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With years of experience in the hospitality industry, chocolate production, quality
equipments, gelato and pastry ingredients, Gianni & Gelato is the leader in Middle
East and GCC Market.
Offering quality products is the the most essential component of our company,
including product support and 24/7 emergency maintenance and replacement.
We provide a complete training in our “Gelato Academy“ organizing different levels
of courses every month with our awarded Gelato Maestro and Pastry Chef.
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Gianni & Gelato
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Attibassi & Meseta
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Our Brands
Our Products
We deal with the finest European brands for bakery
& kitchen equipments, coffee machines, professional
display, refrigerators, consumables & disposables,
chocolate machines & Ice Cream / Gelato and
pastry Ingredients.
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We have the most comprehensive line
of products dedicated to the world
of gelato and pastry. Our ingredients
meet the standards of quality for creations that prove satisfying in taste
and look.
Our experience enables us to match
the classic flavours of tradition with
other fresh and innovative ingredients creating a range of exquisite gelato flavours from classic pastes with
traditional and fruit flavours, to variegates, toppings and decorations to
complete your unique creations.
Our special ingredients for pastries,
cakes, mousses and semifreddos help
create watering selections.
6 | Gianni & Gelato
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Forty years in the business. This is
the prestigious milestone achieved
by Torronalba, leading manufacturers
of confectionery and semi-processed
products for ice-cream and pastry .
Forty years during which the Albabased company, a focal point for the
confectionery industry in Piedmont,
has grown, developed and expanded
to the point of becoming a major promoter of food culture in Italy and in
the world.
Set up around the end of the 1960s
to manufacture and sell confectionery
and semi-finished products for icecream parlours and patisseries, over
the years Torronalba’s business grew
beyond every expectation, leading the
company to move at the end of the
‘80s from its historic headquarters in
Alba to a larger site in Piobesi d’Alba,
where 9,500 highly colourful sqm
paint an excellent picture of what Torronalba is all about.
8 | Torronalba
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Since 1967 Bussy contributes to the
enrichment of artisanal ice cream &
pastry creations with a wide variety of
quality products.
In response to our customers’ desires,
our products have evolved during the
years to offer you a wide range of high
quality of wafers & rolled wafers.
Quality is our guarantee: born from
the total respect for pastry traditions
and rigorous selection of the ingredients, every Bussy product is guaranteed to meet our customers’ most
stringent quality requirements.
We are pleased to present our newest product assortment in this page.
The versatility of these products will
enhance and distinguish your own ice
cream and pastry creations.
10 | Bussy
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Our selection after 20
years of experience in
the packaging.
Cono Roma, born in Rome in 1938,
is famous for cones and waferscraft.
Many years have passed and many
milestones have been achieved because of Cono Roma’s desire to produce only high quality products and
passion for excellence and innovation.
Aexperial is a dynamic enterprise, always ready to provide solutions for
its customers, be it small consumer
or large distributor. The company
handles several product lines manufactured from high-quality materials:
polycarbonate, the best raw material,
and stainless steel AISI 304 18/10.
The Scatolificio del Garda is the trusted company to produce disposable
food crockery with general graphics,
private label and exclusive branding.
With eight lines of products, the traditional to biodegradable: Ice Cream
World and Confectionery, cardboard
cups line, fast food, cardboard dishes,
round cardboard boxes for wedges of
processed cheese, paper containers,
coffee line and Bioplat® Bio-Line.
12 | Conoroma
Spoon & Cups | SDG | 13
Established in 1972, Agrimontana
quickly became a leader in the candied fruit industry, and in particular for
chestnuts, by successfully marketing
the quality of the genuine Piedmont
chestnut. Agrimontana offers not only
consumers but also confectioners and
chefs the tradition of a level of authenticity and quality which is hard to
We share your passions.
Agriland SAM, founded in 1990, distributes high quality products to pastry shops and bakeries, ice creameries, hotels and delicatessens in France
and throughout the world.
