potable/treated water, steadily add the
Destainex-LF into the water while mixing. Mix until a consistent solution is obtained. Initially the solution will be
milky, but should clarify. Use the solution once clarified.
Destainex-LF can be used using both manual cleaning and Clean-In-Place Systems (CIP).
Manual Cleaning Directions (for tanks)
• Circulate warm water (104-140°F/ 40-60°C) for 5-10 minutes to remove any loose soils prior to Destainex-LF
• Drain tank
• Prepare 1.5% w/v Destainex-LF (in (104-140°F/ 40-60°C water)
• Remove door seal on tank and clean in Destainex-LF solution with a stiff brush
• Open sample port if present
• Circulate Destainex-LF solution inside of tank for 10 minutes using a spray ball
• Lower spray ball to clean around the door and allow to circulate for 10 minutes
• Inspect tank and repeat cleaning cycle if stains remain, using a fresh solution if necessary
• Drain Destainex-LF from tank
• Single pass water rinse to remove any residual Destainex-LF
• Rinse door seal and replace
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Bottling lines
• Circulate warm water (104-140°F/ 40-60°C) for 5-10 minutes to remove any loose soils prior to Destainex-LF
• Drain bottling line and apply dummy bottles to filler
• Prepare 1.5% w/v Destainex-LF (in (104-140°F/ 40-60°C water)
• Circulate Destainex-LF solution through bottling line for 20-30 minutes
• Drain Destainex-LF from bottling line
• Single pass water rinse to remove any residual Destainex-LF using high quality water
• Sanitation with steam or hot water
ClP Directions
• Circulate the prepared clear, warm solution over the surface until they are clean.
• Rinse all surfaces in a single pass with fresh, potable water according to situational requirement.
Read the MSDS before use every time and wear prescribed personal protective equipment.
Packaged in 5kg (LDPE) bags. Inquire about other sizes.
Store in a dry, cool place <20°C (68°F) isolated from acids and food products. Once opened, use immediately.
This information herein is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge, however, this data sheet is not considered as a guarantee expressed
or implied, or as a condition of sale of this product. Document edited 4/21/2017.
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