The Mountaineer
Walnut Mountain Property Owners’ Association
Volume 150
April 1, 2017
A Message from the Association’s President
Barbara Halliburton
11:00 a.m., Saturday,
April 22, 2017
At the Clubhouse
Board Mtg. at 8:30 a.m.
(Please note that this is a
change from the original April
15th date.)
Calendar of Events
Card & Board Games, 7pm
Garden Club Meeting, and
Potluck, 6:00 pm
Bunko, 7:00 pm
Board Meeting, 8:30 am
WMPOA Quarterly Meeting,
11:00 am
Bingo with Bob 7 pm
Music Jam/Open Mic; 7pm
Card & Board Games, 7pm
Cinco de Mayo, 6pm
Garden Club Meeting and
Potluck, 6pm
Bunko, 7pm
Board Meeting, 8:30 am
Bingo with Bob, 7pm
Music Jam /Open Mic, 7 pm
Card and Board games, 7 pm
Garden Club Meeting and
Potluck, 6:00 pm
Bunko, 7:00 pm
Board Meeting, 8:30 am
Bingo with Bob, 7:00 pm
Music Jam /Open Mic, 7pm
*All events are at the clubhouse
unless otherwise noted. Check the
calendar at the office or our website
for changes.
“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” wrote English poet, Percy B.
Shelly, as he welcomed the spring following a windy and dreary fall and
winter in the early 1820’s.
The fall of 2016 and winter of 2016/2017 have certainly been interesting
seasons on Walnut Mountain—cold, warm, beautiful, dreary, and, most
often, windy! We can always find something to appreciate about the seasons
we live through on Walnut Mountain, but most of us will, I think, welcome
the spring!
The months in the past have not been filled with idle days; on the contrary,
the members of our staff have been hard at work improving our mountain
community and preparing it for more improvements in the coming days.
In addition to the work and effort from those that you see, we must pause
and thank those who work behind the scenes to positively benefit us all. I am
speaking of the committee volunteers, property owners, who willingly spend
much of their time and energy to add beauty to our mountain; offer games
and fun activities; provide learning, participative activities; entertain with
monthly musical evenings; and work to plan and conduct seasonal special
events. To them, we say “Thanks,” and to the rest of you, we say, “Join us!” I
hope that the quarterly issues of The Mountaineer, the email notifications,
Nextdoor postings, monthly Board meetings and quarterly POA Meetings are
helpful in keeping you informed. We cannot profess to be perfect in our
communications, but we are definitely trying!
Now for an update on our lakes and dams: Lake McClure, on the Gate 1 side
of Walnut Mountain, our only Category 2 Dam, is full and our waterfall is back
in service! We plan to restock the lake with several varieties of fish in April
and will then have a Professional Engineer (P.E.) conduct a Seepage Analysis
on the downstream side of the dam near the toe. The Seepage Analysis will
determine the need for a toe drain and will specify the exact materials that
should be used in its construction. We are hopeful that our maintenance
crew will be able to do the construction themselves.
Lakes Ataghi (Mary), Yanu (Ann), and Dakwa (Leslie), our three Category 1
Dams, fall under the Georgia Safe Dams Program's new requirements. →
Therefore, we are mandated to have a P. E. conduct a
Dam Breach Analysis, which will enable them to develop
Inundation Mapping, both components of the
Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for each Dam. These
studies will cost Walnut Mountain $12,500 in
unbudgeted funds. We will use our office staff to write
the EAP's which must be submitted to Georgia Safe
Dams by July 1, 2017, and must also be shared with our
local Emergency Management Agency. Writing the
EAP's ourselves will enable us to save $3,540, which was
not budgeted either.