Conserving biodiversity: this is the
first rule of the sustainable culture
promoted by Domori. From the very
beginning, the company has battled
against the extinction of prized cacao
varieties and their natural habitat, the
Doing this also means fighting
for human dignity. The heart of
the production process is in Paria,
international landmark for the cacao
culture, and a centre which is helping
to recover the biodiversity of Criollo
Dynamism, passion, tradition, authenticity and excellence are values that
represent both the company’s beliefs
and the products we offer.
14 | Agrimontana/Agriland
Domori | 15
The company Nutkao S.r.l., founded
in 1982 by Giuseppe Braida, produces cocoa and hazelnut spreads and
semi-finished products for the sweet
The company has developed over the
years and is now an international leader in the production of spreads in the
Private Label segment. It also plays a
significant role in the Italian market of
semi-finished products for the sweet
industry (liquid chocolate, chocolate
drops, spreads in cisterns and buckets).
The production factory is at Canove di
Govone (province of Cuneo) in a modern building constructed in 2001. The
factory, with an area of 12,000 sq.m.,
houses the offices and various production departments:
• Warehouse for raw materials and
packaging which is computerized
with RF technology
• Production department with computerized control of the production
of chocolate and spreads
• Packaging department with 11 lines
• Computerized finished product
warehouse with RF technology.
16 | Nutkao
In 2012 Nutkao employed about 160 staff, with
a turnover of about 100 million euros, of which
the export sales account for 45% of the total.
Nutkao produces semi-finished spreads and
chocolate products for industrial and handmade
use. They are characterized by the high quality
of the ingredients used and by the versatility in
the ways they can be used.
Nutkao is equipped to supply both large and
small industry with recipes prepared based
on customers’ requirements. We also create
different versions which can be adapted for the
required purposes, exactly like a tailor-made
Thanks to our high production capacity we
can meet the requirements of large industrial
customers even during high season.
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Gotenborgs today one of the leading
producers in central and eastern
The factory is producing compound
coatings, ice cream toppings, fillings
and spreads.
Our future development is secured by
the owners dedicated work.
Our main customers are bakery and
confectionary producers, ice cream
and dairy factories.
Our products are also used in bakery
restaurants and coffee shops.
18 | Gotenborgs
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The Frigomeccanica group, an allItalian organisation, operates in the
market under the ‘’Frigomeccanica’’,
‘’Stiltek’’, ‘’Officine 900’’ and ‘’Frimar’’
brands. Its production plants are in
central Italy, near Teramo.
The company employs 250 people in
buildings of more than 80,000 sq.m.
Its product range, manufactured
with the aid of state-of-the-art
equipment and machinery, comprises
bar furnishings, ice-cream display
cabinets, confectionery, food and
delicatessen outlets and furnishings
for bakeries and retail premises in
general. In its 40 years in business, the
company’s strong point has always
been its continual technological
research and stylistic innovation.
Under its brands, Frigomeccanica is
an industry leader, known for quality,
competitiveness and reliability on the
domestic and international markets.
20 | Frigomeccanica
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22 | Frigomeccanica
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FROZEN Yoghurt Machines
Innovation, safety, care for people’s
health and environment, energy
conservation underscore the company
The technicians, operators and highly
qualified specialists are completely
available to the brand customers. Our
unique design and clean aesthetics
are models to which others followed.
Gelato equipment and whipped cream
production machines are constructed
with the highest quality materials and
Authorized institutions and boards
in various countries, such as BGN
in Germany, ETL and NSF in the
USA, etc. have recognized them as
conforming to relative standards
currently established.
COREMA-TELME means therefore
modern and reliable machines, for
advanced and professional production
of gelato.
