Rayburn 460AL & 480AG
480AG in Claret
460AL in Cream
Both these models were launched in April 1999, to combine the benefits of the larger 400
series, with the well-proven features of the popular Rayburn 380 cooker.
Twin, polished insulating lids covered a single cast iron hotplate and the cooker was
available in a wide choice of colours. Both of its ovens were manufactured from cast-iron,
therefore the lower one could be used as a simmering oven, when the cooker was up to
full temperature. 'Slam-catch' doors were fitted, with the latest pattern, insulating covers,
incorporating 'piano' style hinges. The thermostat controls are accessed through a door in
the front-panel.
Two independently controlled atmospheric gas burners were provided, one solely supplying
the heat for cooking operations, the other for heating and hot-water requirements, models
being available for either LPG (propane) or
Natural gas.
Cooker temperature control was by means of
an electric thermostat, controlling a solenoid
valve on the burner, which closed down
completely, when the desired temperature
was reached. A permanent pilot with flame
failure valve and Combustion Discharge
Safety Device were also incorporated. It was
intended that the cooker could be operated as
a continually burning appliance or
alternatively be timed and programmed, for
which purpose, an external programmer was
available as an optional extra. Alternatively, if
the central heating programmer was multichannelled, separate control could be given
for cooking, hot-water and heating.
The low water content boiler was of copper
construction, suitable for connection to fully
pumped water systems only, either open
vented or sealed. It could operate in conjunction with a wide range of external controls,
such as cylinder or room thermostats, zone valves and programmer. Maximum heat output
was 23.4 kW/h (80,000 Btu/hr) for the natural gas model, but it was possible to range-
rate this down to 17.6 kW (60,000 Btu/hr). The LPG version had a fixed boiler output of
18.5 kW (63,000 Btu/hr)
A 150mm (6") diameter flue was used, with 28mm water pipe connections.
Production ceased in March 2001, being replaced by the 480AG/AL CF
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