In addition to the above, there are now Dam Inspection
Requirements. Dam owners must conduct a quarterly
inspection on each Category 1 dam and complete a
report. A professional engineer must conduct a
biannual Inspection of each dam; and, since the first
biannual Inspection must be conducted between
October 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018. We will budget
for that Inspection ($2,500) and have it conducted
during the first three months of 2018. These required
activities were not budgeted because Walnut Mountain
did not receive the notification mailed to all Georgia
dam owners in Oct. 2016, nor the reminder in January
2017. Thanks to our P.E. from Golder Associates, we
first learned of these requirements in late February!
Hope to see you at the April POA Meeting on the 22nd!
Vice President’s Report
Terry Frazier
It’s hard to believe that the first Quarter of 2017 has
flown by. The Maintenance Department has
accomplished a lot during the first few months. Here
are some of the things that have been either completed
or are in progress:
Welcome Center has been rehabbed.
Bathroom was made larger and new fixtures
and flooring were installed. Heater was
removed and gas logs put in fireplace, which
ventilates much better. A small storage room
was created to hold a file cabinet and other
items. Windows and doors will be rehabbed
when the weather is warmer. Old heater was
installed at the water plant.
New utility vehicle is on property and being
used daily.
Seventy-five of the new water meters are
already installed. We started with the oldest
water meters first. 125 more will be installed in
2017 and 200 more in 2018. Thus giving all
households a new water meter.
We had to replace our utility truck which was
old and needed major repairs.
We had a snow storm and our crew did a great
job clearing and salting our roads, which cost
about $3000 for salt and labor that weekend.
Water Tank cleaning. We shut down one water
tank at the top of Ridgehaven and had a
company come de-muck, sand blast, sanitize
and refill. This work started around March 8th
and should be finished before you get this
newsletter. It takes about three weeks.
In the near future, a company will come out and
map our water system. Presently, we have no
map of the water system and no way to identify
lines and sizes.
Eight new valve boxes are being installed. They
had to be made, are of stainless steel and
should last forever. These house our water
reducing valves around the mountain.
Trees on the dam at Lake McClure had to be cut
down due to state regulation.
A park will be created on one side of the dam
with trees, swing and picnic table. Once water
is coming down the falls again, we will be
cleaning that area and either redoing or putting
a new bench and swing down there.
New signs have been placed around the
mountain to remind drivers to yield to incoming
Ducks in entrance pond were replaced and old
ducks put in McClure.
Leak detector is being purchased.
Camera at the pool is being removed.
Pool cover will be removed around April 1st to
allow the sun to start warming the water. Pool
will have a grand opening the evening of May
5th and will be open weekends only during May.
Pool will be open the Friday of Memorial Day
weekend and every day after that until Labor
Day when we will do weekends only the rest of
September. Connie McVey will be our pool
manager and will be supervising pool personnel
and the pool this year.
Entrance pond area has been cleaned which
meant cleaning up a dead tree and brush.
Last, but not least we are installing NEW
GATES!!! Our old gates are costing us about
$875 per month to keep them operational and
they are just obsolete. Parts are very hard to
find and costly to repair. Thanks to our Crown
Castle Tower lease money, we will be able to
install new gates! The gates are magnetic and
they are the same ones as Bent Tree has at their
community. They do not even have to be
serviced until they have been used 10 million
times! One year we do not have to make
payments will pay 25% of the cost. Installation
should be around the first part of April.
Roll Off Dumpster is now the last weekend of
each month. Please do not put mattresses,
paint, large appliances or large furniture in the
dumpster. These items should be hauled to the
Gilmer County Landfill on Tower Road. Your
cooperation helps give others room to put their
duties and responsibilities that she performs on behalf
of the Walnut Mountain community and the Board!);
Ken Johnson, Welcome Center Attendant; and Alex
Powell, Maintenance Specialist.
Our Staff at Walnut Mountain
As many of you do not spend a great deal of time
reading the By-Laws; Covenants, Conditions and
Restrictions (CCRs); and Rules and Regulations (R&Rs), I
thought I would list a few of the Treasurer’s
requirements, account collection facts, and rights to
financial information that property owners possess
according to these documents.
Notes from the Treasurer:
The start of the year 2017 has been very busy.
