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Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray is a self defense security product made from hot cayenne peppers. Pepper Spray makes
a great self defense weapon that provides protection against even the most dangerous attackers.
Our pepper spray contains 10%, a hot 18%, and a super hot 23% Oleoresin Capsicum, with a CHR
heat rating up to 230,000 Scoville Units, the strongest formula available. CHR is the measured strength of
the pepper spray as it exits the sprayer. All Streetwise pepper spray is laboratory tested to have a Certified
Heat Rating (CHR). The average measured CHR of all other pepper spray brands tested is only 123,000
When sprayed in the face, OC pepper spray will cause restricted breathing and temporary blindness up
to 45 minutes with no lasting effects.
Pepper spray is non toxic, nonflammable, and will not deteriorate with age. Because OC pepper spray
is an inflammatory agent, it is effective against those who feel no pain such as drunks, or drug abusers.
Our pepper spray contains an ultraviolet dye for police identification. Pepper spray has also proven to be
the best deterrent available for attacking animals. Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are now
advising all visitors to bring pepper spray to protect themselves from bears.
D&D Security Products offers police quality pepper spray, pepper spray foggers, large volume pepper
spray, pepper spray disguised as a pager, perfume, or a pen, pepper spray combined with tear gas and
pepper spray in foam and gel formulations.
3/4 oz. Pocket Pepper Spray
Now Contains Streetwise-18 and Streetwise-23 Formula
The Pocket Pepper Spray is small enough to carry in your pocket or on
your key ring, yet strong enough to stop an attacker up to several feet
away. The 3/4oz sprayers have a range up to 10 feet and contain about 6
one second bursts. These units have the safety twist lock actuator to
prevent accidental discharge and contain ultraviolet dye for police
Includes a Removable Key Ring
PS70 Streetwise-18 Pocket Pepper Spray
PS70S Streetwise-23 Pocket Pepper Spray
Streetwise-18 has a Laboratory Tested Certified Heat
Rating (CHU) of 180,000 SHU.
Streetwise-23 has a Laboratory Tested Certified Heat
Rating (CHU) of 230,000 SHU.
This is the heat of the spray as it strikes an attacker. The
measured average CHR of all other pepper spray brands
is only 123,000
Soft Case Key Chain Pepper Spray
Key chain pepper spray is one of the most popular forms of pepper spray. It insures your pepper spray is in
your hands when it is most likely needed, walking to your car or home when the doors are locked. They are a
multi-shot unit with an effective range up to 8 feet. The half ounce sprayer holds enough pepper spray for 5 to
8 one second bursts. This pepper spray is available in a Super Hot Streetwise-18 formula and even hotter
Streetwise-23. All pepper spray includes ultraviolet identification dye for police identification.
Streetwise-18 has a Laboratory Tested Certified Heat Rating (CHU) of 180,000 SHU.
Streetwise-23 has a Laboratory Tested Certified Heat Rating (CHU) of 230,000 SHU
The average of all other brands tested is 123,000 SHU.
1/2oz Leather Key Chain
Pepper Spray
PS10H Streetwise-18 1/2oz Leather Key Chain Pepper Spray
PS10H is available in Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Pink Camo,
Purple, Denim.
State your color preference as a comment with your order. We
will try to ship the colors you want if they are in stock.
Sprays from inside the case.
PS05S is 27% more potent than PS10H
PS05S Streetwise-23 1/2oz Leather Key Chain Pepper Spray
Only available in black.
Contains 50% more pepper spray.
PS06 Streetwise-18 3/4oz Leather Key Chain Pepper Spray
Only available in black.
The hottest pepper spray in the coolest style.
PS05DB Streetwise-23 1/2oz Pepper Spray in a Genuine Dooney & Bourke Holster.
Police Pepper Spray
With Streetwise-18 and Streetwise-23 Formula
Police Pepper Spray produce a concentrated stream up to 15 feet. To stop an attacker, spray into the face of
the assailant. The 2oz Pepper Sprayer has about 16 one second bursts, and the 4oz Pepper Spray has up to 33
one second bursts. Both models have the safety twist lock actuator to prevent accidental discharge. Designed
to be kept in the home, car, business, or carried with you using a special holster. These units contain
ultraviolet dye for police identification.