24 | Telme
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Tempering Machine T5
In the Italian market since 1967, Pomati
Group offers machines and accessories
for the manufacture of chocolate. The
wide range of professional products
can meet various types of customers:
pastry, ice cream, catering, bakery
and small/medium confectionery
The experience is combined with
modern technology to create a
product that is always present, reliable
and good quality. The attention to
details in design has allowed it to offer
the entire range of tempering a great
number of innovative element:
The possibility to remove the
Archimedean screw that allows the
rapid chocolate colour change and
easy cleaning. The direct gas cooling
which provides a great quality of
tempering, even for long periods of
work. The heating of the tank with
diathermic alimentary oil to keep and
distribute the heat evenly over the
chocolate, with less energy consume.
Not only technology but also a
complete sales consultancy and
teaching with Dado chocolate School
complete the wide range POMATI.
26 | Pomati
•Tank capacity Kg 5
•Heated chocolate tank with thermostat
•Double heating circuit tank and Archimedean
•Programmable on/off
•Removable Archimedean screw for cleaning
and to change chocolate
•Backflow to discharge the chocolate
•Temperature control thermostat high
•Refrigerating unit with air cooling system
•Volt 240 - Hz 50 - KW 0,4 Single-phase
(special voltages on request)
•Dimensions mm 480 x 450 x h 390
Tempering Machine T10
•Totally AISI 304 stainless structure
•Tank capacity Kg 13
•Programmable pedal doser
•Heated chocolate tank and with thermostat
•Double heating circuit tank and
Archimedean screw
•Backflow to discharge chocolate
•Removable Archimedean screw for cleaning
and to change chocolate
•Temperature control thermostat high
•Refrigerating unit with air cooling system
•Heated vibrating table
•Volt 400 - Hz 50 - KW 1,5 Three-phase 5
poles (special voltages on request)
•Dimensions mm 440 (with table 740) x 720
x h 1310
Tempering Machine T8
•Totally AISI 304 stainless structure
•Tank capacity Kg 9
•Programmable pedal doser
•Heated Chocolate tank with thermostat
•Double heating circuit tank and Archimedean
•Programmable on/off
•Backflow to discharge chocolate
•Removable Archimedean screw for cleaning
and to change chocolate
•Temperature control thermostat high
•Refrigerating unit with air cooling system
•Heated vibrating table
•Volt 400 - Hz 50 - KW 0,7 Three-phase 5
poles (special voltages on request)
•Dimensions mm 360 (with table 700) x 450
x h 1040
Tempering Machine T20
•Totally AISI 304 stainless structure
•Tank capacity Kg 24
•Programmable pedal doser
•Heated chocolate tank and with thermostat
•Double heating circuit tank and
Archimedean screw
•Backflow to discharge chocolate
•Removable Archimedean screw for cleaning
and to change chocolate
•Temperature control thermostat high
•Refrigerating unit with air cooling system
•Heated vibrating table
•Volt 400 - Hz 50 - KW 2,2 Three-phase 5
poles (special voltages on request)
•Dimensions mm 560 (with table 740) x 760
x h 1330
Tempering Machine T35
•Totally AISI 304 stainless structure
•Tank capacity Kg 50
•Programmable pedal doser
•Heated chocolate tank and with thermostat
•Double heating circuit tank and
Archimedean screw
•Backflow to discharge chocolate
•Removable Archimedean screw for cleaning
and to change chocolate
•Temperature control thermostat high
•Refrigerating unit with air cooling system
•Heated vibrating table
•Volt 400 - Hz 50 - KW 3,5 Three-phase 5
poles (special voltages on request)
•Dimensions mm 710 (with table 880) x 880
x h 1350
Cooling Tunnel
•Totally AISI 304 stainless structure - caps
insulating material printed
•Conveyor belt made of food-compatible
polyurethane non-deformable - table take off as
driving terminal
•Self–centred rollers to adjust conveyor belt’s
direction - automatic defrosting system hot gas
