plumbing requirements

These brewers must be connected to a cold water system with operating pressure between 20 and 90 psi
(138 and 620 kPa) from a ½˝ or larger supply line. A shut-off valve should be installed in the line before the
brewer. Install a regulator in the line when pressure is greater than 90 psi (620 kPa) to reduce it to 50 psi (345
kPa). The water inlet fitting is .75-11.5 NH (HOSE THREAD). For convenience an elbow adaptor is provided
to convert to a ¼˝ flare fitting. Bunn-O-Matic does not recommend the use of a reverse-osmosis or deionized
water supply to this equipment.
NOTE - Bunn-O-Matic recommends ¼˝ copper tubing for installations of less than 25 feet and 3⁄8" for more than
25 feet from the ½˝ water supply line. A tight coil of tubing in the water line will facilitate moving the brewer to
clean the countertop. Bunn-O-Matic does not recommend the use of a saddle valve to install the brewer. The
size and shape of the hole made in the supply line by this type of device may restrict water flow.
As directed in the International Plumbing Code of the International Code Council and the Food Code Manual
of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this equipment must be installed with adequate backflow prevention to comply with federal, state and local codes. For models installed outside the U.S.A., you must
comply with the applicable Plumbing /Sanitation Code for your area.
NOTE - If a backflow preventer is required by code, a shock arrestor should be installed between backflow preventer and dispenser. Installing the shock arrestor as close to the dispenser as possible will provide the best
Plumbing Hook-Up
1. Flush the water line.
2. Securely attach the adaptor elbow assembly to the ¼˝ water supply line.
3. Securely attach adaptor elbow assembly to the the .75-11.5 NH (HOSE THREAD) fitting at the rear of the
4. Turn on the water supply.
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