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Optical Fire Detector
from Channel Safety Systems
Optical Fire Detector
The innovative design of the Soteria
Dimension Optical Detector differs
from standard fire detectors in that
it has no chamber and it is flush
mounted. New optical sensing
technology detects smoke particles
outside the detector housing.
A combination of Infra-Red LEDs and
photo-diodes identify smoke particles
detected just below the detector
housing and initiates an alarm.
Mounting Box
Optical Fire Detector
Low profile design
Uses digital CoreProtocol
Compatible with Discovery and
XP95 systems*
Integrated switchable isolator as
8-way DIL switch addressing
Drift compensation
FasTest® for quicker testing
Tricoloured LED status indicator
Polycarbonate moulding for
colour stability
Comprehensively tested to
exceed EN 54-7 and EN 54-17
Locking mechanism (grub screw)
* Note: Not all features may be available when
Soteria devices are connected to an XP95 or
Discovery fire control panel
Errors & ommissions excluded. Specification
is subject to change without notice.
Detector with backbox
140 mm diameter x 38.2 mm depth
140 mm diameter x 71 mm depth
White Flame-retardant polycarbonate
Nickel plated stainless steel
with backbox
Optical Detector
Mounting Box
SPECIFICATIONS (typical at 24V, +25°C and 50% RH unless otherwise stated)
Detection Principle
Photo-electric light scattering
Sensor Configuration
Chamberless detector with 2 photodiodes. Microcontroller
provides sensor timings, digital signal processing & alarm
Sampling Frequency
Once per second
Terminal Functions
(note L1 & L2 are polarity sensitive)
–L1 in
–L1 out
Loop in negative
Loop out negative
Loop in and out positive
Remote indicator positive connection (internal
connection to positive)
Remote indicator negative connection (4.7 mA max)
Supply Voltage (Vmin-Vmax)
17 - 35 V dc
Digital Communication Protocol
XP95, Discovery compatible and CoreProtocol ready
5 - 13 V peak to peak
Quiescent Current
1 mA
Power Up Surge Current
1 mA
Maximum Power Up Time
15 s
Alarm current, LED illuminated
4.5 mA
Max Loop Current thru Indicator
Clean-air Analogue Value
23 +4/-0
Alarm Level Analogue Value
Status Indicator
Alarm Red / Fault Flashing Yellow / Isolated Yellow /
Poll Flashing Green
Operating Temperature
40°C to +55°C
0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
Effect of Atmospheric Pressure
Effect of Wind Speed
Vibration, Impact and Shock
EN 54-7
IP Rating
IP55 - rating not EN 54 approved
Standards & Approvals
EN 54-7, EN 54-17, CPR, LPCB, FG and SBSC
Electrical Considerations
The Soteria Dimension Optical Detector is designed to be
connected to a two-wire loop circuit carrying both data
and a 17 V to 35 V dc supply. A short-circuit isolator is also
integrated into the detector head. ow profile design.
Fire detectors should always be installed in accordance with
all local and national laws and codes of practice.
Operating Principles
The Soteria Dimension Optical Detector contains two
daylight filtered photo-diodes and three IR emitters in
different positions and angles. Different combinations
of these are used to act as smoke sensors and proximity
sensors, to measure the smoke level at the detector and
to detect any physical obstruction or interference of the
As this detector is chamberless an IR LED emits light outside
the detector. The light is scattered by smoke back towards
the detector and registered by a photo-diode.
A pair of microprocessors control these sensors, setting the
sensor timings and using a digital phase-sensitive detection
algorithm to reduce noise and the effect of background light.
They then provide digital filtering for transient rejection,
compensation for drift and temperature, and ultimately
make an alarm decision.
The mode of operation may be selected at the fire control
panel (see Table 1).
Optical smoke detectors are recommended for general use,
particularly where there is a risk of slow burning fires.
The Soteria Dimension Optical Detector uses the
Apollo digital CoreProtocol to allow more advanced
control and configuration, whilst maintaining backwards
compatibility with previous generations of Apollo products –
Discovery and XP95.
It should be noted that not all features of the Soteria
Dimension Optical Detector will be available when used
with Discovery or XP95 fire control panels. If the Soteria
Dimension Optical Detectors are used with XP95 fire control
panels incorporating drift compensation algorithms, these
must be disabled when communicating with the Soteria
Dimension Optical Detectors.
Device Addressing
The device address may be set using an 8-bit DIL switch on
the detector head.
Backward Compatibility
The Soteria Dimension Specialist Optical Detectors have
been designed to operate on XP95 and Discovery loops.
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
The Soteria Dimension Optical Detector complies with the
essential requirements of the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU,
provided that it is used as described in this data sheet.
A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available from
Apollo on request.
* Tested in grey smoke
** Tested in oil mist to EN 54-7 standard
Anti-abrasion coated windows make the detector more
resistant to physical damage.
With the detection region external to the detector case, the
Soteria Dimension Optical Detector is designed to be flush
mounted, with a very low profile.
The device has a polycarbonate frontplate which can be
locked into place with a grub screw locking mechanism.
Three LEDs provide status indication as detailed in the
Specifications table (see page 2).
The Soteria Dimension Optical Detector has been designed
and manufactured in the UK to exacting standards using
advanced simulation and development processes.
Conformity of the Soteria Dimension Optical Detector with
the EMC Directive does not confer compliance with the
directive on any apparatus or systems connected to it.
Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU
The Soteria Dimension Optical Detector complies with the
essential requirements of the Construction Products
Regulation 305/2011/EU.
A copy of the Declaration of Performance is available from
Apollo on request.
Maintenance and Service
Figure 1: Soteria Dimension Optical Detector dimensional drawing
The Soteria Dimension Optical Detectors have been
designed with a comprehensive set of features to support
maintenance and service, from self test capabilities to drift
compensation warnings on dirty detectors.
The new FasTest mode facility on the Soteria Dimension
Optical Detector, which can only be enabled on compatible
fire control panels, facilitates quicker testing of detectors
with appropriate test equipment. The FasTest disables a
portion of the signal processing algorithm and also the builtin proximity sensor to allow for a faster detector response,
whilst ensuring that the detector’s absolute sensitivity
remains identical to that of Mode 3 (refer to Table 1). This
helps to reduce commissioning time.
The detector may also be tested using a smoke pen, with the
method described in the installation guide for this product 39215-174.
Maintenance has to be performed in accordance with all
applicable standards. Clean the detector externally using a
soft damp cloth. If the cleaning process takes more than 10
seconds, the detector may register a fault. For full cleaning
and recalibration detectors should be returned to Apollo Fire
Tel: 0845 884 7000
Errors & ommissions excluded. Specification is subject to change without notice.
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