Streetwise-18 has a Laboratory Tested Certified Heat Rating (CHU) of 180,000 SHU.
Streetwise-23 has a Laboratory Tested Certified Heat Rating (CHU) of 230,000 SHU
The average of all other brands tested is 123,000 SHU.
PS71 Streetwise-18 2oz.Police Pepper Spray
PS71S Streetwise-23 2oz.Police Pepper Spray
PS74 Streetwise-18 4oz.Police Pepper Spray
PS74S Streetwise-23 4oz.Police Pepper Spray
PS04 Holster for 2oz. Pepper Spray
PS08 Holster for 4 oz. Pepper Spray
Hard Shell Key Chain Pepper Spray
PS05H Streetwise-18 1/2oz Hard Case Key Chain Pepper Spray
Also available in these colors. If you have a color preference,
please add it as a comment when placing your order and we
will honor your request if the color you want is in stock.
PK05 Key Release
Mace Pepper Spray Gun
Advanced "Bag-In-A-Can" delivery system will produce a 25' stream.
The Mace Pepper Spray Gun contains Mace's Super Strength (0.74
Capsaicinoids) formula in a 28 gram cartridge enough for 7, 25'
blasts. The pepper gun has a trigger activated LED light for better aim
and will temporarily confuse an attacker. It also has a safety lever to
prevent accidental discharges. Batteries for the LED light are included.
This is a rugged self defense weapon with heavy duty steel
PS34 Pepper Spray Gun
The Pepper Gun can be
quickly reloaded with a
replacement cartridge.
Shown here is the H2O
test cartridge being
The Mace Pepper Gun comes with a OC
cartridge and a H2O practice cartridge.
Additional OC Re-fill Cartridge Pairs
can be purchased separately. Each OC
Re-fill pack includes 2 OC Cartridges
and fresh batteries for the LED light.
PS35 Pepper Spray Gun Refill
PS34H Pepper Gun Nylon Holster
3oz 18% Pepper Spray Fogger
Foggers produce a fine mist that can protect you in situations where accuracy is not possible. The are
useful when dispersing a group is necessary or defending yourself from a wild or angry animal. To use,
spray towards the face area of an attacker or animal, and always be aware of the wind direction when
using outdoors.
A potent 18% Fogger for the Home, Street, or
Wilderness. Environmentally safe, non-lethal,
made in the USA, and contains UV dye.
PS72 3 oz. 18% Fogger
PS04 3oz. Pepper Spray Holster
Pepper Foam
10% OC Pepper Spray Foam
Pepper Spray Foam will stick to the attacker and spread on contact with the same
effect as pepper spray. Mace Pepper Foam is a full strength, 10% OC formulation,
and has a Flip-Top Safety Cap. Pepper Foam is more safe to use when windy.
Because it spreads on contact, spraying accuracy is less critical and it's more
effective in the rain than ordinary pepper spray.
PF03 4.1oz. Mace Pepper Foam
PS08 4oz. Pepper Spray Holster
3oz. 23% OC Pepper Spray Foam
Contains Streetwise-23 OC formulation, the most potent
pepper foam available. It has a safety flip top cap to
prevent accidental discharge. Pepper Foam does not
blowback like standard pepper spray so only those who
are sprayed are effected.
PS73F 3oz Streetwise-23 Pepper Spray Foam
PS04 Holster for 3 oz. Pepper Spray
This 1/2oz Key Chain Pepper Foam contains high
strength Streetwise-18 formula. The foaming agent in the
pepper spray causes it to spread on contact making
accurate aim less important. It has a convenient key ring
so that you can keep it with your keys. It has about 5 one
second bursts and sprays about 6 to 8 feet.
PF05F 1/2oz Key Chain Pepper Spray Foam
It is effective on
attackers wearing
glasses or goggles.
