Volume 11, Issue 2

Volume 11, Issue 2
Volume 11, Issue 2
Soaring Eagle Staff
Fifth Grade
Fourth Grade
The Gingerbread Man
By: Jameson
Grade 4
I am going to show you how to do the steps to make a perfect gingerbread man. This will include the supplies you
will need, and details to make him. This is how also to
make him taste.
The first step is getting the supplies, those include frosting,
white, green, black, gingerbread, candy that’s round for buttons, and a knife, you need to have these or else you won’t
have a gingerbread man.
Next you will need to cut out four small circles, one big one
though, one big square, and four rectangles. You will put the square down, and put two
rectangles going straight down under it. Two other rectangles coming out like arms on the
sides of it, you could also make them do any motion. Next take the big circle, and put it on
top like a head. Then lastly take the four small circles, and put them on the arms and legs
for fingers and toes. Then make the candy for the eyes and it will taste good.
For the decorations you will put white or black frosting going zigzag for a
mouth. Then you can make a tie or three dots coming down on the body made out of white
frosting. Take preferable green of black frosting for the hair any way you want. Next you
can make sleeves or pants made out of black frosting. Then for the last thing you will need
green frosting to make shoelaces only if you want, but it will look better.
Then you got a gingerbread man after you cook it. The longer you cook it the better
it is, but if you do it for too long it will be bad at burned. Then you can make a family of gingerbread man wait to eat them until after Christmas. Then you can eat them, now you can
show other people how to make them, and then they could enjoy the fun too.
How to Catch Santa Claus
Jackie A.
Grade 4
I will be teaching you how to catch Santa Claus! It’s really
easy! But you will need lots of equipment.
The first thing you need to do is get all of the equipment.
Like some cameras and night vision goggles, and a net to
catch Santa, also a video camera in case he gets away. P.S.
make sure it’s a big net!
The second step is to make sure when he comes in you
lock all of the exits so he doesn’t get away. And one more thing make sure you make a
fake you so he thinks you're sleeping. Or you can put a pillow the there. I like the fake
you better.
And the third step is to find a good hiding spot. I would recommend it by the
Christmas tree so when he comes you can catch him easily. Also let him put the presents down first. So at least you get some presents.
Now you Know how to, why don’t you try it out this Christmas I bet you it works!
Also before you try it see if it works first. P.S. make sure Santa did not hear this.
Danny R.
Grade 4
How to Catch Santa Claus
Do you want to be the first person to catch
Santa Claus? If you do than read on and I’ll tell
you how to catch him. I have never tried this before but I think it will work. There are three not so
hard steps in catching Santa. If you mess up any of them you won’t have any
The first step in catching Santa is to always have a camera right next to
you to catch him on tape. You need this because if you catch him in a net he
won’t bring you presents next year. You also need a camera because then
you can show people that you saw him.
The next step in catching Santa is being able to stay awake all night so
you can catch him. If you don’t stay awake all night then he will come and go
without you seeing him. You need to take pictures with the camera too, and
you need to stay awake to do that.
The last step in catching Santa is you need to have a good hiding spot.
If you are in plain sight than Santa might see you and go away. Then you
won’t get any presents or see Santa. Your hiding spot has to be close to your
Christmas tree and chimney. If your hiding spot is not close to your Christmas tree and chimney then you probably won’t see Santa.
I am going to try and catch Santa Claus. What about you? It is not that
complicated. There are three steps. You need a camera, to be able to stay
awake all night and a good hiding spot.
I Wish I Had an Elf on the Shelf
By Abby
Grade 4
I wish I had an elf on the shelf it would bring me much
joy. I wish I had an elf on the shelf it would be my
favorite toy. Santa PLEASE bring an elf to me. It is
something I need.
Holiday Family Traditions
Mrs. Conway’s A.M. Class
Sun Jae
Decorate the Christmas tree
Run the train under the Christmas tree with
Put up a Christmas tree
Make lots of cookies
Decorate the Christmas tree
Decorate our Christmas tree
Find our Christmas tree
Cut down our tree at Lee’s trees
Decorate the tree
Decorate the holiday tree with a star
Look for the elf
Open up presents from Santa
Trim the tree
Decorate the Christmas tree with a train and
hang stockings on the fireplace
Put lights on the tree
Decorate our Christmas tree
Bake cookies
Decorate the Christmas tree
Bake Christmas cookies
Decorate gingerbread houses
Make Christmas tree decorations
Holiday Family Traditions
Mrs. Conway’s P.M. Class
Niveda Bake holiday cookies
Help to decorate the tree
Go to the tree lighting ceremony and gingerbread
house judging at Grand Geneva, Wisconsin
Hang ornaments on our Christmas tree
Giancarlo Decorate the tree as a family and put the train
around the tree
Look for our elf
Decorate the holiday tree
Our elf, Sally
Kaylee Elf on the Shelf
Do an advent calendar
Make cookies with my Nana
Maheen Bake cookies and decorate our tree
Maridia Decorate the tree
Decorate the Christmas tree
Jadynn Go downtown and eat by Macy’s Christmas tree
Go to my aunt’s house
Decorate our Christmas tree
Sophie Decorate our Christmas tree
Decorate our Christmas tree
Decorate the holiday tree
Decorate our Christmas tree
Celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas together
Merry Christmas
Today’s Christmas Today’s Christmas!!!! I ran
down stairs out of my bed to the Christmas
tree. Nothing was there, no presents. Had I
been Naughty or did Santa not come. I was upset, no presents no nothing. I went and looked
at my stocking. I froze, there Santa was. I went
upstairs screaming in disbelief. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t tell anybody, nobody.