Additional funds have been received from the sale of
the Perpetual Easement of the cell tower land. These
additional funds have been put to use in purchasing a
utility truck (the prior utility truck required extensive,
expensive repairs), an additional $12,000 in road
paving, and Magnetic Autocontrol gate upgrades. One
hundred water meters have been purchased thus far.
The plan is to replace 200 of the water meters in 2017
and the remaining 200 in 2018.
Many of the
items/projects in the Capital Budget have been
accomplished or are underway. As many of you are
concerned about roads, you will be glad to hear that a
total of $87,500 has been allocated to road repair,
maintenance and paving between the Operating and
Capital Budgets for 2017.
We are very fortunate to have these fine individuals as
members of our staff. When you see them working on
the mountain, please join us in taking a few seconds to
extend a kind word or two to express your appreciation
for their efforts and the excellent work they perform.
For those who don't know the members of our staff,
they are from left to right: Jim Waddell, Welcome
Center Attendant; Dale Davenport, Maintenance Mgr.;
Heather McCandless, Maintenance Specialist and Office
Assistant; Connie McVey, Administrative and Property
Services Mgr. (Congratulations to Connie for her
promotion to this title that better captures all of the
Officers and Directors shall not be liable for any
mistake of judgment, negligent or otherwise, or
for injury or damage caused by any such officer
or director in the performance of his or her
The Treasurer will be responsible for the POA’s
funds, for keeping full and accurate financial
records, preparing financial statements and tax
returns, for preparation of the budget and for
depositing all monies in the name of the POA.
All or part of the preparation may be delegated.
A financial review of the accounts shall be
performed annually in the manner provided by
the Board. After receiving this review, owners
may determine, by a majority vote of the
Association, to require that an audit be
performed at the Association’s expense by an
independent accountant.
asset and the expected repair and replacement
cost. The BOD shall set the required capital
contribution in an amount sufficient to permit
meeting the projected capital needs of the
Please note that these are paraphrased and are not all
inclusive, but I thought that they may be helpful. The
R&Rs contained no specific reference to the financial
dealings of the Association, i.e. the list above came from
the By-laws and CCRs.
All Association members may inspect the
Association records at a reasonable time and
location specified by the Association, upon
written request at least five days before the
date of inspection. A reasonable cost for copies
may be imposed. Note: As most of the
financial records are kept on QuickBooks, this
could be very inconvenient as QuickBooks is in
use continually. A yearly folder is kept for
monthly financial statement preparation with
adjusting entries, depreciation schedule and
other useful information.
Rate of Assessments - Improved lots will be
charged an amount 1.5 times the amount
charged for unimproved lots.
Each owner, by acceptance of a deed, is
deemed to covenant and agree to pay to the
Association annual assessments, special
reasonable fines imposed.
All such
assessments, including interest, costs, and
attorney’s fees incurred, will be a continuing
lien upon the lot. Each owner is jointly and
severally liable.
All annual assessments or related charges not
made by March 1st of each year are in default
and a late charge will be applied. Partial
payments will be applied in the following order:
costs, attorney’s fees, late charges, interest,
delinquent assessments, current assessments.
The Association has the right to suspend the
voting rights of an owner and suspend the right
to use recreational facilities for unpaid
assessments or infraction of the By-Laws, CCRs,
or R&Rs.
If after 30 or more days the account is unpaid,
the Association has the right upon ten days
written notice to suspend any utility service
paid for as a common expense. Costs to
reconnect will be an assessment against the lot.
Thirty days prior to the beginning of the
Association’s fiscal year, the BOD will prepare a
budget covering the estimated costs of
operating the POA. The budget and notice of
the annual assessment will be delivered 21 days
prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.
The BOD will prepare an annual Capital Budget
to take into account the number and nature of
replaceable assets, the expected life of each
Sandra Hanna
Reminder: If you have been unable to pay your 2017
assessment in full, please contact Connie at 706-6352565 or me at 970-581-8404 immediately to set up a
payment agreement.
