REF. 06959
Biometric access fingerprint reader with capacitive sensor. Identifies the user by way
of their fingerprint (a unique, unrepeatable characteristic). With built-in proximity
reader which functions as follows:
- Some people have fingerprints without the necessary information for authorization in a
biometric system. This applies to 1% of the population. In these cases, use integrated
- Security mode: activates dual security, (Fingerprint+Card) for the same User.
• Integrated within the Cityline aluminum panel.
• Flush mounted (ref.8948, including box) or surface installation (ref.7061, optional).
• Recommended for interior and exterior use.
• Reader and controller integrated within the same module.
• Can run as an stand-alone or centralised system (dipswitch configurable).
Configuration as a STAND-ALONE system:
• Capacity (no. users):
- 4.500 users in 1 fingerprint per person mode.
- 2.970 users in 2 fingerprints per person mode.
• Acoustic and visual confirmation using status and display
Configuration as a CENTRALISED system with Wiegand26-Data/Clock protocol:
• Capacity (number of users):
- 1.020 users with MDS Central Unit (ref.2405).
- 2.048 users with CAC Central Unit (ref.4410).
Note: prints are authorized in the reader and then sent on to the Central Unit.
• LEDs which indicate if a fingerprint has been accepted or rejected.
• To ensure the fingerprint is read correctly, slide your finger along the reader with a downwards movement (from top to
bottom), at a uniform speed and exerting slight pressure.
• Includes a software CD and infrared remote keypad.
• Relay lock-release activation. Programmable from 01 to 99 seconds.
• Acoustic and visual status data.
• Reader with 2 status LEDs and a 7 segment 4 digit display (helps with programming and status data).
• Manual programming using the infrared remote control included or via PC software (card activation/deactivation of
• Special Functions: free fingerprint button (trades) and unblock fingerprint (lock-release always activated).
• Door sensor and exit button control.
• Auxiliary Relay for other Functions. Door alarm and forced door, panic alarm or intruder alarm (incorrect fingerprint).
• Allows keypad connection for Security Mode operation: in this case, the dual security would be
Fingerprint+Code, for the same User.
Programming can be done manually or by PC. The system is programmed with a master print (Administrator) and a remote
infrared keypad. The PC programming software can be downloaded from The «Clone» option is
available: it is used to copy all data entered in one reader into another.
TECHNICAL FEATURES as a CENTRALISED system with Wiegand26-Data/Clock protocol:
• The Wiegand Readers (WG) allow greater antivandalism security given that the reader is not connected to the lockrelease mechanism or the exit button. All devices are connected to the door controller and therefore are outside the range
for interference. The door controller is installed in the interior area (secure area) and the reader in the exterior.
• The reader can be used with other door controllers which use Wiegand 26 (WG) or Data/Clock protocols.
• Wiring: 7 wires to the door controller.
• For more information see the door controller's Technical Features section.
• Dimensions:
- Reader 130x128
- Flush Mounted Box 115x114x45
- Surface Box 130x128x33
• Environmental Protection (IP) 43
• Anti-Shock Protection (IK) 07
• Power Supply (V) 12V (ac/dc)
• Consumption (mA) S/lock-release118/173
• Operating Temperature-10º to 55ºC
Size of product when packed: 15x13,8x7
Weight: ,709572 kg
EAN 13: 8424299069593
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