Pre-installation requirements for a Prosumer

Pre-installation requirements for
a Prosumer / Commercial Coffee
Machine at Home / Office
Please follow the instructions below at your premises prior
to installation:
1) Ensure there is enough bench space allocation:
a) Minimum Depth – 550mm
i) Minimum Width - 570mm
Note: It is recommended that there is an additional 20cm at front and side of the machine for
maximum convenience of use.
2) Ensure there is a hole drilled through the bench or wall to allow for passage of power cable,
water and drainage pipe, minimum 1 ¾ inches (50mm), done by a shop fitter.
3) Ensure there is a power point within 1 metre of the machine installed by an electrician, 10 20 amp, subject to the machine model.
4) Ensure there is a nipple (stop tap) fitted by a plumber with a ½ inch connection from the
cold water tap. This is required for the fitting of the 350 kpa limiting valve.
5) Ensure availability of water filter and a pressure limiting valve
6) Ensure there are drainage facilities available underneath the bench
Di Bartoli Coffee – 647 Botany Rd, Rosebery, NSW 2018 – 02 9389 9892 -
Note the following:
1. Water and drainage hoses are provided with each machine.
2. Water filter kit can be purchased from Di Bartoli Coffee at $219.95 inc GST and includes
the following:
 350 kpa Water Limiting Valve
 Screw Head for Cuno Filter
 Water Filter
 Fittings
3. Should your machine is installed by a coffee machine technician, water and power must
be connected prior to the technician’s arrival, otherwise the installation cannot be
completed. Please note that connecting the stop tap is a job done a plumber, not your
coffee machine technician. Please ensure this is completed prior to the machine’s
4. Di Bartoli offers delivery and Installation in Sydney CBD, East and Inner West, normally
charged at: $215 inc GST. Please contact our office on 02 9389 9892 to find out available
times for an installation. Should premises is not ready for installation upon deliver,
additional call out fee may apply.
With any inquiries, please contact directly our Technical Supervisor, on: 0416 564 120
The Di Bartoli Team
Di Bartoli Coffee – 647 Botany Rd, Rosebery, NSW 2018 – 02 9389 9892 -
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