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12 Vdc output in emergency
3 hour emergency duration for a
12 Volt, 50 W TH lamp
Recharge period of 24 hours
Constant voltage charge circuit
with battery deep discharge
Options available for both
non-maintained (OLV N) and
maintained (OLV C) operation
OLV C permits dimming in normal
mains operation via external
dimmer, without affecting
emergency performance
CE marked and in compliance
with the EMC Directive
Power packs for other wattage
lamps available to special order
Lamp Compatibility
TH lamps
up to
50 W
Existalite OLV
self-contained 12 V
emergency lighting
power pack
Existalite OLV : a robust emergency lighting
power pack specifically designed to operate
low voltage 12 V tungsten halogen (TH) lamps
up to 50 Watts in emergency mode.
Comprising 12 V lead acid batteries, charger and changeover relays
in a compact remote unit, the Existalite OLV range offers the opportunity
to convert TH lamps for maintained or non-maintained emergency use.
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Existalite OLV self-contained 12 V emergency lighting power pack
Technical specification :
Mains voltage
230-240 Vac
Mains frequency
50/60 Hz
Mains current
OLV C : 350 mA total; OLV N : 60 mA
Charge current
200 mA nominal
Charge indicator
Green LED
Maximum load
50 W
Ballast lumen factor (BLF)
100% at 12 V
Emergency duration
3 hours
Recharge period
100% battery capacity in 24 hours
Changeover voltage
In compliance with EN 60598-2-22
Temperature range
0-25 ºC
Order code
Lamp type
12 V TH up to 50 W
Non-maintained power
pack (for maintained
operation use remote
mains 12 V transformer not included)
Internal connections; battery-plug & socket
Order code
End position
Lamp type
12 V TH up to 50 W
Ingress protection
Safety class
Maintained power
pack including integral
12 V transformer
OLV C : 12.5 kg; OLV N : 9.8 kg
Case material
Zinc galvanized steel remote enclosure
Designed and manufactured to meet the
requirements of EN 60598-2-22.
CE marked
Cable entry
For other wattages contact Technical Sales
for availability.
If you require further assistance regarding
installation and wiring of conversion modules
to specific lamp types, please contact
Thomas & Betts on +44 (0)113 281 0600.
110 mm
230 mm
318 mm
Existalite OLV conversion equipment for low voltage TH lamps is supplied with 12 V sealed lead
acid batteries integrated within the unit which, when the unit is properly installed in compliance
with the EN 60598-2-22 product standard, are designed to give a minimum of 4 years service life.
Technical specification :
Valve regulated sealed lead acid
Battery temperature (continuous)
0-25 ºC
Service life
Minimum 4 years
(when installed in compliance with EN 60598-2-22)
Battery voltage
12 V
7 Ah
Conversion notes
1. All emergency lighting conversions should be
undertaken in accordance with relevant national
requirements and codes of practice, including ICEL 1004.
2. Converted luminaires should comply with
EMC and Low Voltage Directives in order to
carry the CE mark.
3. The emergency lighting power pack should be mounted
within 1 m of the lamp.
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