Power: 1450 W
Pressure: 15
On-demand: YES
Display: YES
Front panel: LCD display
Coffee grinder: Cone-shaped metal grinder
Coffee beans container capacity: 260 g
Water tank capacity: 1.7 l
Removable water tank: YES
Kávékorong storage: 9
Szabadlmaztatott CTS system Thermoblock: hot coffee in the first csészétől: YES
One-Touch Cappuccino function: YES
Full system: One-Touch Cappuccino
Gőzfúvóka: YES
Recipes: 7
Types of recipes: espresso, strong espresso coffee long coffee, cappuccino, hot water
A button to make coffee: 1
A button to make a milky drinks: 1
Adjustable ground option: 6-9 g
Vízmennyiségének handling of the cups: YES
The quality of the handling of the coffee grinding: Manual (3 tier)
Handling the coffee strength: 1
Hőfokozat: 3
Automatic double grinding the double kávénál (220 ml): YES
The handling of kávékimenet height: YES
The maximum height of the csepptálcától nozzle: 11.7 cm
Gőzfúvóka: YES
Hot water function
Detection of anti-Calc: AUTO
Flushing program: MANUAL
Rinsing the system: AUTOMATIC
The System cleaner programme: AUTOMATIC
To descale warning: AUTOMATIC
Water filtration system: YES
Beginner package: XS3000, F054, F088
Language: 18
Clock: YES
On/off switch: YES
Automatic power-on option: YES
Automatic shut-off: YES
Removable drip tray: YES
Warranty: 2 years/6000 cycles
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