N10 EV8180 Series Quick Installation Guide

Install EtroScan on a Windows PC
- EtroScan™ is a utility is used to configure network
settings for cameras & video servers. EtroScan™ is
available on the CD-ROM or can be downloaded at
- Run Setup.exe to install EtroScan.
NOTE: Cabling not provided
Configure the Network Settings
Connect audio in/out; the camera also has an
embedded microphone.
The factory default IP address settings:
Insert the power cable into the 2 pin power input.
There is no +/- designation, so the red & black lines can
be inserted either way. The camera supports 8-24V
AC/DC power.
Camera Connections
Run EtroScan™ (program available via Start  All
Programs  Etrovision Technology menu).
Scan displays all devices on the network. Use IP,
Model, and MAC Address to identify a specific
camera/video server.
The back of the camera.
Insert the SD card if applicable.
10. Connect the power adapter to the camera’s power
cable. There is no power button; recycling power
restarts the camera. Power can also be provided via
Basic Installation
Mount the camera onto a stand or within housing.
Connect a CAT5e (or higher) RJ-45 Ethernet cable.
Connect IR Sync and GND if using an external IR trigger.
Connect Digital I/O cables if applicable.
WARNING: Improperly matching positive/negative
cabling will cause operational problems
and may damage the camera or I/O device.
Use Change Setting to change network settings. After
clicking Apply, enter “pass” for the root password when
Screw the lens into the camera’s lens mount, and plug
the lens’ auto iris cable into the camera’s auto iris port
(if applicable).
WARNING: Don’t screw the lens too tightly or the
bottom of the lens may come into contact
with the camera’s sensor plate.
Technical Support: etrotech@etrovision.com
Sales Contact: etrosales@etrovision.com
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
cabling not provided
Connect RS-422/RS-485 devices if applicable.
WARNING: Improperly matching positive/negative
terminals will result in damage to the
Video Output
GND, Y/CVBS, Pb and Pr are used for video out..
To send video out to SDTV connect using the GND and CVBS.
For HDTV connect the monitor using the GND, Y, Pb and Pr.
NOTE: Cabling for the video out is not provided.
Access IP Camera Web Interface
When accessing an IP camera using the web interface for
the first time (or when the IP address changes), some
configuration for ActiveX controls are required.
Open an IE browser
Type in the IP address in the URL: http://<IP ADDRESS>
On first connecting to a camera, IE will probably
prompt to install Active X components which are used
in the camera web UI. Click Install to continue.
Following this step, a User Access Control window will
also appear to confirm installation.
Once the process is complete, the Live View will be
Adding the Camera to an NVR System
Please refer to the NVR instructions and Etrovision’s
firmware User’s Manual for additional details.
To add the EV8180 to an NVR using RTSP protocol, specify
the canera’s RTSP URL which will by default be in the
following format:
rtsp://[IP ADDRESS]/rtpvideo1.sdp
Restoring Factory Default Settings
There are 2 methods for restoring the factory default
- Power on the camera, push and hold down the reset
button for 6 seconds. The camera will revert to factory
default settings (e.g. IP will reset to
- The web UI Setup (System  Factory Default) ;
network and user account data can be saved if desired.
Please refer to the User’s Manual for more information
on the web UI Factory Default functionality
Download PDF