The next day I went to the Christmas tree and
my presents were there. I went to pick them up
and they were really heavy. I said to myself
why are these presents so heavy, I wonder why
they are big too. I said to myself I will open
them today and see what I got. I hope I was
good and got the very presents I wanted. An
hour later I opened them. There it was. The
very thing I did not want. It was coal, but the
thing that was weird was it wasn't on my bed
like usual. It was really odd. I thought to myself why was the coal in a box. I was disappointed that I got nothing. probably it really
wasn’t Santa Claus, it couldn't be. My mouth
was swung open, frozen I never wanted coal or
ever got coal on Christmas. I told my mom
that I got coal, but my mom said why. Hadn't I
been good didn’t I help you do chores and
stuff around the house. I woke up hoping it
was a dream, no presents with coal. The next
day was actually Christmas. I ran down stairs
to the Christmas tree and there was the presents that I wanted at least looked like it from
the wrapping. I ripped the sheets apart and got
the presents I wanted forever. I was so glad
that was a dream that I got coal. I got a race
car that had a remote to control it.
by Erdet
grade 4
Christmas carols
By Alyza
Grade 4
The snow is white and glowing
as the lights are shining bright.
Stockings are hung up with
names written on them. The
Christmas tree stands out with
the sparkling ornaments. Here
comes Santa with his nine
reindeer and his sleigh flying
this way.
By: Tanvi and Dia
Grade 3
My Christmas Essay
By Natalia
Grade 3
Christmas is snowy
Christmas is fun
We thank Jesus and God for Christmas
On Christmas Eve we celebrate
On Christmas Day we get presents from St. Nick
We enjoy this fabulous Holiday
How to Build a Christmas Tree
By: Kailey M.
Grade 4
The air is frosty, the jingle bells are ringing, the stockings are hung, but the tree stands like
it would in the forest, boring and dull. The tree needs life, it needs joy, and I’m going to teach
you how decorate the perfect Christmas tree. It’s very easy, and fun. There are many steps to
putting up the greatest Christmas tree of all time. Let’s get started!
First, you have to find the perfect spot for your perfect tree! Then, lay the stand on the
floor, put the bottom, middle, and top of the tree together on the stand, and pull down all of the
branches. Then it is time to fluff the branches, which means to make the branches fluffy. Do this
until there are no gaps in the tree or a very little amount. A good way to check for gaps is to look
into the tree and see if you can catch a glimpse of the other side of the tree. If you can’t, you’re
ready to move to the next step. Skip this step if you have a real tree.
Next, you MUST put the lights on the tree! To be safe, check each and every light bulb on
your strands of lights. There are many different types of lights, but I prefer bright colored dancing
lights. If you want your tree to light up the night, a good way to do so is to wrap the lights around
the tree horizontally. But wait, there’s more! Once you get to the bottom, start wrapping them
vertically all of the way up and all of the way down. This way every inch is covered in
light! Following the lights, top the tree with an angel or a star. Don’t forget to plug it in! Keep going to the next step, you are almost done!
Finally comes the garland and ornaments. They are pretty easy. There is a lot of different
garlands at the store, but I prefer snowy white garland. After choosing your garland, you start
wrapping it around the tree, starting at the top and spiral down the tree. At the bottom, let the
garland hang just a bit. Then, move on to the ornaments. The ornaments are even easier! All
you have to do is spread them out and don’t let them touch! Also DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT put
two of the same ornaments right next to each other! Cover your tree in shiny, shimmery, and glittery ornaments of many colors, shapes, and sizes.
Voila! Look at that snazzy tree! It’s full of joy, happiness, and Christmas spirit. This type
of tree will make you want to get up and dance. The stockings are hung, the bells are ringing,
and the Christmas tree looks glorious! Try it this year, you might just be happy with how it turns
out. Have a great Christmas!
By Breck
Grade 4
How to catch Santa Claus the Right Way
Hey kids! I’m guessing you guys love Santa Claus but would you love for him to live
with you I can teach you in this document. It takes only 3 small steps. WARNING you
can only keep him till next Christmas because then how is he going to deliver presents.
Step one you might probably be familiar with. Here it is: Tell your mom to bake
chocolate cookies just don’t eat them I know it
sounds hard but this it you are trying to catch
Santa that’s a BIG deal. Pour a glass of milk
pour it in a big cup he’s going to be thirsty after eating those cookies.
Second step is buy night vision goggles at the
store and if you see a big belly and a red hat
that is most likely Santa. Then when he is not
looking steal his sack and trap him in it. But
you can’t be too naughty so slide the cookies
and the milk under the sack and say enjoy!
Also say Santa please don’t put me on the
naughty list I gave you cookies and milk.
