TruCleanTM Sheet Forming and Cutting Lines

TruCleanTM Sheet Forming
and Cutting Lines
Baker Perkins specializes in the supply of hygienic sheet forming
and cutting lines for high output, high quality production of crackers,
snacks and hard sweet biscuits. The range covers every application
from high output dedicated plants to flexible multi-purpose lines
incorporating a combination laminator and rotary moulder. Every line
offers reliability, durability and low running costs - performance that
has evolved from more than a century of experience in sheet forming.
High Output
All the units in the range have the motor power and mechanical
strength to run at very high speeds for long periods without loss
of weight control or quality. Waste and scrap are very low while
changeover and cleaning between production runs is quick and
Designed for Hygiene
Every unit is designed with hygiene in mind: maximum access, minimum
components between the frames and tool-free removal of scrapers make
cleaning simple and quick. Baker Perkins’ TruCleanTM standard achieves the
highest level of hygienic operation in accordance with the GMA’s 10
Principles of Equipment Design and other relevant industry guidlines.
Precise Weight Control
Low-deflection solid gauge rolls with pre-loaded bearings mounted
in rigid frames guarantee precise weight control over many
years. The control system also makes a significant
contribution through accurate speed control of each
unit, and a sophisticated cascade system that maintains
a smooth flow of dough along the line.
Careful design of critical areas plus thoughtful
selection of high quality components and software
helps maintain trouble-free operation for long
periods. Components such as motors and gearboxes
all operate well within their design capability to ensure
that component stress is not a cause of unreliability.
High Output, Flexible and Hygienic
TruClean™ Sheet Forming and Cutting Lines
TruCleanTM sheet forming and cutting lines cover a wide range of dough types, including crackers,
snack crackers and hard sweet biscuits. Lines can be supplied for laminated or sheeted products or both, if the unique combination laminator is used. There is also a version for soft dough products
that can be used in place of a rotary moulder for dough with inclusions or where a lighter texture
is required.
Laminated and sheeted products are gauged to the chosen thickness, relaxed, and then embossed and
cut before passing into the oven. Scrap is returned to the sheeter.
Vertical Cut Sheet Laminator
A sheeter and two gauge rolls produce a continuous dough sheet
that is cut and then laid down on a continuously moving conveyor
feeding the first gauge roll. Laminating produces a lighter,
crisper texture than sheeting, and this can be further enhanced
by incorporating a layer of dry ingredients between the laminations.
Accurate weight control across the plant is
achieved by close control of dough sheet
thickness and the lay-down process
Product changeovers are made quick and easy
by recipe-driven adjustments through the PLC
Compact design minimizes floor space and
makes it easy to install
Optional upgrade allows two different types or
colors of dough to be used
Maintenance-free belts used for drives on
layering section
Combination Laminator
To add flexibility, the combination laminator incorporates an ingenious
mitre turn after the sheeter, feeding the dough sheet either to the
laminator or directly to the first gauge roll via a bypass conveyor.
Produces a full range of laminated and sheeted
products without the cost and complexity of
conventional multi-purpose plants.
Single in–line sheeter reduces cost and
complexity of dough feed systems
Incorporates all the performance and
operating benefits of stand-alone sheeter
and laminator
TruCleanTM sheet forming and cutting lines have
been designed for high output while controlling
costs in five main areas – weight control, ease of
cleaning, ease of use, reliability and ease of
maintenance. The result is a machine that
minimizes the costs of labor, waste and
Weight Control
Superiority of gauge rolls is the attribute that separates Baker
Perkins’ TruCleanTM sheet forming and cutting lines from the
competition. Rolls are made from high strength carbon steel
with a stainless steel cladding. They are machined
from a solid billet to offer the ultimate in rigidity
and weight control across the full width of the plant.