•Cooling with ring air ventilation - refrigerating unit
with air cooling system
•Height passing product mm 130/290 -belt width
mm 180/250/320
•Refrigerating length from Mt 4 to Mt 12
•Dimensions mm 570 from Mt 6 to Mt 14 x h 1270
•Volt 400 - Hz 50 - KW 2,4 Three-phase 5 poles
(special voltages on request)
One Shot Depositor
•Totally AISI 304 stainless structure
•Mould size/blister mm 275x175 – 275x135
•Standard deposit system 2x5 – 2x10 pistons
•Separately heating hoppers and valves
•Extractable conveyor belt
•Automated cleaning
•Control of main motions by servomotor
•Production per hour OSD-5 70Kg – OSD-10 140Kg
•Volt 100/240 – Hz 50/60 – KW 1,5 Single-phase
(special voltages on request)
•Mould leader with pre-heating unit
•Vibrating conveyor belt
•Automatic hopper loading
Rotating Device for Hollow Bodies
•Totally AISI 304 stainless structure
•Mould to be fixed onto double magnets
•Safety mechanic clutch
•Control via pedal
•Speed regulated by inverter
•Motor four moulding vibration
•Volt 230 – Hz 50 – KW 0,4 Single-phase (special
voltages on request)
•Dimensions mm 500 x 700 x h 1250
www.gianni-gelato.com | 27
ICE Models: T5 CUBE, T10 ICE, T20 ICE
T5 Cube
Designed in Pomati style, for inclusion in bakeries, cafes, ice cream and
chocolate forniture with the aim of attracting and hitting customers
through the big impact given by the continuous fountain of chocolate.
Doses of chocolate in cups and cones, ice cream variegation, “chocolate
Morocchini”, hazelnut and chocolate cups are just some of the possible
•Reversing auger for unloading chocolate
•Removed Archimedean screw for cleaning and to change of chocolate
•Pedal doser to control dosage of chocolate
Enrobing Belt
•Charged belt with start/stop system
•Enrobing belt with product vibration
•Exit belt with start/stop system, supplied by paper roll
•Fast disconnected exit belt to clean enrobing belt
•Aluminium pans for product discharged
•Double veil hopper to enrobe partial/total mode
•Adjustable speed fan with inverter
•Horizontally pivoted blower with adjustable height
•Motorized tail cutter device with u-turn reversing
•Pool device for bottom and side covering product with
•Height passage product mm 160
•Belt width mm. 180 (T20)/250 (T20-T35)/320 (T35)
•Adjustable speed 0-2 Mt/min.
•Belt heating lamp (optional T20)
•Plexiglass cover belt (optional T20)
•Volt 230 - Hz 50 - KW 0,50 Single-phase (special voltages
on request)
Dolcefreddo Moralberti was founded
in 1994 in Treviso, Italy near Venice.
We produce original Italian recipes
and sell our products to restaurant
as homemade. All our decorations
are handmade by our patisseries. We
specialize in ready to cut, ready to
serve, fresh tasting and cost effective
It’s important to know:
1. The product doesn’t need to be
2.The Bacteria are stopped /No risk
of Bacteria
3.This product has longer life as it is
frozen, giving you the opportunity
to use as required without wastage.
4.The product melts in the mouth,
leaving a pleasant freshness on the
We produce many types of baked
cakes using original recipes for pastry
and sponge, taken from the text books
of the school of patisserie. The apple
cakes are made with fresh apples.
The ricotta tarts are made using
fresh ricotta cheese and fresh eggs.
These are just examples of quality
ingredients used in our products.
28 | Pomati
Moralberti | 29
The brand SCREAMS, founded in
2000, specializes in designing and
manufacturing a wide range of
attention-grabbing statues and other
funny accessories for ice
parlors, restaurants, pizza shops,
fast-foods, pubs, bars and any other
shop. The brightly colored SCREAMS
products are made of fiberglass, a
material consisting of glass fiber
impregnated with resin. Thanks to the
interaction of these two materials the
result is a high quality and weatherresistant product. Fiberglass can
be used to build boats, cars and
other products when lightness and
resistance are necessary requirements.
