SIMEON Imaging High-quality solutions for

SIMEON Imaging
High-quality solutions for visualisation
Top-quality telemedicine
In today’s operating theaters, telemedicine plays an increasingly important role.
OT designers are faced with new challenges: structure distances need to be bridged,
so as to enable seamless, interactive collaboration between the theater, offices,
training facilities or external institutions.
With Sim.STREAM, SIMEON offers you the perfect solution for meeting these requirements. Sim.STREAM gives you the capability to transmit a video signal over the
network simultaneously to multiple PCs in superior HD quality and at a resolution
of 1920 x 1080 pixels. At the same time, the video signal and single still frames
can both be easily recorded to a USB flash drive.
● Simultaneous retrieval of the video stream from different sources
● Individual hierarchy and password assignment
● Simultaneous control of Sim.STREAM by front keypad and PC software
● Up to 6 video and 4 audio inputs
Video inputs
2x HD-SDI,
2x DVI,
2x Y/C or CVBS
Video outputs
1x HD-SDI,
1x DVI
Audio inputs
4x stereo
Simultaneous record and stream
USB port
1x (USB 3.0-compatible)
Expand your field of view
Integrated into the Sim.LED light head or a separate camera arm, the Sim.CAM camera
ensures that all details are shown at the required level of resolution on the flat panel
monitor. A wall-mounted control panel with an intuitive user interface makes it easy
for the staff to control the entire system.
Sim.CAM is a digital camera developed specifically for operating theater use and
records images in outstanding quality. Optionally available as an in-light or external
camera and with SD or full HD resolution.
In-light camera as SD or HD model
Sim.CAM camera system
1/4” Super HAD CCD
Video standards
HDTV 1,080i
1,920 x 1,080 = 2.0736 m
Video outputs
2x HD-SDI, 2x DVI 1,080i,
IT port
LAN, RS232, RS485
18x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom,
f = 4.1 – 73.8 mm
10x optical zoom
Image rotation
Power supply
via OR Light, max. 12 W
via OR Light
Image stabilizer
automatic, manual
automatic, manual
automatic, manual
automatic, manual
White balance
automatic, manual
automatic, manual
Keeping the picture in view
Another highlight of the SIMEON video system: The Sim.SCREEN monitor bracket
ensures optimum positioning for all medical monitors. Also available as a twin
monitor bracket which always provides you with a clear view.
● Sim.SCREEN bracket available for monitors up to 26”
● Sim.SCREEN bracket allows optimum stowage of cabling and power adapter
● Monitors fulfill the most stringent hygiene requirements, thanks to frameless safety glass screens
● Simple, intuitive monitor controls
● Fast access to the monitor’s separate signals
Excellence in medical care
As an LED technology pioneer, SIMEON has been supplying complete, future-proof,
top quality products for over 15 years, with an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio for the
international market. With their specialized designs and unique reflector technology,
SIMEON’s innovative solutions ensure the very best lighting conditions while satisfying all of the necessary hygienic and functional requirements in the surgical field.
SIMEON products are “Made in Germany” and are produced by certified manufac-
S.I.M.E.O.N. Medical GmbH & Co. KG
In Grubenäcker 18
78532 Tuttlingen, Germany
Phone: +49 7461 90068-0
Fax: +49 7461 90068-900
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turing processes using continuous quality assurance.