Last step is easy you talk in the cutest way possible and tell santa please stay if you do
we will have fun together. And if he says no say we will feed you cookies and milk all
the time. How can he turn that down. But if you are in 5th grade and up it is going to
be hard to act cute especially if you are in high school even if you dress cute in your
slippers and night cap you still won’t look cute.
Hey were done wasn’t that easy? Just 3 steps and you are now in expert Santa Claus
catcher. Good for you and good thing were done Christmas is around the corner.
I hopped and I hopped til I stopped.
I came to the fun that had begun.
Shops were getting decorated and houses too,
We both will celebrate, me and you!
Yes it’s Christmas! Yes it’s Christmas!
Snow will fall, It’s Christmas!
Yes it’s Christmas! Yes it’s Christmas
It will be the best moments of all!
By Khushi
Grade 3
How To Build A Snowman
By: Abby
Grade 4
Hello. I am Abby and I am going to show how to build a
snowman. It is very easy as long as you follow all of the
steps. By the time you are done reading this article you will
be satisfied with your ready to go snowman.
In order to build a snowman you have to follow three easy
steps. First, you have too get all your materials. The materials
are a carrot for the nose, buttons for the eyes, a scarf for it’s
neck, raisins for the mouth and last but not least SNOW!!!!!
Now that you have gathered all of your materials you need to
go on to your second step.
Secondly, you need to roll up balls of snow to make a body for your snowman.
You have to make a big ball, then you have to make a medium size ball, and last
you have to make a small size ball. Now you just have to stack all of the balls and
finish your body of the snowman. Now that you have made your body you need to
go on to your third step.
Last but not least the third step putting the material on too the body and the snow.
So you take the buttons and put them on the smallest ball which is the face, next
you have to take the carrot and put it on the face also, then you need to take your
raisins and also put those on the face. Now use your scarf and put it on the neck,
also take more buttons and make a little decoration if you want.
Now that you have read this article see how easy it was too build a snowman using just three steps. So next time it snows make sure you have your materials
ready to build a great and creative snowman.
The Perfect Gift
By Esha
Grade 4
I am walking in the store and searching for a great present for my brother’s
birthday. It should not be hard for me. It is easy for me to chose a present for
him just from the following three steps.
To pick the perfect gift for your friend or family member 1. think what he|she is really interested in.
That is what I did, I knew he was interested in boy toys such as nerf guns and solider people so I
looked for something just like that. I was sure I was on the right track.
The next step is 2. If a toy suits you then think what would (the person you are gifting it to) do with it ?
I picked up a solider bag and thought what would my brother do with it? My brother is really nice, he
always spends time with me and plays every day. This toy would be another suggestion on what we
could play every day. I really was excited of what my brother’s reaction would be.
The last and third step is 3.Think about what is so unique about this toy that would explain why it is
really meant to be bought for my brother? When I thought about this I looked at the action figures and
saw how many positions it was in and how many pieces were there. All of them were not just standing
in one position. They were looking like they are already ready to battle! There were also like 50 pieces
which I thought would be nice because it would look good 50 pieces starting a battle with different positions given. The toy was great for my brother!
It was my brother’s birthday and I was really excited. It was the day my brother would be happy receiving his gift. I gave him the present and he opened the present.He was really happy and that made
me happy. He and me played with present later on. My brother loved his present and the three steps
helped me chose the present.
VÜâÇv{ ÉÇ à{x vtÇwç vtÇxá4
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ãx wxvÉÜtàx à{x àÜxx tá t ytÅ|Äç? áÉ ãx tÄÄ xÇ}Éç |àA g{xÇ ÉÇvx à{x àÜxx |á wÉÇx ux|Çz wxvÉÜtàxw xäxÜçÉÇx ÉÇx uç
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{|w à{xÅ yÉÜ {tá àÉ zÉ tÇw y|Çw à{xÅ tÇw ã{É xäxÜ y|Çwá tÄÄ à{x|Ü vtÇwç vtÇxá zxàá t ÑÜ|éxA; Åt|ÇÄç 7ECA<
g{tà |á áÉÅxà{|Çz à{tà Åç ytÅ|Äç Ä|~xá àÉ wÉ yÉÜ V{Ü|áàÅtáA jx {täx t ÄÉà Éy yâÇA
zÜtwx F
The Secret Of The Elf
One snowy morning two twins named Francesca and Catherine asked their parents if they could have an elf.
They wished on the north star as hard as the could The next morning they heard their doorbell ring. They
went to go see who was at the front door.
Hi I am your new elf, my name is Mia. You better be very good around me.
YOU CAN TALK!!!!!!!!
WE NEVER KNEW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a magical elf and I chose to come to your house to watch you two.
Catherine and Francesca:
Are there any rules we need to know about you?
You can’t touch me or else I’ll lose my magical powers. And I can not go to Santa and tell him
how good you have been.
Go ahead and find a relaxing place to stay till tomorrow.
Why don’t we watch, “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer,” together it will be very fun.
We all loved the movie.
I am getting super hungry.
Would you like to come join us for dinner? Our mom is making spaghetti with her FANTASTIC
homemade tomato sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With garlic bread of course
I would love to, how many members are in you family?
