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The Student Computing Center (SCC) is excited to introduce
PantherPrint using uniFLOW by Canon as PVAMU’s new Student
Printing Solution. Students now have access to multi-function
devices (MFD) that will allow you to print, copy and scan
documents (B&W/Color). Using uniFLOW, all PVAMU students
can print to PantherPrint, then login at any Canon printer in any
SCC lab to collect your print job.
Each student will have $120.00 on
their printing account per semester.
(Print jobs are $.15 for B/W and $.50 for
color) Students will access the
PantherPrint system using his/her
student ID card (or you can
manually login using Active
Directory login credentials) at any of
the PantherPrint devices and the device will retrieve your prints
and automatically input your email address for the scanning
For More Information about PantherPrint------CLICK HERE
Printing to PantherPrint from SCC
Lab PC
When ready to print:
1. Go to file then print or Ctrl+p.
3. From this screen you can choose how many copies you would like or whether you would
like single sided or double sided prints. You can also choose whether or not you want
In order to add staples to your print job select printer properties
After clicking printer properties, a window marked by uniflow in the right corner will appear.
On this screen is where you can further edit your print job
For stapling select staples and on the right hand side it will display the option you have chosen.
After finalizing your options select OK and print.
*note: it is better to send all prints that need to be printed at
the same time.*
The printer will not print your job(s) or charge your account until you physically go to the printer
and release your prints. To release your prints, go to the printer and sign in using your Prairie
View MAIN CAMPUS ID (with the black stripe on the back)
If having trouble using your main campus ID manually type in your prairie view log in by
pressing AD Login on the printer screen.
The PVAMU Panther Card is the official Identification Card for PVAMU Students,
Faculty and Staff.
It is an important part of campus life here at Prairie View A&M University. If you
do not have a Panther Card please contact Auxiliary services.
After successfully logging into the printer you will see important account information such as
your Account Name and Printing Balance.
This Screen will show you how many prints you have left. It will only display in the dollar
amount. Each student is allotted $120.00 to print/copy per semester, Black and White
prints/copies are worth $0.15 each and color prints/copies are worth $0.50 each. Use at your own
This screen shows you the print job(s) you have sent to the printer. If you have multiple jobs
simply click the button that says SELECT ALL.
When selecting your print jobs if you haven’t already you may add staples from the printer
Select the OPTIONS key
This screen allows you to select whether or not you want your prints to be double sided
(DUPLEX option), black and white or in color (COLOR MODE Option), insert staples
(STAPLING option), as well as selecting COPY COUNT, and PAGE RANGE.
Note: The option to print in color is only available on specifically labeled printers.
When you have finished with the OPTIONS Screen and are ready to print, select the
PRINT+DELETE button in the lower right-hand corner and LOG OUT.
Copying on PantherPrint Devices
After logging into the Canon Printer, either using your student ID or with the virtual login pad,
push the button on the upper left corner labeled MAIN MENU.
Once selected you will come to a screen labeled Marimon featuring options such as COPY,
SCAN AND SEND, SECURE PRINT, and SCAN AND STORE. Select the option labeled
Once you have selected the COPY button you will come to the COPY screen. With this screen
you can clarify whether the page you are copying will print one sided or 2 sided, book or
calendar, and the number of copies you wish to make.
In order to select the number of copies, use the number pad to the right of the screen.
You will see your number of copies change here:
When you are ready to copy press the start button located to the right of the screen underneath
the number pad.
Before you press the start button make sure the paper(s) you wish to copy is in the feeder,
located on top of the printer.
If your paper is in the feeder, push the START button.
Once the Printer has completed the copy job you may remove your copies.
PantherPrint Scan & Send to Email
In order to scan a file and send it to yourself or to another Prairie View recipient whether it be a
Faculty, Staff, or fellow student. Click SCAN AND SEND
The scan and send window will appear
The following window will display your email. To complete the process simply press the
To send to a different Prairie View recipient SELECT new destination
There next window that will appear will be where you specify the recipient. Click the first option
that states email, and enter the email of the user you would like to send to.
To confirm that you email was sent on the main panel of the printer on the bottom left hand side
that be a button that will say “Status
Monitor/ Cancel”
Once open there will be tabs at the top, however the one you need for your sent job will be the
second tab to the right that states “send”
Below it you will see two tabs labeled job Status and log. Select LOG and in that list you will be
able to determine if your job has been sent. If the word “NG” is next to your job, your job was
PantherPrint Scan & Store/ Printing from USB
To scan documents straight to your USB proceed with the following:
First you must sign into the printer. Then on the right hand side of the printer find the USB port.
After inserting your USB select the scan and store option
Select Memory Media
Select your USB.
Scan your jobs and send to your USB
To print from your USB select SHOW ALL button from the main screen and follow the next
steps to print
Once you select the SHOW ALL button you will see the screen below. From the screen select
If you have already inserted your USB the next page you will see is this:
And select MEMORY MEDIA (A:)
Note: If you have not inserted your USB, this page will be blank.
From this page you can navigate your USB similar to how you would on a computer.
Once you find the file(s) that you wish to print, select it, and click the PRINT button in the
lower-right hand corner.
Note: You can only print a .pdf file or a .jpeg file directly from a USB
Once you select PRINT. You will be prompted to select a tray to print from. Select a tray and
then press OK.
Once you select a tray you will be sent to the following screen:
At this screen you can select. Your numbers of copies, paper size, and the option to print singlesided or one sided. Once you have customized your options. Select the START PRINTING
button on the lower right-hand corner.
Once you have finished printing select the green eject button located in the lower right-hand
corner to safely remove your hardware.
You are now able to safely remove your USB and collect your prints
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