A complete range of hardware and software for car

A complete range of hardware and
software for car park operators
For even the most
demanding needs
The entry terminal makes it possible to effectively manage access
to car parks for casual users, regular users, season ticket holders
and reservations.
The various options available, for example a car park entrance
management or a parking allocation signal pilot, make it possible
to meet all the needs of the most demanding operators.
2D barcode
PC architecture
Made in France
Technologically advanced,
aesthetically pleasing and
Modern hardware
designed to provide a
simple, pleasant and
efficient user experience.
Because sometimes a few seconds make all the difference,
our entry terminal is designed for use with maximum comfort, security
and efficiency by a high volume of users. Drivers should be
able to use it instinctively without hesitation, experiencing a
positive experience at the car park entry. Making users forget
about technology through ease of action, makes it possible to
increase loyalty and spread innovations more quickly.
A modular terminal
Meticulous design
Acquisition and operating costs are a decisive factor
when choosing hardware. The modular design of
our terminals makes it possible to get the most costeffective and technically suitable solution from the outset.
Obsolescence is never an issue and it is always easy
to make changes to our hardware in response to new
needs and uses.
The quality of our research department’s designs, uncompromising
choice of components and meticulous manufacturing of
the equipment guarantee exceptional maintainability and
longevity. Designed to be easy to use, operate and maintain,
it will appeal to your technical teams and clients alike. Its
very high level of availability will enable you to change how
you operate on a day-to-day basis.
2D barcodes
• Reader / encoder / dispenser for standard tickets ISO 7810 ID-1
• Timed ticket issue time < 2,000 ms
• 7,000 ticket capacity (two 3,500-ticket containers)
User management
• Issue of timed tickets
• Reading of 2D barcodes on congress / event tickets
• Reservations / invitations with 2D barcodes / smartphones
• Season ticket holders with contactless cards
• Reservations / invitations / season ticket holders by number plate
• Autonomous operation with automatic recovery
• Comprehensive management of up to four vehicle types
• Stolen ticket detection
• Real-time transmission of transactions and alarms
• Management of an entry or exit and VIP area access
Client display
TFT colour display
• 8.4-inch (21.3 cm), 800 x 600 pixel touchscreen
• High brightness 230 cd/m2 and contrast ratio 600:1
Access systems
• Number plate recognition system
• MIFARE, 125 kHz RFID or UHF contactless card reader
• Hands-free, long-range, UHF or Liber-t badge reader
• NFC or Calypso reader for dedicated solutions
• Third party access control system integration
User welcome
• IP or digital intercom station with button and light
• Magnetic induction loop for users who are hard of hearing
• IP camera video phone Special features
• Double entry for HGV/LV or single for HGV
• Customised colour and screen printing
• Broad temperature range
• Stainless steel casing
Electro-zinc coated steel sheet
self-supporting box casing
Overall dimensions
1340 x 440 x 400 (H x W x D)
Temperature -25 °C / +55 °C
with heating and ventilation
230 V single-phase supply with
high energy efficiency
MTBF 25,000 hours
MOR 300,000 operations
Lexan-type polycarbonate cover
Interior screen printing
GEA PARK is a registered trademark of GEA – Non-contractual document – The features mentioned are indicative and subject to change – Some features or devices are optional
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