We have five members in our family.
What are their names?
We have us and are mom and dad
Well… any way it’s time to eat let’s go to the kitchen
Do you want to sit between Catherine and I?
Sure, I would love too
Catherine and Francesca:
Great how much pasta would you like?
Not a lot I ate before I came to your house
Is that enough?
That is perfect
How do you like it so far?
It is delicious
So is mine, how is yours Francesca?
Mine is so so good
We finished dinner and we all had a wonderful Christmas!!!
By, Catherine, Francesca, and Mia
grade 3
Snow is glowing. Christmas trees are glimmering. Friends are making snowman. The fireplace is on. Mom is making hot cocoa for the
kids. Dad is playing with the kids out in the snow. The dog is sleeping by the fireplace. Your friends are stopping by to play with you
and your family out in the snow. You are going in the house to have
some of mom’s hot cocoa with marshmallows and after that you go
sledding with your family. The next day it is Christmas Eve and you
go to visit your family and they give you some presents and you
play with your cousin until it is time to go. Mom said tomorrow is
going to be a spectacular day when Santa comes.
By Brianna
grade 3
Christmas Day
by Bryan
grade 4
“Mom wake up!!! SANTA CAME, SANTA
“ What do you want, I’m tired.”
“ It’s Christmas, you know what that means
PRESENTS. Come on we’re wasting time I
want to open my presents.” We got to the
Christmas tree with ornaments on it and it was
my turn to open my presents and one of my
presents was a remote control airplane/ car. I
opened the rest of my presents and then it was time to eat breakfast. I had pancakes and waffles. They were delicious. After we finished eating I played with all
my toys I got for Christmas. I was surprised on how many presents I got from
Santa. After I finished playing with my toys we played video games that I got
such as Madden 25 and NBA 2k14. I won both games the teams were hard. After
my cousins came over to give us more presents. One present I got from my cousin
was a ps4 game. Then my cousins left. Finally, we ate dinner and had dessert. I
looked at the Christmas tree one last time and then it was time to go to bed. That
was a really long Christmas Night.
Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells
Flying through the sky. Going very high. All around me snowflakes
glisten happily. I’m in candy land. Frosting beneath my feet. I see
snowflakes. Whoopsies. I hear jingling sound. Must be Santa’s reindeers. Eating frosting cream. I will go to sleep for a winter dream.
By: Esha
Grade 4
By: Matthew
Grade 4
Decorating a tree is pretty hard but you will learn it here. I
will tell you the three steps to Decorating an awesome Christmas tree.
First of all you have to take the decorations and the
Christmas tree from your basement. If you don’t have all of
those items then go to a store and buy all of those. For example, a good store is Target or other stores you know. You should buy a tree, ornaments, and maybe while
you're there you can buy some presents for your family and can put it under your tree. I
almost forgot about lights, now you're ready!
Now you have to put all of those decorations on the tree. This is the fun part! So
put up the tree, you can’t decorate a Christmas tree without a tree. Don’t forget to puff
up all of the leaves. Then you put up different ornaments like blue, red, yellow, pictures
of your family and friends. All of the things you can think of can be put up on the tree.
Don’t put up to many because you need room for the lights and the star at the top. The
presents at the bottom of the tree, and other stuff.
Remember when you went to the store to buy decorations and I told you to get
presents for family and friends. Now we are going to use them, but if you didn't buy
them you can always go back to the store and buy some. So now is time to wrap the
presents. Wrapping a present is not so hard, so if you have a toy car you should put it
in a box then wrap it. Wrapping is not so hard, it’s just putting paper on an item. Now
buy the special paper then wrap it on the item, and put a bow on top. Then put it under
the tree. Lastly make cookies for Santa!
Do you like your tree? Well I do, and I hope Santa does on Christmas Eve. I
hope you like your Christmas tree.
Happy Christmas!!!
The Snowman
By: Olivia K.
Grade 3
It was Saturday morning and I woke up early just so I could make
the best snowman ever! So I got out of bed, dressed, put my
jacket, gloves, hat, put my scarf on, and then I went outside to build my snowman.
I saw a lot of snow. I looked for a good pace to build my snowman. First I got
some snow and made the bottom of the body. Then I got more snow and made the
middle of the body. Last I got a little bit more of snow and I made the head. I went
back inside the house to get a scarf, two gloves, a hat, and a carrot nose. I went
back outside and looked for two big rocks for the eyes, five small rocks for the
mouth, two sticks for the arms and hands, and six buttons. I put all those things in
the correct places on the snowman. Finally the snowman was done. I showed my
mom and dad. THEY LIKED IT!
By: Taylor
Grade 5
I was tucked in my bed pretending to sleep when I heard
the pitter-patter of reindeer
feet, through the chimney
Christmas came and he put a
check by my name!
How To Make Hot Chocolate
By: Isabella
Grade 4
You are going to learn how to make hot
chocolate. Hot chocolate is a really good
drink that will keep you nice and warm during the winter.
The first thing you need in order to make
hot chocolate is, you need to gather your ingredients. The ingredients you will need to
make hot chocolate is a pan, some milk,
Nesquik chocolate powder, a spoon, and a
mug or a cup.