Moreover SCREAMS is specialized
in kiosks production. Our kiosks are
available in different dimensions both
fixed or with trailer, with or without
SCREAMS EMPORIO, born in 2008,
is a new brand created from the
classic SCREAMS. To manufacture
and sale a wide range of advertising
tridimensional statues and figures for
ice cream parlors and restaurants.
This brand can also manufacture and
market any other product required by
its sales network and its customers.
30 | Moralberti
Screams | 31
The Company
Tekna was born in 1990 from an idea
of Engineer Luigi Paracchini. After
years of experience in a multinational
company in the field of refrigeration,
he decided to establish his own
company creating his own line of
products in the field of ice cream and
bakery. Always attentive to the needs
of the market and updating as a result,
Tekna is present in five (5) continents
and offers a full range of solutions
from small shops, laboratories to the
large scale distribution.
Tekna has always focused on
the evolution of the market and
technology, being one of the first to
introduce in the ‘90s: the no-frost
system of refrigeration, isolated
glasses with inert gas and low-e
glasses, de-frost with the use of
hot gas. The market continuously
pays attention to innovation. Tekna
satisfies it using new materials, new
gases, new expansion system, and
new temperature controllers and
finishing. These are few aspects of the
innovation that Tekna faces every day.
32 | Tekna
www.gianni-gelato.com | 33
Since many years Tekna is certified for
quality ISO 9001. Nowadays one of the
most important aspects to consider
is the conformity to the national
and international laws. Almost all
markets are ruled by specific laws
for electrical and environment safety.
Tekna invests many resources to
comply with the existing regulations.
This has enabled it to obtain the
certification of its products through
the most authoritative international
certification bodies, TEKNA is proud
to be SASO certified.
34 | Tekna
The wide range of blast chillerblast freezer proposed by Techfrost
ensures the quality of your food and
preserves features and quality for
long time. Whatever is your need for
space ad service, you will find the best
product suitable for your professional
laboratory. Small models ensure a high
performance adapting with versatility
in spaces of reduced sizes. You can
make use of advanced functions even
if the space available is not large. Even
the classic blast chiller-blast freezer
with 5, 10, 15 and 20 trays ensure
effectiveness and easy use. All ensure
the improvement of product quality,
reducing the bacterial proliferation in
compliance with the safety standards
imposed by food safety regulations on
the sale and use of food. The solution
for big laboratories and mediumhigh quantity of worked product will
be sought among the various trolley
models belonging to the FBF series.
Entirely constructed in stainless
AISI 304, easy in its maintenance
and cleaning, are products able to
combine attractive features with
high functionality of use. Features
confirmed, for example, from the
rounded angles, which characterize
the design that make also easier all
the cleaning operations.
Techfrost | 35
Marana® Forni was founded in the late
1980s in Verona, where production
of its pizza ovens first began, and
since become a landmark for many
pizza chefs! Marana® Forni not only
produces and sells wood, gas, and
pellet and combined ovens for pizza
and food baking in general, but also
boasts qualified staff in all sectors: from
design to craftsmanship production
of every single pizza oven, from direct
sales to collaborations with trusted
partners to assembly back up and
efficient after-sales service. During
2012, the company implemented
structural renovation projects to help
ensure GREEN energy management.
Photovoltaic plant was installed on
the roof of the factory capable of
covering Marana® Forni’s electricity
needs 100%, thereby drastically
reducing CO2 emissions. Marana®
Forni for over twenty years has
been the Official Technical Sponsor
of the World Pizza Championships
(as well as the French, Belgian and
Spanish Championships), providing
these events with experience and
technological developments in the
field. This is why Marana® pizza ovens
are synonymous with quality and have
been chosen for many years by the
top master pizza chefs in the world.
