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Schaerer Coffee Factory
Greeting the many new faces of coffee pleasure.
The Fresh Milk Family
The Milk Powder Family
Creamy cappuccino and delicious latte macchiato beverages at the press of a
button. One model allows you to store the milk in a milk cooler inside the
machine where it can be efficiently kept cool according to the strictest hygienic
standards. An additional refrigerator can be placed beside the unit if you need
larger supplies of fresh milk. The standard machine is equipped with
2 grinders. The 500 g or 1,000 g bean containers are easy to refill, disassemble
and clean.
This version is ideally suited to an office environment, as a self-service option or
wherever the milk powder option is preferred. Milk powder and cocoa powder
can also be combined using the handy twin-container attachment.
The Advantages at a Glance
This compact and fully automatic coffee machine wins the admiration of all who see it (as it did the Red Dot Design
Award) thanks to its clear lines, its slender stature (a width of only 330 mm) and especially thanks to its ultimate user
friendliness. But go ahead have a look for yourself ...
Fresh Milk Version
Perfect milk foam and
delicious coffee and cocoa
beverages of outstanding
quality at the press of a
button. You’ll be enthralled.
Milk Compartment
Hygienic storage of the
fresh milk container
- stowed in a clean and
space-saving manner in
a specially designed milk
Powder Milk Version
Milk Powder
Twin Topping
Slender Construction
Ideal location for this
hygienic model: offices and
all self-service areas.
You achieve top cappuccino
quality with high-quality
milk powder.
In order to enable you to
fully enjoy the whole range
of beverages, a twin
container is available for
this milk powder model, allowing you to use both milk
powder and cocoa powder.
The machine takes up only
slightly more space on your
counter than the width
of an A4 sheet (330 mm).
2 machines will fit easily on
the smallest of counters.
Bean Containers
Smart Labelling
Perfect Design
Intuitive Operation
Lighting Options
Adjustable Spout
The Coffee Factory fits in
seamlessly with the other
members of the Schaerer
product family – thanks to
the waveform design of its
side elements and its carefully conceived
individual components
such as the detachable
coffee bean containers.
The special design of the
drip grille automatically
ensures accurate cup
positioning under the coffee
Two lighting options will
make this machine a real
jewel in your shop: icy blue
or amber.
From the smallest espresso
cup to the largest coffee
mug. The spout’s unique
height adjustability (from
70 – 200 mm) enables you to
easily fill any cup or mug.
Regular cleaning of the
bean containers helps you
to achieve continuously
high coffee quality. An
ingenious mechanism
makes it easier for you to
detach and re-attach the
An insert device in the
front enables you to do your
own product labelling. The
accompanying template is
available for downloading
at our website
Operation & Cleaning
Product Variety
Coffee Specialities
Hot Chocolate with Milk
Smart Coffee Factory
Self-explanatory Display
Pre-heating Option
The New “Barista” Button
Authentic Italian espresso,
fashionable latte
macchiato, exquisite hot
chocolate: you select your
favourite products and let
the Coffee Factory execute
your orders at the press of a
Hot chocolate, espressobased moccaccino: the
available fresh milk and
coffee combinations ensure
that all of your beverage
creations will be a hit.
If you change the amount
of coffee, all of the other
parameters will be adjusted
fully automatically. For
consistently excellent
The user is guided through
all of the machine’s
applications via a touch
display that issues clearly
instructions. This also
facilities simple installation
by the user.
You can pre-heat the main
coffee ingredients by
pressing the “Pre-heat”
button. This ensures that
the very first espresso will
run into the cup at the right
Would you like to adjust the
strength of your next cup of
espresso or coffee? Simply
make the corresponding
selection on the touch
Cost Effectiveness
Fully Automatic Cleaning
Maintenance Made Easy
The Price is Right
The regular and fully
automatic cleaning and
decalcification cycles are
executed at the press of a
button. You save time and
reduce your operation and
maintenance costs.
The unique, three-phase
maintenance concept saves
time and money. The
simple design enables you
to carry out all basic
maintenance tasks, which
means that you avoid the
expense of service calls.
A large range of available
product features, highquality individual
components and a price
that is unique for the
machine’s performance
class leaves nothing to be
Fresh Water Tank Version
Mains Water Connection
Thanks to its large
integrated 4.5 litre water
tank, this machine may be
entirely self-contained.
Waste water is collected in
the drip tray as standard.
If the 4.5 litre water
capacity is insufficient, then
mains water connection
may be ordered as an
option. A mains water
machine may also be
ordered as standard. Waste
water can be contained in
the drip tray as standard or
disposed of by means of an
optional drain connection.
Large Coffee Grounds
The easily accessible,
centrally located coffee
grounds container has the
capacity to hold around 50
Under-counter coffee
grounds disposal unit also
Basic Configuration
Technical Specifications
1 coffee spout
1 hot water spout
1 or 2 boilers
2 grinders / 1 decaf function
Up to 12 programmable beverages
Fresh milk or milk powder
Steam/water selection button
4.5 litre water tank
Water connection
Water drain
Degree of water hardness
230 VAC, 2.2 kW, 10A
G 1/2 max. 3 bar
ø 36 mm
5-7 dH
Output in cups of coffee/espresso per day:
Espresso (60 ml cup)
Available Options
- Twin container for cocoa and milk powder
- Lighting
- Mains water connection
- Self-service module
- Under-counter coffee grounds disposal unit
- Steam jet
- Milk cooler (for a 1-litre milk container)
- Module for GPRS data transfer
- Coin checker and card reader (MDB)
Actual width of the Schaerer Coffee Factory 330 mm
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