The second thing you will need in order to
make hot chocolate is to boil the milk. So
first you take your pan and put it on the
stove. Then add some milk too the pan and
boil the milk. The way you boil the milk is
when the milk is starting to rise up.
The third thing you need too to do in order
to make hot chocolate is too add the milk
too the mug or the cup and putting the Nesquik chocolate powder in to it also. The first
thing you will need to do is divide the milk
evenly in the mugs. Into each mug put two
tablespoons of Nesquik chocolate powder
and mix it up until the color is solid brown.
Christmas is the best holiday!
We don’t care what other holidays say Christmas is here to
stay. Christmas is shining
trees, kids opening presents,
house shining with Christmas
lights. We don’t care what
other holidays say Christmas is Now you have learned how to make hot
chocolate. These are just a couple of easy
here to stay.
steps to such a good drink.
Room 103
Today’s Christmas and I can’t wait till my mom and dad
wakes. What will I do right now, play video games?
Maybe I got a new video game if I do what game will it
be maybe Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare or maybe
Pokemon Omega Ruby but I’ll never know until my
mom and dad wakes up.
7:00 AM in the morning, My mom is up hopefully she
will let me open my presents without dad. Hey mom can
I open my presents, No son. Why not mom because we
want dad to see the presents you got.
9:00 AM in the morning Dad is up yahoo. Now I can
open my presents. Hey dad good morning can I open my
presents, No son. Then what will we do now? “We will
eat” said dad. OK.
9:50 AM in the morning we are all done with breakfast. Now can I open my presents mom and dad, No son you gotta wait for your sister. Oh ya I forget my sister
wasn’t up.
10:30 AM in the morning ERIN YOU UP. She woke up. Yes finally. Hey dad can
I now open my presents mom please. No we have to wait till Erin’s done eating.
11:00 Erin’s done eating. Now I can open my presents right dad and mom. No
let’s see your stocking. Ok. So I looked in my stocking and there was a note. The
note said “Look in the basement a surprise is waiting for you down there.
11:40 AM in the morning So I looked in the basement and found a lot more presents down there. Now can I open my presents mom and dad please. Yes son. Ok
mom. So I did. I got the best presents ever. That was the best Christmas ever.
Thank you Santa Claus for all the wonderful presents you gave me.
The Best Christmas
By Shawn
Grade 3
My sister gave me a present,
I don’t know what it is
My Mama told me to go to bed
I went to bed
I snuck to the Christmas tree
I opened my present
I saw NOTHING!!!
A Very Happy Christmas
Long long ago, there was a family that was very poor. They had to build a
house on their own. They built their house out of logs. There was a mom, dad,
daughter named Olivia and a son named Oscar. Christmas was coming up soon
and they knew it would be getting cold. So they built a fireplace. Then they would
be warm. Very soon came Christmas. They were all warm and cozy by the fireplace. Then they heard a knock on the door. They knew it was Santa Claus. HO
HO HO said Santa Claus. He gave a present to everybody. Wait said Oscar, Olivia
is the smallest so she can open her present first. Olivia opened her present first.
OH MY GOSH a real live puppy. Oh thank you Santa. This is the best Christmas
ever. I will name him Peanut. Come here boy. Good dog. That was the best Christmas ever. That was the best Christmas ever said Olivia after Santa went. It totally
by Maya
Grade 3
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Too bad spring is over,
But Christmas isn’t through.
By: Lily and Sydney
Grade 5
I put up my Christmas tree,
All ornaments hung,
Santa Are You There
I wonder when Christmas will come,
By: Makayla
and when it’s done,
Grade 4
I won’t be sad,
Santa are you there?
because then Spring will start again.
Cuz I’m here. I’m ready for my presents now.
By: Lily and Sydney
So please come here.
Grade 5
My house is really near.
Won’t you come? Won’t you come?
I will have tears in my eyes if you don’t come.
So please just come. PLEASE.
How to Make a Snowman
By Velizar
Grade 4
Hello, today you will be learning how to make a snowman in
3 steps. I will help you make it with great decoration and detail. So
grab your supplies and tag along for an adventure.
For the first step, get the materials. Start with a snowball and
roll it on the ground until it is a size which looks like a head. The
other materials you will need are some stones to make buttons and
a smiley face and one carrot. You need a nice orange carrot for his nose! Be sure you
pick stones that stand out.
For the second step is to do the same make a snowball and make a torso that will
hold the head. Whoa don't put the head on yet there is one more step. And then put three
stones going down his stomach and that will be his buttons. Or you could make it go any
direction you want it to.
Okay now it’s time for the last step make a snowball and roll until it could hold the
torso. Don't be in a rush first put the big body somewhere you will like it, maybe in front of
your door outside. Then want then put the torso on. Then you put on the head. Then you
put the carrot as the nose and the stones to makes eyes and a smiley face, and sticks for
arms, and a top hat or a hat for the head.
That was how to make a snowman in three steps. (You can put lights all over him).
Plus Santa can come and look at the fine made snowman.
