1. Appearance and accessories
1.2 Main Functions
3. Quick start
3.2 Power on/off
1.1 Appearance
◎ GPS+LBS+WIFI positioning
3.1 SIM card
Power on
◎ Auto-mute mode on classes
Press and hold
◎ Dust and water proof
blue/red/green led indicators will blink in a loop.
for 3 seconds to turn on the device and
◎ Voice monitor
Power off
◎ SOS call & Speed-dial
LED indicator
◎ Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web
(1) Remove screws and lift up the cover. Insert SIM card to the
Remove the front cover and turn to OFF. (See Figure 4)
card slot when device OFF
Family number 1
(2) Switch to ON when SIM card inserted.
Family number 2
Please pay attention to the direction of USB interface.
Family number 3
1.3 Specifications
SOS/Power on/
Hang up
USB interface
Back cover
Hole for lanyard
Location Accuracy
Working voltage/current
Operating Temperature
<10 meters
1200mAh/3.8 lithium-polymer battery
102.5 (L)*62.0(W)*9.0(H)mm
Wrong direction will cause connection failure and bring damage
Please turn off the device before you inset or take out your
to device USB interface.
SIM card.
It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. It is normal that
SIM card with GSM network, GPRS (>30M monthly) and caller
the device goes hot during charging.
ID function is recommended.
3.4 APP
If the device can’t be turned on,
1. Check whether the switch is in ON position (next to SIM card
2. Make sure the device has battery. If no battery, please charge
2. Accessories
Name label card
Remove the screws
Lift up the front cover
2.1 Appearance
Turn on the device and log in APP. By APP or platform, you can
check location, set SOS number, family number, etc.
slot) or not
1. Login service platform
Please login the designated service platform to set and
it before power on.
operate the device.
2. Download APP
3.3 Battery charging
Connect the device with the original charger, 1) device is
Please download and install the APP in designated website.
charging if red indicator is always on; 2) green indicator is always
on if device is fully charged.
Front cover
remove groove
Front cover
Switch to OFF and
insert SIM card
Close front cover and
put lanyard on
3.5 LED indicator
4.2 SOS
4.6 Working/ Anti-disturb status setting
Check device’s current working status through LED indicators
Press SOS button twice to activate GPS. The device will dial
1. Working status
by pressing any button.
Statue Green
No internet/ No SIM card
(every 1 GSM is on for GPS Low battery Missed SMS/calls
GPRS is GPS is
connected located
pre-set SOS numbers in turns until one of them answers and
send location to platform.
Bad reception
Working time of GPS can be set by APP or platform.
2. Anti-disturb status
To avoid disturbing the kids, you can set the time by APP or
4.3 Check location
platform. In this period, any calling or SOS will be out of action.
mobile phone with SOS number to send SMS command
"POSITION" to the device. Device will reply the google map
SIM card installed
5. Warning
◎ SOS number should be pre-set if you are willing to receive
alert message.
4. Functions
4.4 Voice monitoring
4.1 Two-way talk
For voice monitoring, please send “MONITOR#” to the device by
the phone with SOS number the device will reply “OK” and call
the SOS number. After the call connected, voice monitoring
function will be activated and the SOS number can hear the
Long press the button until vibration felt to dial family
number 2
sound around the device.
Invalid SIM card
Device fails connect to
the network
Out of GSM service
◎ If put indoors or covered, the device may be unable to track,
please take it to open field.
◎ Base location accuracy is related with bases quantity nearby.
More bases quantity, more accurate localization.
◎ Please use the original battery. The warranty will be invalid by
Device fails to
be charged
using any other accessory. The manufacturer will not take any
responsibility for any damage caused by not using the original
Long press the button until vibration felt to dial family
number 3
4.5 Geo-fence
Maximum geo-fence numer is 5.
When the device is leaving or entering a pre-set area, it will send
1. Press button 1/2/3 to answer call. Press SOS to hang up.
alarm to SOS number.
speakerphone and receiver.
Device can only receive white list calls.
Fail to check
location information
5.1 Trouble shooting
Common problems
In a call state, press button 1/2/3 to shift between
2. 15 White List numbers can be set by platform or APP.
No power
Have not setup the
Calls fail to get through family number for that
When APP/Tracking platform are not available, please use
link of the current location.
Long press the button until vibration felt to dial family
number 1
Device fails to
switch on
Cannot talk in
Call-intensive period.
Bad reception
Radio waves cannot
communicate with
device when it is used Go to place with strong
in a bad signal area,
like basement or space
besides tall building.
Try to avoid this
Charge/replace with
new battery
Set SOS number
GPS Safety Card Phone
User Manual
Check the SIM card
Contact your internet
service provider
Move back to the GSM
service covered area
Weak signal
Try again in a strong
signal area
Voltage is out of
charging range of
Change to the proper
Use non-standard
Use charger that come
with the package
Poor contact
SIM card does not
support GPRS
Check if the plug is in.
Reply “not receiving
data, please try again”
all the time
Please contact with
your distributors or
selling services
Cannot check with
none preset family
Please set your phone
number as family
Please contact SIM
card sell service to
activate GPRS functions
(Version 1.4)
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