36 | Marana Forni
Our company was created in 1963.
It specialized straight away in the
production of ovens and various
equipment for pizza preparation and
cooking. Continous research and
experimenting on new equipment,
still our strong point to these days, led
us to develop a patented machines
and ovens that brought about a real
revolution in pizza making.
Today “Cuppone ovens” operates in
three production plants spreading
over c. 10,000 sq.m. and covering
all manufacturing steps; from plate
cutting, bending, shaping and welding,
to the production of semi-finished
goods, up to assembly and testing of
the final product.
The choice of materials as well as
all design, research and marketing
activity, are directly taken care of
by the founding members and their
descendants with the help of highly
skilled technicians and staff.
Looking to the future we carry on with
our research and innovation to offer
ever new and valuable equipment and
strengthen the CUPPONE oven all
over the world.
Cuppone | 37
Every coffee bean has its own
story; dozens of different stories
come together in a cup of espresso.
Savouring a good coffee is like reading
a good book that conjures faraway
lands and the aroma of Italy. Every
day throughout the world, this story
repeats itself with an ending that
never disappoints: the unmistakable
sensation of a coffee prepared with
an Astoria machine.
For more than forty years we have
been working with dedication to
offer the barista the best instrument
with which to serve an impeccable
coffee. Astoria is a historic brand
that represents the Italian tradition
of espresso coffee machines. Today,
after a long growth process, Astoria
represents excellence in espresso
coffee machines around the world.
Attibassi is a traditional brand from
Bologna, Italy, much appreciated for
the genuine quality of its products.
Today, as then, with the added
refinement of modern techniques, the
company continues to express the
“artisan” passion for Italian espresso
coffee .
Astoria Think Espresso:
Our passion is a perfect espresso, one
that represents the style of baristas
throughout the world who choose
Meseta is a leading Italian industrial
group that was founded in 1961 in
Castel Maggiore, near Bologna. Today
it is widely recognised as one of
Italy’s most important coffee roasting
companies (its core business). Co.ind
is a leader in the production of private
label coffee for distributors. Coffee is
more than a unique product: inside
each cup there is a world made of
history, travels, different cultures,
passion and so much more... all
condensed into a drink that releases
unique aromas.
Astoria believes in protecting the
environment, in saving energy and
reducing any type of waste. This is
why for years our research has been
focused on products with a low
environmental impact.
Thanks to its centuries-old history
there are many legends related to
coffee, as there are endless opinions
on this drink. Thanks to the coffee
lovers’ consumption habits and
preferred blends.
38 | Astoria
Meseta & Attibassi | 39
Our Quality speaks for itself
All-Italian organisation, in its 10 years in business, the company’s strong point has
always been its continual technological research and stylistic innovation known for
quality, competitiveness and reliability on the domestic and international markets.
40 | Production Picture of Italian Company
| 41
Ingredients Certificates:
The application of rigorous control
procedures and constant attention to
the quality and safety of the product
are confirmed by the certifications
obtained over the year.
Salahudhin Road
Machineries Certificates :
Compliant products from production
to commissioning – for our certified
quality worldwide!
Main Office
Tonino Lamborghini Coffee Lounges
& Restaurants Franchise
Training Center
Sharjah Road - Dubai
Itihad Road
You can partner with us by becoming a
TONINO LAMBORGHINI franchisee, Franchise
opportunities for Tonino Lamborghini Coffee
Lounges and Restaurants are available.
Contact us for more details.
Dubai - Sharjah Road
Dubai Police
Head Quarters
Mazda Showroom
General Trading LLC
PO Box 27886, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 2652346 F: +971 4 2652275
info@gianni-gelato.com www.gianni-gelato.com
42 | Certificates
Airport Terminal 2
Location Map | 43
General Trading LLC
PO Box 27886, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 2652346 F: +971 4 2652275
info@gianni-gelato.com www.gianni-gelato.com
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