How to Build a Snowman
By: Alessandro
Grade 4
Whoa! Look at that amazing snowman. It has a nose, a mouth,
ear muffs, and it has 3 buttons. I would like to know the steps on how
to build a snowman like that one.
First you have to get 3 immense pieces of snow but they have
to be like a sphere. But make sure that the head sphere is the smallest
and the middle sphere is bigger than the head, also make sure that the
one on the bottom is the biggest out of them all. First you put the biggest one on the bottom
the middle sized shape then the smallest on the top. After you get those pieces of snow you
put them on top of each other. Then you would have to pack all of the snow so it won’t stay
for a short period of time. Then you just leave it for a little bit.
Once you come back out you pack all of the snow again until it is really hard. Then
you could decorate it for example put a carrot for a nose, put ear muffs on it or make ears ,
you could also put a funny face on the snowman with your finger. After you decorate make
sure it will stay up.
After all of that work you could name the snowman. You should name the snowman
because you will always remember that you made a really cool snowman when you get
Building a snowman is fun and you can build it however you want. It also contains
many steps to make it an amazing snowman. So next time it snows outside build a snowman.
How to Build a Snowman
By Ryan
Grade 4
I’m going to tell you how to build a snow man. I'm just going
to tell you the basic steps. Let’s go build a snowman.
First you need to get three balls of snow. One small snowball one medium size snowball and one big snow ball. Then
when you have your snowballs you want to put them together from smallest to biggest to make the snowman’s body.
Next you want to get two twigs from a tree that look like arms. Once you get
the twigs you want to put them on like arms. And if you want to I always put
mittens on my snowman for show. Also you need eyes you can use coal, rocks,
and buttons
Then after all of those things you want to put a carrot. And a snowman is never
complete if you don’t put a carrot because the carrot is like a nose and every
face needs a nose. And these are some stuff you can put on your snowman for
show hats, mittens, and scarves.
Tell your friends about this guide. Well there’s only one more thing left to do
build a snowman!
How to Catch Santa
Jack S.
Grade 4
I got him! I got him! I caught Santa Claus! If you want learn
how to catch Santa read on and you will catch him in no time!
The first step to catching Santa is gathering supplies. I take a
plate, some cookies of any kind, and a glass of milk, a box, string, a
bell, and a great place to hide so Santa can’t see you. I would go on
my stairs, but other good hiding places would be behind furniture, in
a fake gift box (for this make some breathing holes), or under your
tree. Then you will be closer to catching Santa.
The second step is setting it up. You will need to take your glass of milk and cookies to
put them on the plate. You also need to take your bell and attach the string to it so you can put it
on your door or by your chimney. That way when he comes you can hear the ring of the bell. The
last step of the trap is using your box and your string. You put the string in the box and have it
Finally, it is the big moment to catch St. Nick. You wait until you hear the bell ringing. You
see him eating cookies and you throw the box over him. You did it! You caught Santa! After all
this time of learning the three steps it paid off!
Now there is one rule you need to follow. Keep him for one day and then let him go. That
way you can catch him again next year.
The Elf on the Shelf
Where is my elf? There is my elf.
He was on the presents. He was getting in
Santa’s cookies. I was MAD. Very MAD.
Then he got into the presents. Then I saw my
present. I had to wrap all the presents before
my mom and dad saw it. First I had to find
the tape. Next I had to get the wrapping paper. Last I had to wrap the presents. At the
last second my mom saw me. I put the last
piece of tape on. I hid the tape and wrapping
paper so my mom didn’t see the wrapping
paper or the tape. Elves can cause a lot of
By Shawn
Grade 3
By Samir
Grade 4
How to Catch Santa Claus
Do you know how to catch Santa Claus? Well I do, it is easy for me because I am an
expert at catching Santa Claus. Read this article how to catch Santa Claus.
Who is the one that sneaks into your chimney on Christmas Eve? Well if you don't
know it is Santa Claus! How does he come down your chimney, well he is magical. If you
don't know, he has reindeers that can fly. So when your parents tell you to go to bed say,
“Okay” but don't really go to bed, fake sleep. Also when your mom and dad go to sleep get
out of bed and sit on the first step on your stairs. Then wait until you hear a noise.
Then when you hear a noise don’t have a panic attack, just zip your mouth. Go
downstairs slowly if you don’t, Santa is going to put you on the naughty list and you're going to cry. Also you are going to wake up your mom and dad and you are going to spoil
catching Santa Claus. So do not do that when you walk down the stairs and if he is gone
he is hiding somewhere or he is done putting the presents down.
Also you need to hurry but not too fast because you're going to make a noise and
something is not going to be good. Well if he goes away you need to look everywhere, I am
not kidding look everywhere, look under your bed. In your window, look by the chimney.
While you are by the chimney look if there’s presents there. But look everywhere double
Now you know how to catch Santa Claus and the steps to catch Santa Claus you
can tell your friends and family about this article and I bet they will like this article just like
you did. Remember to always check the snow outside to see if the reindeers have left their
footprints on the ground, this is another sign that Santa Claus has come to your house!
How to Get Ready for Christmas!
By Sana
Grade 4
What! You did not decorate your house for Christmas
yet! Just grab your lights, tree, and ornaments and let’s get started! I
will teach you all about decorating your house for Christmas.
