Product Data Sheet
Stand-Alone Card Reader for One-Door Control. Controller Built-In
Robust design
The electronics are mounted in an
aluminium housing which is designed
to resist weather and vandalism. It is
suitable for all kinds of environments,
indoors or outdoors and has a built-in
heater to keep the unit ice-free.
If the reader is opened or removed
from the wall, a tamper contact will
transmit an alarm to any external
alarm system.
Built-in buzzer
The unit has a built-in buzzer that will
activate when the door is held open
too long. The buzzer can be set to
operate according to a time schedule.
The reader is simple to program and
use. Enter new cards simply by
accessing programming mode and
swiping the new cards through the slot.
Delete a card by entering the lost
card's number on the keypad.
Other features (time schedules and
print-outs) can be loaded via the
hand-held programmer.
The reader can be connected to an
Aritech controller and will work as a
'slave reader' when the demand for
security increases. In this mode, the
electronics to release the door will be
in a secure area in the controller.
The reader can be connected to other
readers and/or controllers and can
be programmed from a personal
computer via the application software.
Standard Features
E Magstripe reader with keypad and built-in electronics
E Robust design
E Tamper protected
E Programmable by :
- Keypad
- Hand-held programmer
- Personal computer
E For indoor or outdoor applications
E Expandable
Stand-Alone Card Reader for One-Door Control. Controller Built-In
12 / 24 VDC (from the controller)
Supply voltage
Current consumption
60 / 40 mA
Outdoor (heater active)
150 / 95 mA
The reader can be used to:
- Open a door for valid cards and/or
codes during certain hours.
- Arm/disarm an intruder alarm
The reader has three LED indications
to give the user information about the
status of the system. The security
level can be chosen for each
reader :
1. Door open - unlocked
2. Card or code to access
3. Card and code to access
Reader - Lock
Two wires unshielded
Reader - Door contact
Two wires unshielded
Reader - Power supply
Two wires unshielded
Reader - Request to exit
Two wires unshielded
Optional cable
Reader - External alarm system
Six wires unshielded
Reader - Aritech controller
4 wires
-25 °C to +50 °C
Via keypad and card reader
Via hand-held programmer
Via PC-software
96 x 96 x 38 mm
430 g
Operating temperature
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Request to exit device
Door monitoring
Alarm armed - Input from external alarm system
Trouble when attempting to arm -Input from external alarm system
Lock relay (free switching relay C/NC/NO)
Ordering Information
Part No.
Stand-alone card reader for one door control. Controller built-in
Rain Protection Hood
Request to Exit Button Surface Mounted
Magstripe Card With Aritech Logo - Blue
Magstripe Card - No Logo
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IPS-HQ-ACI6007-2011-08-30 09:06:10
The reader has a built-in memory for
- 1289 cards and personal codes
- 100 time schedules
- 250 card groups
- 500 'last' events, which can be
printed out using the hand-held
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