As a private self-governing, residential community,
Walnut Mountain has always authorized the
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to oversee its
development. The ACC is one of only two committees
required to function as defined by our founding
governing documents (Bylaws, Covenants, Conditions
and Restrictions). The ACC is tasked with assessing
property owner plans for new home construction, home
structure modification and tree pruning or removal to
assure they are in compliance with community-wide
standards developed over the years. All requests for
ACC approval are measured against these criteria and
then approved, disapproved or conditionally approved
by the committee.
Many property owners believe that Walnut Mountain's
internal approval via ACC is all one needs to go forth
with projects, a perception that Walnut Mountain
regulations supersede local government ordinances.
WRONG! Thus it becomes a surprise to some to find out
that Gilmer County must also approve many home
projects through the issuance of permits by the
Planning and Zoning Department.
This misconception is understandable in light of the fact
that Gilmer County did not have a Planning & Zoning
Department until 2006. Through the ensuing years that
department has developed into a strong advocate for
environmental integrity, societal responsibility, and
personal safety as development within the county has
Several WMPOA Board Members recently met with
Shannon Bassett, Director of Gilmer County Planning
and Zoning Department, to become acquainted and
develop a personal relationship with the department.
Mr. Bassett stressed the importance of finding out if a
permit is required BEFORE beginning any project. He
stressed that he would much rather tend to a friendly,
"Hey, I'm just checking to find out if I really need a
permit" phone call than have to deal with the
unpleasantness of requiring a construction to be taken
down after the fact, in the event of County ordinance
sides for all residents. Of course, last year things were
behind due to necessary improvements and pool
repairs, which delayed the opening two weeks. This
year, we will be opening the pool on the evening of May
5th with a Cinco de Mayo themed party. All residents
are welcome to join in the celebration. Beginning May
5th, the pool will be open on weekends only. The
regular daily schedule will resume following Memorial
Day weekend. As the time gets closer, further
information regarding details and times will be posted
at the mail kiosk and announced on line.
Marjory Walsh, Community Coordinator
Some of the projects that people most often assume do
not require County approval BUT USUALLY DO are:
Greetings Neighbors!
Decks and Patios; Retaining Walls;
Store-bought Outbuildings;
Septic System Modification;
Setback Variance.
Speeding and reckless
driving has gotten out of
control on Walnut
Mountain! The speed
limit on the mountain is
20 mph... be aware that
many people walk their dogs,
and since we don't have sidewalks, people have no
choice but to use the roads…for this and other reasons,
we have opened the gates for Gilmer County Sheriff
deputies to patrol our mountain for everyone's safety.
You may or may not have already seen them on the
mountain, so please be aware that they are here.
In conclusion, please be aware that ACC approval of
your home project does not supersede your
responsibility to comply with Gilmer County ordinances
related to your project, nor the necessity to obtain
required permits from the County. Failure to do so may
result in Gilmer County requiring removal of structures
or hardscaping in violation of County regulations.
WMPOA assumes no responsibility for a property
owner's failure to comply with County ordinances. You
can reach Shannon Bassett, Director of Gilmer County
Planning & Zoning Department at (706) 635-3406 or
visit the office at 10 Broad St.
The new 20 mph road signs with instructions to yield to
incoming (traveling up the mountain) traffic have been
placed on strategic roads on the mountain. I realize that
when you are going down the mountain it is difficult to
stay at 20mph and it wears on your brakes. It is,
however, the safest speed on our roads, because we do
not yet have guard railings, painted lines and reflectors
on particularly dangerous sections. There are blind
driveways and severe curves on many of our roads,
especially some of our more heavily traveled roads such
as Skyview, Mountain Oak, and Laurel Ridge, not to
mention some of our less heavily traveled roads.
On a side note, the WMPOA CCRs provide recourse in
the event that a Property Owner wishes to question a
decision of the ACC. The procedure is explained in CCRs
Page 13, 10. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS, (f) Appeal).
