MP-HDFB-4K 4K Optical Fiber Extender

User Manual
4K Optical Fiber Extender
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Version: MP-HDFB-4K_2016V1.0
4K Optical Fiber Extender
Read this user manual carefully before using this product. Pictures shown in this manual
is for reference only, different model and specifications are subject to real product.
This manual is only for operation instruction only, not for any maintenance usage.
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FCC Statement
This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not
installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference
to radio communications. It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a
Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed
to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a commercial
Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause interference, in which
case the user at their own expense will be required to take whatever measures may be
necessary to correct the interference.
Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the manufacture would void
the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
4K Optical Fiber Extender
To insure the best from the product, please read all instructions carefully before using
the device. Save this manual for further reference.
 Unpack the equipment carefully and save the original box and packing material for
possible future shipment
 Follow basic safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock and injury
to persons.
 Do not dismantle the housing or modify the module. It may result in electrical shock
or burn.
 Using supplies or parts not meeting the products’ specifications may cause damage,
deterioration or malfunction.
 Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
 To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain, moisture or install this
product near water.
 Do not put any heavy items on the extension cable in case of extrusion.
 Do not remove the housing of the device as opening or removing housing may
expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards.
 Install the device in a place with fine ventilation to avoid damage caused by
 Keep the module away from liquids.
 Spillage into the housing may result in fire, electrical shock, or equipment damage. If
an object or liquid falls or spills on to the housing, unplug the module immediately.
 Do not twist or pull by force ends of the optical cable. It can cause malfunction.
 Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners to clean this unit. Always unplug the power to
the device before cleaning.
 Unplug the power cord when left unused for a long period of time.
 Information on disposal for scrapped devices: do not burn or mix with general
household waste, please treat them as normal electrical wastes.
4K Optical Fiber Extender
MP-HDFB-4K is a mini optical fiber extender for 4K resolution. It contains a transmitter
(MP-HDFB-4KT)and a receiver(MP-HDFB-4KR). Compatible with multi-mode and
single-mode fiber, it extends graphic TMDS signals up to 400m/300m via single-mode
cable/ multi-mode cable. With its HDMI1.4& HDCP compliance design, MP-HDFB-4K
supports high definition (up to 4096x2160@30Hz, 1080p 3D) signal.
Package List
2× Power Adapter
1× Optical Fiber Cable (single-mode)
1× User Manual
Notes:Check whether all the items listed above are included in your package. If not,
contact your dealer to make up.
② PWR LED: Illuminate when powered up
③ LINK LED: Illuminate when connecting
④ USB: Insert a DC 5V 1A power adapter
⑤ OUT: Connect with IN of MP-HDFB-4KR
4K Optical Fiber Extender
② PWR LED: Illuminate when powered up
③ LINK LED: Illuminate when connecting
④ USB: Insert a DC 5V 1A power adapter
⑤ IN: Connect with OUT of
The figure below illustrates a typical connection that can be utilized with MP-HDFB-4K:
Step1. Insert MP-HDFB-4KT into the HDMI port of a HDMI source device (e.g. a PC).
Step2. Connect OUT port of MP-HDFB-4KT to the IN port of the MP-HDFB-4KR with an
optical fiber cable.
Step3. Insert MP-HDFB-4KR into the HDMI port of a HDMI sink device (e.g. a monitor).
Step4. Plug DC 5V power adapters to the USB ports of both MP-HDFB-4KT and the
Note: Connect MP-HDFB-4KT/ MP-HDFB-4KR with HDMI source/ sink directly or
through a HDMI cable.
4K Optical Fiber Extender
Input Signal
1 Optical Fiber
Input Connector
19-pin Type A male HDMI
LC connector
Optical Fiber
1 Optical Fiber
Output Connector
Audio Format
HDMI Standard
Transmission Distance
LC connector
Optical Fiber
19-pin Type A male HDMI
Reference Humidity
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Dimension (W*H*D)
4k (max)
PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS-HD
Support HDMI1.4 and HDCP1.4
≤400m via single-mode fiber
≤300m via multi-mode fiber
0 ~ 50℃
10% ~ 90%
Input: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz; Output: DC 5V 1A
60*10*22 mm
60*10*22 mm
4K Optical Fiber Extender
Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Color losing or vague/
double image in HDMI
Power led is off, operations
don’t work
Poor quality of the HDMI
cable (if used)
Not been powered
Poor contact of USB port
Source/ Display is off
No output on the display
Change for qualified cable.
Power up the unit
Make sure power adapter
is in well contact
Turn on the source/ display
Check the HDMI ports one
Poor contact of HDMI ports
by one to make sure
they’re in well contact.
If your problem persists after following the above troubleshooting steps, seek further
help from authorized dealer or our technical support.
4K Optical Fiber Extender
After-sales Service
If there appear some problems when running the device, please check and deal with the
problems referring to this user manual.
1) Product Limited Warranty: We warrant that our products will be free from defects
in materials and workmanship for two years, which starts from the first day the
product leaves warehouse (check the SN mark on the product).
Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice must be presented
to obtain warranty service.
2) What the warranty does not cover (servicing available for a fee):
 Warranty expiration.
 Factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from the product.
 Damage, deterioration or malfunction caused by:
 Normal wear and tear
 Use of supplies or parts not meeting our specifications
 No certificate or invoice as the proof of warranty.
 The product model showed on the warranty card does not match with the
model of the product for repairing or had been altered.
 Damage caused by force majeure.
 Servicing not authorized
 Any other causes which does not relate to a product defect
 Delivery, installation or labor charges for installation or setup of the product
3) Technical Support: Email to our after-sales department or make a call, please
inform us the following information about your cases.
 Product version and name.
 Detailed failure situations.
 The formation of the cases.
Remarks: For any questions or problems, please try to get help from your local
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