First you need to make sure you decorate outside of your house before the inside. You need
your house to be bright so Santa can see your house so the first thing you need to put outside is
lights! You can put your lights anywhere you want even your bushes. Also you can buy fake reindeer/Santa and put them outside.
After you finish decorating outside your house you need to decorate inside your house. You
can buy red bows and put them on your rails. Also you can buy lights and even put it inside your
house to decorate. You can also make gingerbread houses and put it on your counter table for decoration. Also you can put popcorn and cranberries on a string for the Christmas tree.
After all the inside decorating you need to put up the most important decoration! The Christmas tree! If you don't have Christmas tree you can chop a pine tree from outside and use it as a
Christmas tree. When you decorate your tree just remember to put lots of lights. Also you need to
put lots ornaments. When you finish putting up the lights and ornaments you need to put up the last
decoration! The star! You can put a star or an angel on top! After that just remember to put the string
with popcorn and cranberries on the tree and you're done!
That wasn't so hard putting up decorations! The next Christmas you better have all of these
decorations. Just remember to buy lights, a tree, and ornaments. Then you will be totally ready for
How to Spy on Santa Claus
By: Leslie
Grade 4
I bet everyone would want to spy on Santa while he is giving out
presents into your house. Well to do this you would have to read my
Google Doc to be able get now him. Before you do this I have to say it
is very hard.
This is a way to catch Santa you would need to put some cameras and record him. But need to make sure you hide it in a great spot
because if he sees it he won’t give you any gifts and he will run away.
That’s what they say.
Other thing you should know is don’t make any noise because I know that doing that
would make Santa think someone is coming to get him or see him too. Now if you think about it
getting Santa Claus takes work because he is very smart he is also an amazing person to give
children presents.
The last thing to know is try to be a good leader because if you are not Santa won’t come
and then you would not be able to spy on him. There is also a song that says’’ Santa Claus sees
you if you have been bad or good. So always watch out.
Maybe you should not tell you parents because you make get in trouble so keep it a secret. Well now you could tell your friends and you guys could do it this Christmas which is coming
Mia C.
Grade 4
Building a Snowman
Building a snowman is as easy as 1, 2, 3!! Some
parts of the world don’t have snow to build one! If you do
have snow, I’ll teach you how to build a snowman in just 3
easy steps.
Step 1:
First, you have to assemble the 3 snow balls, so
grab some snow and make it into a snowball. Then, start
rolling it around until it gets massive. For the 2nd ball, grab
some more snow, and ball it up again. Roll it around until
it’s about 1 and a half feet tall. Put that ball on top of the
massive one. Then for the last ball, gather up a smallish amount of snow, ball it up, and carefully place it on top. You have finished the 1st step!
Step 2:
First, look around the yard for 2 immense sticks. Put them in the snowman’s 2nd ball.
(These are the arms.) Get 3 small rocks. Stick one towards the top of the 1st ball, one towards
the bottom of the 2nd one, and the last one at the top of the 2nd ball. (These are buttons.) Find
a lot of pebbles around the yard. Put them on the bottom of the 3rd ball. (This is the mouth.)
Go inside and grab a carrot and then put in the middle of the 3rd ball. (This is the nose.) Go
inside again and get 2 buttons. Put them at the top of the 3rd snowball. (These are the eyes.)
You have finished the details!
Step 3:
If your snowman is still looking bland, find a scarf, wrap it around the neck. Find a festive hat (top hats work best) and plop it on top. You have finished the personality!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You have finished your snowman!!!!!! If you really love it,
take a picture and post it on Facebook. You are welcome for my service.
Woah!! Chill down Santa. You
must be in a rush.
Are you going to Santa’s
Or the North Pole
By Evan
Grade 3
How To Build a Snowman!!!
Gino C.
Grade 4
Building a snowman is a really popular tradition to
do during the Christmas time of year. If you never built a
snowman before this is the right book for you. In this book it
will show you step by step to build a snowman. I am going to
talk about the right snow, forming snowman and snowball,
and how to decorate the snowman.
The first step to build a snowman would be to find the
right snow. How you test the snow would be to pick up a
handful of snow and make a snowball. If you can’t shape it
to be a ball, you need to wait a couple of weeks. It should be 2-4 weeks after the snow
is hard enough. After a couple weeks do the same thing that you did the last sentences
and it should be perfect.
Now, we are going to learn how to form the snowman and snowball. You are
going to need 3 snowballs (a massive, a medium, and a small snowball). First you get
a small snowball and keep on rolling it in the snow till you got a massive size. Then you
get a snowball and keep rolling it the snow, but not too much because it needs to be
smaller than the massive snowball. Last you do the same thing except this time you
make it smaller than the medium size ball. So you got three snowballs, now you place
massive one on bottom, medium on top of massive, and small on top of medium snowball.
Finally, how we decorate the snowman. The supplies you will need to include
would be.
• carrot = as nose
• hat
• gloves
• scarf
• coal = face
anything else you think you will need
The easiest part would be to stick the carrot on his nose. Then you put hat on
his head to make it warm. Gloves and scarf to keep him warm. Coal to make it look like
a real face and for buttons.