Allen Dennis, ACC Chairman
Pool Opening and Spring Celebration
As many of you early morning travelers know, fog is also
a problem from time to time. We are working toward
having side lines painted and reflectors installed on our
most troublesome roads that should improve visibility
both day and night; these efforts should be especially
helpful to all drivers. Our roads were developed when
there was much less traffic and they were not laid out
to accommodate the increase in vehicles such as we
This year
things will
be a little
Traditionally our beautiful Walnut Mountain pool has
opened Memorial Day weekend. The custom has been
to have a grand opening party with grilled hotdogs and
have on the mountain today. Please be cognizant of
each other and be kind enough to give way to incoming
vehicles. If there is a safe place to pull over and let
upcoming traffic pass, I encourage you to yield to them.
Craft Sale/Flea Market/Yard Sale
F.Y.I. For years there was an annual garage/flea market
sale in September here on Walnut Mountain. In
addition, there was an annual craft fair on a separate
date. Neither occurred in 2016. On November 4, 2017,
the Walnut Mountain Activities Committee group will
bring the two events back as one big event. The craft
section will be upstairs, and residents of Walnut
Mountain will be given first chance to rent a booth. We
will then have a few vendors from outside. The
downstairs room of the clubhouse will house the flea
market/garage sale section. New this year, we plan to
have a very well known food cart business from the
Atlanta area (and a part-time resident) serving delicious
items in the parking lot.
Owners: Please make sure your renters and guests are
aware of our rules while living and/or visiting here. This
is your responsibility. If we each are considerate of our
fellow neighbors and take responsibility for our own
actions, Walnut Mountain will be a much safer and
happier community.
Linda Dickerson, Safety Committee Chairman
Welcome Center Announcement
Dear Walnut Mountain property owners:
Both branches of this event, meaning craft and yard sale
sections, will be looking for volunteers to assist. In
addition, we are asking people to donate nice and sellable household items for the garage sale (no clothing).
Please keep this in mind as the year progresses and you
do your spring cleaning. Please contact me with any
further questions, concerns, volunteering, etc.
As spring approaches, many of us will be considering
improvements and repairs to our homes. We at the
Welcome Center ask that you help us to get your
contractors to you and keep our community safe by
following these steps:
Marjory Walsh, Community Coordinator
Make sure that all outside work has been approved
by the ACC.
Supply a copy of your ACC approval to your
Make sure that your contractor and employees
have your last name and address when they check
in at the Welcome Center.
Make sure that your contractor and employees
understand that they must check in at the Welcome
Center each time they come to Walnut Mountain.
We recommend that you do not give contractors
your gate code unless you will be in a position to
answer your phone consistently when they call.
Unanswered calls, voice mail and busy signals at the
call boxes can result in traffic jams at the gate. If
they are coming between 8am and 4pm (and they
should be) they should stop at the Welcome Center.
We ask your help to ensure smoother operations at the
gates and make our community as safe as possible. If
your contractors have the proper information and you
have your approvals in order, we can speed things up at
the gate considerably. If you have any thoughts or
questions, please call us at 706-635-7455. Thanks.
Ken Johnson & Jim Waddell
Communications Update
By the time you read this there will have been
numerous changes to our web site. Part time resident,
Jerry Ward, has generously given of his time and
expertise updating our site. (Thank you Jerry!) He will
be at the April POA meeting, to demonstrate the many
changes and to answer questions.
Gary and Becky Coleman
340 Skyview Drive
Also this spring, the installation of a new gate system
will begin. The new system will continue to use existing
passes along with the call boxes and card readers. The
call boxes and card readers will be replaced later as
needed. The new system is a Magnetic-Autocontrols
unit being installed by Controlled Access, Inc. This
system will operate faster on both opening and closing.
New loops for both opening and closing will be installed
for all four gates. We have been advised that there will
be very little interruption to access or egress while this
work is being done.