Mace Pepper Gel
45 Gram Mace Pepper Gel
Pepper Gel is a new, non-flammable, formulation which is suspended in a thick gel giving it
several advantages over ordinary pepper spray. It has a longer spraying distance, effective up
to 18'. There is less contamination, making it safer to use inside. Because it is heavy, it is
less likely to blow back if using into the wind and it sticks like glue. It has the Mace Flip-Top
Safety Cap. This is Mace's Hottest Formula and contains UV Dye.
PS33 Mace Pepper Gel
The Mace Night Defender contains high pressure
pepper gel, enough for 7 one second bursts with an
18' spray range. It also contains a powerful LED light
that is activated when the safety flip top is raised.
Use the light to temporarily blind an assailant and
improve your aim at night.
PS59 Mace Night Defender
The Mace Home Defender Pepper Gel is the ultimate in home security.
This Mace Home Defense Model contains 330 grams, about 12 ounces,
of Mace's hottest pepper gel formula, 1.4% capsaicinoids. The high pressure
of this sprayer delivers a stream of pepper gel up to 25'. Because it's a heavy
gel, it's safer to use inside with less contamination to the air.
Included is a mail-in coupon to receive a free Mounting Bracket.
PS60 Mace Home Defender
Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray
Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray contains a careful blend of OC Pepper Spray and CN Tear Gas with
UV Dye. OC Pepper Spray causes the assailant's eyes to slam shut with uncontrolled choking. CN Tear
Gas causes profuse tearing, an intense burning sensation to the face, and disorientation. UV Dye coats an
assailant with an invisible dye which may aid in identification when apprehended.
Mace Triple Action Police Model
The Mace Triple Action Police Model contains enough of the Mace Triple Action formula
for 10 one second bursts with an effective range up to 12 feet. It has a chain for your key
ring, the unique Mace finger grip to help position the unit in your hand, even in the dark, the
special Mace flip-top safety cap, a belt clip, and instructions in both English & Spanish.
PS47 Mace Triple Action Police Model
Mace Triple Action Leather Plus
Triple Action Leather Plus Model has an attractive,
Incredibly Soft, leather case with a key chain ring. It
contains 1/2 ounce triple action formula with an effective
range up to 12 feet.
PS40 Mace Triple Action Leather Plus
Bear Pepper Spray
The 9 ounce Magnum Pepper Spray contains
Streetwise 18 formula. It has UV dye for police
identification. It uses a non-flammable water based
solution pressurized with nitrogen. The magnum size and
pressure was designed for riot control and bear protection.
PS53 Magnum Pepper Spray
Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray comes in 9.2 ounces of
high pressure OC pepper spray capable of delivering a
high volume spray up to 30 feet. This product is
specifically formulated by Mace to deter bears and other
wild animals.
PS19 Mace Bear Pepper Spray
PS49 Bear Pepper Spray Nylon Holster
Mace Pepper Guard
Police Model Pepper Guard contains 17 grams (0.6oz)
of 10% OC Pepper Spray with UV Dye that can fire
about 10 one second shots up to 10 feet. It has a built in
belt clip and rugged plastic case. If features a unique
Finger Grip that helps position the unit in your hand, a
key ring, and it has the Mace Flip-Top safety cap.
PS43 Mace Pepper Guard – Police Model
Mace Hot Pink pepper spray contains about 10 one
second bursts of Mace's maximum strength formula with
a range of 8 to 12 feet. It has a Flip Top Safety Cap that
prevents accidental discharge and a Finger Grip
Dispenser for more accurate aim. It is easily carried in a
pocket or purse and can be attached to a key ring.
PS54 Mace Pepper Guard – Hot Pink
Mace Pepper Spray Baton
The Pepper Mace Baton provides devastatingly effective pepper spray protection
with an integral key flail backup. The in-line trigger places a cone-shaped 10% OC
pepper spray on target, even in the dark. For additional security, the solid steel baton
with keys attached can be used to strike the attacker in the face.
