1.7L Kettle
Instruction Manual
Important Safety Instructions
Read this manual thoroughly before first use, even if you are familiar with this type of
product. The safety precautions enclosed herein reduce the risk of fire, electric shock
and injury when correctly adhered to.
Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference, along with the purchase receipt
and carton. If applicable, pass these instructions on to the next owner of the appliance.
Always follow basic safety precautions and accident prevention measures when using
an electrical appliance, including the following:
The appliance is designed exclusively for private use and for the envisaged
purpose. This appliance is not fit for commercial use. Do not use it outdoors
(except if it is designed to be used outdoors). Keep it away from sources of heat,
direct sunlight, humidity (never dip it into any liquid) and sharp edges. Do not
use the appliance with wet hands. If the appliance is humid or wet, unplug it
immediately. Do not put it in water.
When cleaning or putting it away, switch off the appliance and always pull out the
plug from the socket (pull on the plug, not the cable) if the appliance is not being
used and remove the attached accessories.
Never leave the appliance unsupervised. To protect children from the dangers
posed by electrical appliances, make sure that the cable is hanging low and that
children do not have access to the appliance.
Check the appliance and the cable for damage on a regular basis. Do not use the
appliance if it is damaged.
Do not try to repair the appliance on your own. Always contact an authorised
technician. To avoid the exposure to danger, always have a faulty cable be
replaced only by the manufacturer, by our customer service or by a qualified
person and with a cable of the same type.
Use only original spare parts.
Pay careful attention to the following “Important Instructions for using this Kettle”.
The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Caution: Do not operate the water kettle on incline place. Do not move the kettle
while it is switched on.
The appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such
- Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments;
- Farm houses;
- by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
- bed and breakfast type environments.
Electrical Safety Instructions
Check whether the mains voltage supply that you intend to use is the same as that
of the kettle. For information on the voltage supply of the kettle, please see the
rating plate located on the base station.
Switch on the kettle using the switch on the machine. The control lamp lights up.
Switch the kettle on using the switch at the bottom of the handle and the indicator
light will turns on.
The kettle switches off automatically when the water has boiled. Now disconnect
the kettle from the mains power supply. Always hold the lid closed when pouring
the water out. Beware of scalding!
Flat, level surface: When using the kettle, place it on a stable, secure, dry and
level surface, out of children’s reach, to prevent damage or injury from the kettle
overturning. Do not use the kettle on an inclined plane.
Important Instructions for using this Kettle
Use only cold water when filling.
The water level must be between the MAX. and MIN. marks! If the water level
exceeds the max. level, boiling water and steam may be ejected, which may be
hazardous to the user.
Switch the kettle off before removing it from the base.
The kettle is only to be used with the stand provided.
Do not immerse in water.
The appliance can only be used for household only.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
Always ensure that the lid is tightly closed.
The base and exterior of the kettle must not become wet.
Caution: The kettle should be used with a residual current device (safety switch) to
lesson the risk of scalding or other injury from hot water that my be ejected if the
heating element ruptures.
Important Safety Instructions
Parts List
Parts of your Kettle
Spout and removable scale filter
Lid and lid handle
Base station
On/Off switch
5. Water level window and gauge
Before using for the first time, boil fresh water at least twice in the appliance. Use only
water without any additives or ingredients. Use the following procedure to do boil
Place the kettle on a flat surface.
Open the kettle by lifting the lid by the handle and fill with cold water. The water
level must be between the MAX. and MIN. marks indicated on both sides of the
kettle. Do not overfill the kettle.
Close the lid by pressing it down.
Place the kettle flush on the base.
NOTE: This appliance has a safety system which automatically switches off the
heating element if the appliance is inadvertently switched on when empty, or if it
boils dry. In this case, let the appliance cool down completely before filling it
with water.
NOTE: The kettle can be switched on again after cooling down about 15–20 seconds
after the kettle has been switched off.
Always pull out the plug from the socket before cleaning.
The exterior of the machine should be cleaned, if necessary, with a slightly damp
cloth without any additives.
NOTE: To prevent damage to the appliance, do not use alkaline cleaning agents
or harsh chemicals when cleaning.
The water filter is detachable for cleaning purpose.
If the machine switches off before the water boils, it may need to be decalcified.
The frequency of the decalcifying operation depends on the hardness of the water
and on how often the appliance is used.
Please do not use vinegar but a commercially available decalcification solution
on the basis of citric acid. Only use the quantities stated in the instructions of the
descaling solution.
At the end of its working life, do not throw this appliance out with your household
rubbish. Observe any local regulations regarding the disposal of electrical consumer
goods and dispose of it appropriately for recycling. Contact your local authorities for
advice on recycling facilities in your area.
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While every effort has been made in the preparation of this instruction manual, the publishers cannot be held
responsible for the accuracy of the information contained herein or any consequences arising from it.
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