Trash along roadways in Gilmer County
There is a growing problem that is hindering the beauty
of our North Georgia community….increasing amounts
of trash. This has become a widespread problem, one
that plagues our residents and county officials---it needs
our immediate attention to help remedy the problem.
As a new resident recently stated, Ellijay is fast
becoming the “Apple and Trash Capital of Georgia.”
According to James Holloway from the Planning and
Zoning Dept (706-635-4589), Jim Smith from the Roads
Department (706-635-3406), and the Sherriff’s Office
(706-635-4162), Gilmer County no longer has
Community Service people and/or Probation people
wearing vests and picking up trash since the State of
Georgia has taken away the funding for these programs
within the last two years. We need to get this funding
Under the new system, the quicker operation of the
gates will enable us to have only one vehicle at a time
pass through the gate, enhancing our security by
preventing “piggy backing. “
The new system should last for quite a few years
before anything more that a routine inspection is
necessary. The system comes with a Power
Inverter/Battery Backup to keep the gates operational
even when commercial power is lost.
I urge you to contact our State Representative, Steve
Gooch (404-656-9221), to
ask him to reinstate funding for trash pickup here in
Gilmer County from people on probation or required to
do community service…volunteers alone cannot handle
this problem.
More information will be available at the April POA
Don Nickle, Communications Chairman.
Firewise Report
Let’s help to do our part to contribute toward the effort
of controlling litter and enhancing our roadsides and
neighborhood appearances. By working together we
CAN make a difference! For further information on
ways to help Keep Gilmer Beautiful, please contact any
of the above or Donna Lee Fowlie, at 706-635-8885 or,
Our Firewise Mitigation grant has been submitted
to Frank Riley at the Chattahoochee Fire and Safety
Board. We are also in the process of requesting
additional grants in hopes of securing funds so that we
may do everything possible to protect our mountain
from fire danger and protection for our trees and
wildlife. I have heard it said that "Walnut Mountain is a
wildlife and bird sanctuary." I like it and believe this
describes our community very well!
Property Owners:
Please take note of the companies that advertise in The
Mountaineer and utilize their services. Their ads
substantially reduce our printing costs.
Linda Dickerson, Firewise Committee Chairman
Moving On
My wife, Mary Anne, and I are in the process of moving,
and are selling things that we aren’t able to take with
us. I guess you would call this downsizing. With that
stated, I want to speak, on my behalf, about Walnut
Mountain. We lived here for 28 years, 10 part time and
18 full time. Just look out of your window and see how
beautiful and peaceful it is. (If it isn’t, you need to clean
up your property!)
Being here this long, we have had colored water, many
leaks, power outages, broken gates, and our wonderful
dirt roads with pot holes large enough to swallow a
small animal. But it has all turned out good. I am asking
those of you who are fortunate enough to be able to
continue to live on this mountain, to ask yourself
something. Why don't I go to the meetings and voice
my opinion, and enter into some of the activities
offered here? We had nothing, but we always had our
beautiful mountain and animals. Get along, go forward
and continue to improve Walnut Mountain. Life is short;
enjoy what is here. I guarantee, that when you have to
move, your heart will be saddened and very heavy. You
just won't have that little smile on your face anymore.
Gunther Rankenburg
In Memoriam
Three Things One Needs For Happiness:
1. Someone to love,
2. Something to do,
3. Something to look forward to.
Bill Fogle, Walnut Ridge
Jeanne Haas, Laurel Ridge Court
1978, C&S sold all the remaining assets, equipment plus 125
lots and land tracts, thereby divesting itself from ownership
of Walnut Mountain. We then were completely responsible
for own destiny. This included the financing and
administering of our own private community of single family
homes, fully owned and operated by the property owners
themselves. Several things - straws in the wind, perhaps –
give me the feeling that Walnut Mountain now is entering a
new phase of its maturation. It has been in the national
spotlight (e.g. President Carter’s second home on Turniptown
Creek and Walter Mondale’s news conference at our
clubhouse). Major developments are taking place nearby,
such as the continuation of work on the Appalachian
Highway, which should be completed before long. This
means that we then will be only a tad more than 3 miles from
this 4-lane, divided highway that will connect us directly to
the entire US Interstate Highway system. White Path Country
Club and Golf Course opens this July. A large new shopping
center is being considered for the Appalachian Highway bypass around Ellijay. The magnificent Tate Mansion in nearby
Tate has been refurbished and is operating as a fine
restaurant/conference center. These and other projects
already underway or planned, greatly enhance the
desirability of our Walnut Mountain as a wholesome place to
live. Walnut Mountain, for better or for worse, has been
For many years, Don Johnson, the first president of the
WMPOA, wrote the Mountain Musings column for the
quarterly Walnut Mountain newsletter. The article below is a
compilation of the 1985 and 1991 columns which may be
helpful to those property owners who have expressed
interest in our history.
My wife and I first saw an ad in the Atlanta Journal in
November, 1970, telling of a “PRE-DEVELOPMENT SALE for
mountain home sites”, located just 2 hours from Atlanta.
When we finally visited Walnut Mountain in 1971, the only
building was the sales office. It was located at the entrance
on Turniptown Road, with the water-wheel alongside. Free
hot dogs, along with cider and soft drinks were served to
everyone. Plenty of sales persons were there to tell visitors all
about this new second home community. Only the A & B
Sections were open and the Lake McClure dam was just
barely completed. Water was slowly filling the damned
valley. There was supposed to be a swimming pool at the far
end of the Lake McClure dam, but that later was changed (for
the better) to its present location by the clubhouse. The only
passable roads in 1971 were the main roads in Gate 1.There
was little else to see except the beautiful mountains, trees,
and the gurgling creeks
(Don moved off of the mountain many years ago and has
since passed away. I believe his last article was published in
July 2001.)
The sales campaign soon was intensified. A Welcome Center,
across from the water wheel, was constructed within a year.
In 1972, Michael Reagan (son of Ronald Reagan and wife Jane
Wyman) was brought in as Public Relations Director. Dinners
and various gimmicks were used to promote sales, apparently
with success. The swimming pool and clubhouse were
completed and they became the center for social activities.
Roads were being carved out of mountain sides and a few
houses were being constructed. The first to be built and
occupied was the small house, A-39, on the right side of the
road leading up Laurel Ridge. Soon after, the house now
owned by Roger Haas, A-10 was built, then B-85 and the
house by McClure dam, B-68.
Compiled by Shyla Brenan
The first annual meeting of the Walnut Mountain Property
Owners’ Association was held in 1973 at the Hume home
where a dozen families adopted the Constitution and By-Laws
under which we were to operate as an Association. Soon
after, our newsletter was initiated (Nov. 1973) to keep active
members cognizant of pertinent developments.
C&S Bank, the institution that financed the development of
Walnut Mountain, in 1977, after a mostly amicable and
orderly chain of events, transferred the major assets of
Walnut Mountain to the property owners. Green belt,
buildings, roads, water system, pool, etc., were turned over
to the WMPOA as a gift to all of us, worth well over $1
million. C&S, however, in order to sell all its remaining
parcels of land, continued to fund the day-to-day operations
of Walnut Mountain, including security, road maintenance
and property management. At a public auction on Nov. 18,
At our Annual Meeting in July, Walnut Mountain will
hold its annual election, and three new members for
the Board of Directors will be elected to replace
members whose terms will expire. The Nominating
Committee is searching for candidates for these
positions. The Board currently meets monthly for about
three hours. In addition to these regular meetings, a
Board member can expect to spend time in committee
meetings and pursuing miscellaneous projects. If you
have the time and energy to spare, an interest in
protecting your property values, and a creative spirit for
seeking ways to improve our community, we encourage
you to contact Wynoka Chitty, Nominating Committee
Chairman, as soon as possible. She can be reached at
706-669-2824 or
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