HD7862/20 SENSEO® Coffee pod machine

SENSEO® Quadrante
Coffee pod machine
Delicious coffee at the touch of a button
• Adjustable tray height
• Copper Grey
with strength select function
Make your coffee moments special with SENSEO® Quadrante coffee machine! This
unique system combines the easy to use coffee machine with a contemporary design.
Simply great coffee with a delicious foam layer!
Fast and easy operation
• Coffee at the touch of a button
• Unique coffee machine that brews 2 cups at a time
• 30 minutes auto shut-off for energy saving and safety
• Adjustable drip tray to fit your favorite cup
Always a delicious cup of coffee
• Delicious coffee crema layer as proof of SENSEO® quality
• Unique SENSEO® coffee brewing system for optimal taste
Coffee variety for every moment
• Choose between 2 recipes: strong short or mild long coffee
• Variety of coffee blends and flavors for different tastes
Coffee pod machine
Adjustable tray height Copper Grey
Strength select function
Automatic shut-off
Weight and dimensions
• Product dimensions (L x D x H): 190 x 270 x
290 mm
• Water tank capacity: 1.2 L
• Maximum cup height: 97 - 117 mm
• Max capacity in cups of coffee: 10 to 15 cups, Up
to 8 cups
• Product weight: 2.79 kg
Design specifications
• Color(s): Copper Grey
• Materials: Plastic
Technical specifications
Prepare your favorite cup of coffee by adjusting the
strength and intensity of its taste. With the strength
select function on your SENSEO®, you can choose
between strong short and mild long coffee.
Adjustable drip tray
Your SENSEO coffee machine automatically
switches off after 30 minutes, allowing you to save
1 or 2 cups at the same time
• Country of origin: Made in Poland, Designed in the
• Power: 1450 W
• Voltage: 220-240 V
• Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
• Cord length: 80 cm
• Auto-off: 30 minute(s)
• Black coffee brew volume: 120 ml
• Water tank capacity: 8 cups
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 180x285x250 mm
• Packaging dimensions (WxHxD): 224x328x320
By raising or lowering the drip tray you can adjust
your Philips SENSEO® coffeemaker to the size of
your favorite cup or mug.
This SENSEO® coffeemaker prepares one or two
cups of your delicious SENSEO® coffee in less than a
Variety of blends and flavors
SENSEO® offers you a large variety of coffee blends
and flavors, each with its own distinctive taste to fit
your personal preference.
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