Next level colour printing: efficiency meets chroma

Océ ColorStream 6000 Chroma
Next level
colour printing:
efficiency meets
The Océ ColorStream 6000 Chroma is a
highly versatile inkjet web press combining
outstanding quality and flexibility for the
efficient and reliable production of mail,
publishing and commercial applications.
Proven concept
The Océ ColorStream 6000 Chroma
The Océ ColorStream 6000 series offers excellent DigiDot®
quality for brilliant output with industry-leading flexibility of
the Océ ColorStream series. The series consists of four family
members, ranging from 48 up to 127 meters per minute in full
colour and optional 150 meters per minute in black and a print
width of up to 21.25” (540 mm) and paper width up to
22” (560 mm).
For highest quality in commercial, publishing and premium
direct mail applications, the Océ ColorStream 6000 Chroma
features the new Chromera ink set, offering outstanding colour
fidelity, wider gamut and higher optical densities. Even colour
shadings with advanced image processing and consistent
droplet size and positioning with Prefire technology extend
the application range of the press to lighter weight media with
reduced ink show-through and enables the delivery of higher
quality documents on uncoated or inkjet treated papers.
The Océ ColorStream 6000 series can be configured with up to
6 colours for monochrome, full colour and special inks to add
extra value by using MICR or security inks. Unique capabilities
that reduce paper waste, the HeadSafe concept and supreme
ease of operation offer productivity and sustainability like no
other system.
Océ ColorStream 6000 Chroma
Streamlined design for best fit
Seamless workflow integration
The Océ ColorStream 6000 series builds on a successful family
and packs its capabilities into an extremely compact concept.
The well-received design with a reduced footprint for a better
output per area ratio will be enhanced with the option to
customise the casing for a better corporate identity promotion.
The Océ ColorStream 6000 can integrate with partner finishing
solutions for cutting, folding, stitching, perforating, and
inserting. A smart post-processing interface Type 1 ensures best
Higher quality and productivity are further enabled by the
latest advancements in the state of the art PRISMA workflow
and SRA MP Controller. The new Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.8
and PDF X4 support ensure comprehensive support for Graphic
Arts workflows and make the Océ ColorStream the industry
benchmark for productivity. Latest advancements in AFP/IPDS
(IS/3) ensure to meet the complex demands in variable data
Technical Specifications
Print technology
Océ DigiDot® drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
Ink 1
Water based dye, pigment, premium pigment, Chromera ink,
InkSafe™ technology²
Drop sizes
Variable, 5 – 12 picoliter
Paper transport
Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control
Paper input
Océ tight web unwinder (included in basic unit), optional Océ
stack infeed3
Paper output
Open post-processing interface with Type1 connectivity,
Optional Océ Rewinder or stack outfeed
Print resolution
1200 dpi perceived image quality with multilevel droplet modulation
1200 dpi perceived image quality with multilevel droplet modulation
1200 dpi perceived image quality with multilevel droplet modulation
1200 dpi perceives image quality with multilevel at 100mpm,
600 x 480 dpi with multilevel at 127 mpm
Print speed A4 pages per
minute (Single/Twin)
324 / 648
505 / 1,010
675 / 1,350
857 / 1,714
Duty cycle million A4 per
month (Single/Twin)
2–10 / 5 – 21
4 – 16 / 7 – 33
5 – 22 / 10 – 44
6 – 28 / 12 – 56
Print width
6.5" – 21.25" (165 mm – 540 mm)
Page length
3" – 60" (76 mm – 1520 mm)
Paper width
6.5" – 22" (165 mm –560 mm), optional Océ stack infeed 6,5“ bis
19,5“ (165 mm -495 mm)
Form length
internal stacker: 7” – 14” (178 mm – 356 mm), stack height max.
300 mm
Paper weight
60 – 160 gr/m2, optional Océ stack infeed 64 – 120 gr/m2
Preprinted, inkjet, laser and recycled newspaper
Reel shafts
70 mm, 3", 5" and 6"
Length x Width (Single)
7,460 mm × 2,500 mm
Length x Width (Inline Twin)
11,950 mm × 2,500 mm
Length x Width (L-Twin)
10,700 mm × 8,840 mm
Length x Width (H-Twin)
8,500 mm × 8,500 mm
1,900 mm
Weight (Single)
2,500 kg
Weight (Twin)
5,300 kg
Canon Inc.
Canon Europe
English edition
© Canon Europa N.V.,2016
Power consumption (EU)
20 kW / 32 kW
21 kW / 34 kW
23 kW / 38 kW
25 kW / 43 kW
Consumption idle (EU)
4 kW / 5 kW
4 kW / 5 kW
4 kW / 5 kW
4 kW / 5 kW
Connection (EU)
400 V, 63 A
Optimal range 20 – 26 °C, limited range 16–29 °C
Optimal range 40 – 60%, limited range 40–80%
Operating noise
Maximum 75 dB
Océ SRA MP high-performance blade processors
Printer data format4
AFP / IPDS (IS/3), PDF (APPE 3), Line Data, LCDS, PostScript,
Print manager (optional)
Océ PRISMAproduction®
Gigabit Ethernet (copper); 10 Gigabit Ethernet (copper, Optic
All information is subject to change without notice.
cé ColorStream inks contain materials that may be considered a Volatile Organic Component.
Please consult your local regulators for clarification and a possible obligation for permission
Please contact your local sales representative for details
Max. print speed with optional Océ stack infeed 75 m/min or 505 A4/min
Partly in combination with Océ PRISMAproduction
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