So what are you waiting for, get out and build that terrific snowman.
So if you learned a lot about building a snowman. Pass it on.
Holiday Traditions
By: Room 103
Eshaan- We have a special dinner together as a family.
Lucas- We all go Christmas caroling together as a family.
Sienna- We put the ornaments on the Christmas tree
Andrew- My family decorates the Christmas tree together, we have special treats while we decorate.
Jack- Our tradition is we put up Christmas decorations
Connor- We sing Christmas carols together.
Emily K. - We decorate our tree together.
Maggie- Each year the oldest child puts the star on top
of the tree.
Sevak- We decorate the Christmas tree together.
Emily R. - On Christmas we go to grandmas to open presents around the tree, while singing songs.
Juliana- Every year my sister and I open presents early
in the morning.
Nicholas S.- When it snows for the first time we go out
to build a snowman.
Emily S. - Ever year we have snowball fights when it
snows for the first time.
Madison- Every year we go to see Santa
Dora- My family goes on vacation to Mexico every year.
A family was playing out in the snow and their friends were coming over to play in the
snow. As they played their mom was making hot cocoa and they came in the house they
had some of the hot cocoa and it was delicious. And my mom made more and they loved
it.She was so happy that they loved it she was so happy she took them to the movies
and they went to see Big Hero 6 and they loved it but they thought it was sad at the end.
The next day was Christmas day they got lots of presents and they were going out to eat
with their family and they had the best Christmas ever and that was the End
By Brianna
grade 3
Who has a white long beard? Santa has a long white beard. Did
you know that you can’t see Santa Claus because Christmas
magic would go away? Elf on the shelves are real because they
help Santa know if you’ve been good or bad.
By Jakub G
Grade 3
The Boy Who Saw Santa
One Christmas Night a boy couldn’t sleep. But all of his friends said
that Santa was not real. But the boy says Santa is real. Then the boy
heard a sound “Ho Ho Ho!”
Then he peeked outside his window and Santa was on his roof. He
saw all of the 8 reindeers and Santa. Then he quietly came out of his
room and went downstairs and peeked. He can't believe he saw Santa.
Then he went back upstairs in his room and went outside his window.
Then he went on Santa’s sleigh. Then he went back to his room and
then tried to sleep but he didn't. He tried and tried and tried then he did.
When it was morning There was a note right on his door. Then he was
reading it.
On the note Santa said that he saw him and he didn't care because
you are on the nice list.
Michael K.
grade 3
No Christmas!
Once when Santa was at the North pole somebody came. Santa’s boss came. He said, “SANTA! Another problem in the toy room! The toys are flying everywhere! One more problem then you're fired!” Then Santa said,
“There won’t be another problem. I promise.” then santa’s boss walked away. “That boss is mean.” Santa said. It is
Christmas Eve and not a problem in sight. Well…...That’s what Santa thought. Because the elves were mysteriously knocked out. And they didn’t make the magic for the reindeers to fly. They found out that Santa’s boss
knocked the elves out. He did that because he was trying to make another problem so Santa can get fired, since
Santa’s boss hates Christmas. The took him to jail but without the magic the reindeers can’t fly, and if the reindeers
couldn’t fly then Santa can’t fly the sleigh, and if Santa can’t fly the sleigh there is no Christmas! So Santa had an
idea! The elves will help him by making more magic.
45 minutes later……….
They are done! So they put the magic on the reindeers then they begin to fly! then Santa said….
By Michael C.
grade 3
Super Santa!
There was a time when Santa Claus was heroic. He was
very strong. And when I say he was strong I mean he was
strong. He use to fight crime. The robbers who robbed that
bank a couple of months ago, Santa got them and put them in
jail. Everybody loved Santa because he saved the world. But
now everybody loves him because on Christmas he gives everybody on the nice list presents. Santa is still sad because he is not
very strong now, but he is happy about his new super
By Jack
Grade 3
The Classroom Night Before Christmas
By Alexa
Grade 3
It was the night before Christmas and all through the classroom the math words
were jumping off the board. Same with the reading words that were sorted.
They had a job to do for the teacher that owned the room. The teacher had lost
the Christmas spirit. When everyone was down white board said, “Now gather
around. We do not have much time. Desk 14, 15, and 16 stack on top of each
other and hang the lights on me. Use pointer to hang the lights on me. All my
words from reading and math, you sort out. Stuff the trash. Get rid of the other
stuff. The rest of you clean up. Am I clear?”
Three hours later they were all done. “Now get back to where you came from.”
“Okay White board.” they said
The next morning the teacher walked in, dropped her bag and gasped, “Who did
this? It’s beautiful! Wait til my students see it. They will love it. I almost forgot
the Christmas party. I have to set up the games. Put up the food and get the
crafts. Oh I have so much to do way too much. I can’t do all of this. There is
too too much. What should I do? I will start and then maybe finish. But I will
start now.”
The teacher will do everything she can to finish the Christmas party. “Phew, I
finished. Wait till the students see.” Now the teacher went to grade some papers.
When the students got there they had a good time. Merry Christmas!
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