PS45 Mace Pepper Spray Baton
PS46 Mace Pepper Spray Baton Refill
Save money when you purchase a pepper spray baton and refill together
PS45W Mace Pepper Spray Baton with Refill
Pepper Spray Pens
Fountain Pen Pepper Spray
With 75psi pressure, this 1/2 oz. pepper sprayer will shoot up to 8
feet. Each pen contains 15 one second shots and includes ultraviolet
identification dye. The product is attractively styled and will clip to a
shirt pocket like an ordinary pen.
PS09H 17% 1/2oz Fountain Pen Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray pen with
an actual ball point pen
Mace Pen Defender
PS58 Mace Pen Defender
The Mace Pen Defender is an actual high quality ball point pen with a
retractable tip that actually writes. It also contains Mace's high potent
pepper spray that will spray up to 5 feet. The Mace Pen Defender is
refillable giving it a virtually unlimited usable life. Clip it in your
pocket or carry it in your purse as you would any other pen. When you
need it for defense, remove the cap and press down on the actuator.
Mace Pen Defender Refill
The mace defender
with the cap removed
The Mace Defender Pen can be refilled approximately six
times from a single re-fill canister. Use the canister to fill
your pen as often as needed or to refill multiple pens.
PS58R Mace Pen Defender Refill Canister
Save money when you purchase a
defender pen with a refill
PS58W Mace Pen Defender with a Refill Canister
Perfume Pepper Spray
The powerful Streetwise-18 pepper spray is now available in a stylish
perfume canister. These look like an ordinary cosmetic container, but
instead, contain 20 grams of pepper spray, enough for several one
second bursts spraying up to 10 feet.
They measure 3.375" by 1" and come in three colors, black, pink, and
PS52 Perfume Pepper Spray
If you prefer a specific color, specify it when you
order. We will try to honor your request if possible.
Jogger Pepper Spray
Mace Jogger Pepper Spray
Jog in confidence with pepper spray snuggly strapped around your hand. This
sprayer contains Mace's super strength formula that will shoot about 10 one second
bursts up to 10 feet. It comes with a soft Velcro-like strap to wrap around your hand
and a safety flip top cap to prevent accidental discharge.
PS32 Mace Jogger Pepper Spray
Mace Dog Repellent
The Mace Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent provides additional protection when
jogging or biking. Each unit contains 3/4oz of specially formulated pepper based
solution that offers effective, yet humane protection against canine attack. The
sprayer has the unique Mace Grip, flip-top safety cap, a pocket clip, a chain for your
key ring, a self adhesive attachment pad, and instructions in both English and
PS55 Mace Brand Muzzle
Pepper Spray Value Pack
Keep Pepper Spray Defense Near you at all times
The 18% Pepper Spray Value Pack contains a 18% 3/4oz pocket
clip pepper spray to keep in your pocket or purse, a 18% 1/2oz Key
Chain Pepper Sprayer with Quick Release to keep on your key ring,
and a 2oz Police Pepper Spray to keep in your home or car.
PS24S 18% Pepper Spray Value Pack
Pepper Spray Safety Guide
Pepper Spray has proven to be an effective self defense weapon when used
properly. This guide will provide information on the safe use of pepper spray.
Select the Correct Type of Pepper Spray for your Situation
These pepper sprayers offer longer distance than other sprays. They deliver a high volume to a
small area giving a concentrated strike. They are more difficult to aim and are somewhat effected
by wind. They are usually the least expensive option.
The fogger pepper spray typically have a higher pressure so they can achieve adequate distance,
but tend to have less distance then the stream sprayers. They cover a wider area making them easy
to aim and are more effective when used against a group of attackers or an animal. Because they
cover a wider area, they deliver less volume per area making their strike less concentrated. They are
highly effected by wind and should not be sprayed directly into the wind. They should not be used
indoors unless necessary. They are usually more expensive than other options.
This pepper sprayer is similar to the stream sprayer but delivers more volume per burst. For this
reason, they will have fewer bursts per ounce. However, the higher volume will provide a more
concentrated strike. Their distance is a little less than the stream sprayers, but they are less effected
by wind. They are a cost effective option.