Deflection is 25% less than tubular chilled cast
iron rolls
High specification gauge roll gap adjustment
provides fine tuning with accurate and stable
Standard gauge rolls are 300mm (12”) diameter;
Heavy duty rolls are 400mm (16”) diameter
Take-off web nosepiece provides fully supported,
reliable transfer for maintenance of weight control
Direct Drives
Infeed Guides
Intermediate Conveyor
Easy to Clean
All the machines in the range are designed
to our TruCleanTM standard (see page 5) for
good hygienic design and have the following
process-specific features
Minimum components and no horizontal
surfaces between frames
Dough sheet is fully supported by wide webs to
reduce debris
Webs are easy-clean polyurethane coated
synthetic material
Dough leakage from sheeter eliminated by
adjusting hopper position
Gauge rolls have corrosion resistant stainless
steel finish
Removal of top scrapers and catch trays can be
done without tools
Generous floor clearance
Combination Laminator
Easy cleaning and
sloped surfaces
Roll Scrapers & Catch Tray
Reliable and Easy to Maintain
All maintenance items are outboard of frames or otherwise
easily accessible
Simple rotating coupling adjustment for side-to-side gap
adjustment on sheeter and gauge rolls
Major roll bearings can be replaced without removing the roll
Light damage to gauge roll surface can be repaired in situ
Major damage can be repaired by re-cladding the roll
Maintenance-free AC motors with variable speed drives used
Web drive and tension arrangement is maintenance-free and
Scrap Return
Web drive
Rotary Cutter
Gauge Rolls
Easy to Use
Local touch screens enable operators to visualize and
control the process easily and intuitively
Simple removal of cutter rolls without tools, plus
limitless phasing adjustment, facilitate rapid changeover
Independent embossing and cutting with separate rolls
make adjustment for optimum pressures very easy
Pneumatic dough bypass function helps to avoid jams,
especially on start-up
Dual hardness rubber rolls to optimize cut and emboss as
well as extend life of cutting web positioning
Easy die removal
Touch screen controls
Hygienic Design by Baker Perkins
The TruClean™ range has been designed from the ground up to
achieve the highest levels of hygienic operation and to improve on
the outstanding performance of its predecessors.
The equipment has been designed in accordance with all relevant
industry and statutory guidelines, including the GMA’s 10 Principles
of Equipment Design. Particular attention has been paid to reducing
the accumulation of unwanted materials; improving visibility and
access for cleaning; and simplifying the removal and replacement
of components and assemblies without the need for tools or
This has been applied at every level from overall machine layout
right down to the detail design of fasteners, while ensuring that
important performance attributes such as output, weight control,
ease of operation and ease of maintenance are maintained
or improved.
Holes eliminated where possible
Angled surfaces for drainage
Perforated see-through guards
No tools required for cleaning
“Sandwich” contacts eliminated
Rounded corners
Continuous welds
Stand-off mounts
Cables run in sealed stainless conduit
Technical Details
Flexible specification
Standard widths
Individual units allow plant specification to be
tailored to the exact product, process and
output requirements. Units available are:
1,016mm (40”)
1,220mm (48”)
Vertical cut sheet laminator
Combination laminator
Three roll sheeter
Gauge rolls
Heavy duty gauge rolls
Relaxation web
Rotary cutter with web drive
Transfer web and scrap lift
Scrap return system
Swivel panner/salt/sugar sprinkler
Lifetime Support
Old machinery can reduce productivity and increase costs through
poor weight control, slow changeovers, decreased uptime and
extended cleaning: the overall effect is a severe hit on the bottom
line. All of these can be addressed by purchasing a new machine,
but when this is not possible, Baker Perkins offers upgrades and rebuilds
for existing equipment, bringing many of the benefits of a new machine
at a fraction of the cost.
Die Roll Design and Aftermarket Services
As the only equipment manufacturer with in-house die roll design and
manufacturing Baker Perkins brings a unique understanding of how
dough and forming machine characteristics affect the performance of
each die roll. We use this knowledge to produce die rolls that ensure
product specifications are precisely met.
Baker Perkins provides a range of aftermarket services to improve line
performance and extend useful life. These range from parts and service
through inspections and fault finding to major repairs and rebuilds.
There are also upgrades available to key features, including drive
and control systems, as well as planned maintenance contracts
and optimization services.
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