Foam pepper spray is delivered in a stream however, it contains a foaming agent that causes the
pepper spray to spread on contact. Because of it's spreading action, accuracy is less critical. It has a
distance similar to a stream sprayer and is effected somewhat by wind. It's foaming action can be
effective when used against someone wearing glasses or goggles as it will coat the lenses.
Pepper spray is now available in a Gel formulation. This is a sticky pepper spray making it harder
to remove and more effective when used in the rain. It's a heavy liquid, usually under higher pressure,
giving it the longest distance stream. It doesn't contaminate the air like a fogger, or to a lesser extent,
like the stream or spatter sprayers. This allows it to be used safely indoors. Because of it's advanced
features, it is a more expensive option.
Safety Tips on the use of pepper spray
Be Prepared:
Be aware of your surroundings so that you can anticipate the need for pepper spray. For
example, if you are walking through a high crime neighborhood, you see a suspicious person
following you, you hear an animal growl, or you are alone at night in a dark area. In these
situations, keep your pepper spray in your hand and ready to use. If you keep pepper spray on your
key ring or in a holster, you should remove it now. When you are holding the sprayer in your hand
with your finger on the trigger, be sure you know which way it will spray! You should also be
aware of the wind direction. If you have had the pepper spray for awhile without using it, this
would be a good time for a quick test to be sure it still has pressure.
Using Your Pepper Spray:
What makes pepper spray an effective weapon is that it allows you to keep a safe distance
from your attacker. You should maximize this distance by holding your arm extended when you
use the sprayer. It provides a longer distance spray, helps you aim more accurately, and
minimizes blow back. Whether your attacker is a person or an animal, aim for the face. If you
make a direct hit to the eyes, the attacker will be temporarily blinded allowing you to safely
escape. If you strike the face but miss the eyes, the attacker's eyes will still burn. It will be
difficult to see and difficult to breath making the attacker less dangerous.
If you have a small volume sprayer, spray in short bursts. This conserves pepper spray and if
you miss, you can make a correction on the next shot. If you have a large volume sprayer, spray
a continuous discharge moving your aim as necessary to get a direct strike to the face and eyes.
Sometimes you can avoid a confrontation by warning the attacker that you have pepper spray
and are about to use it. Hold it out towards the attacker and shout, "I have pepper spray, don't
come any closer or you will be sprayed"! Many people are aware of the sever pain it causes and
will choose to move on to a more defenseless victim.
After using your pepper spray:
If your attacker is an animal, most often the animal will retreat or at least break off it's attack. While
the animal is reacting to the pepper spray, slowly back away, but be ready to use the pepper spray
again if necessary. Most animal attacks are a result of the animal defending it's territory and once you
are outside it's territory, it will no longer consider you a threat. If you turn and run, the animal may
regain it's courage and pursue you.
If your attacker is a human, results are less predictable. The top priority of most attackers after a
direct hit to the face is to find fresh water to get relief from the pepper spray. If the attacker is under
the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may attempt to continue the attack however, they will be
severely disadvantaged. In those cases, you should be able to escape to a lighted area where other
people are nearby. If that is not possible, you will have to defend yourself against a partially blind,
coughing, choking attacker making it easier to further disable the attacker with a stun gun, club, your
fists, or your feet.
If you are confronted by multiple attackers, make sure you spray at least one of them, the leader if
possible. Most likely, the others will come to the aid of the sprayed victim allowing you to escape.
Once the other attackers see the results of the pepper spray, they may not risk being sprayed
What to do if you get sprayed
If you get pepper spray in your eyes, you will experience an extreme burning sensation.
Immediately rinse your eyes with fresh cool water. If the burning persists or gets worse, seek
medical attention. Never rub your eyes!
If you get pepper spray on your face or hands, wash with a mild soap. Pepper spray can be easily
transferred. If you have pepper spray on your hands, do not touch your face. Avoid touching your
face for at least an hour after washing your hands. Lemon juice can help neutralize the pepper spray
on your hands.
If pepper spray is discharged inside or spilled from a leaky sprayer, you may notice burning eyes,
scratchy throat, and runny nose. If this happens, open windows and doors to get fresh air circulating
in the room. It may take a few hours for the air to completely clear.
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