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Linx CSL60
Laser Coding System
Coding and marking faster in challenging applications
The Linx CSL60 laser coding system is designed for high-speed coding applications in demanding production environments.
Based on CO2 laser coding technology, the Linx CSL60 has a high powered 60 W laser tube and is ideal for beverage, food, personal care,
automotive, extrusion and carton packing applications. For customers who need to improve their coding and marking process, the CSL60
includes a number of unique features that ensure high quality product coding across the widest range of materials and line speeds.
Improved brand protection
Quality coding solution
Increased productivity
• High resolution, permanent coding, even
on hard to mark materials such as glass
and rubber
• Delivers exceptional reliability and
consistency of code, ease of use and
efficient operation
• Crisp, clear coding on glass with
VisiCode®, even at high line speeds
• Widest combinations of lens, marking
heads and tube options – enables the
Linx CSL60 to be configured to meet your
application, which means efficient use of
power and extends the life of the equipment
• Full system IP65 rating – for reliable coding
in washdown environments. Less downtime
as the Linx CSL60 can be left in situ in your
production equipment
• Largest marking field in the market – up to
a code height of 601 mm. For large area
coding applications such as food/yoghurt
• Clear coding on high speed PET lines –
with the 9.3 μm laser tube option
• Powerful processor allows coding at fast
line speeds with no compromise on code
quality. Codes up to 2100 characters
per second*.
• Easy to integrate into bottling machinery –
supply unit can be located up to 10m away
• No consumables – clean, and cost effective
• Air cooled – no ancillary air cooling or
factory air required (for IP54 variant).
• The detachable laser head with quick
disconnect cables makes integration into
production environments easier – even in
tight spaces – and reduces servicing time
• LinxVision® enabled touch screen – for quick
code creation and selection, fewer coding
errors, and less downtime between
product runs
• High power 60 W laser tube – for coding onto
hard to mark materials and on high speed lines.
Code up to 70,000* bottles per hour and meet
your production deadlines.
Linx CSL60 Scribing Laser Coding System
185 mm
335 m
145 mm
46 mm
147 mm
Technical Specifications
Laser details
Laser type: Sealed RF excited CO2
Max. laser output (10.6 μm): 60 W
Laser wave length: 9.3 μm or 10.2 μm or 10.6 μm
Laser tube warranty: 2 years
Line speed*: Up to 900 m/min
Marking Speed*: Up to 2100 characters/sec
No. lines of text: Only limited by character size
and marking field size
Code height: Up to marking field size – max height
of 601 mm
Print rotation: 0-360°
Marking head & lens options
Marking head options: SHC60c, SHC100c,
SHC120c, SHC150c
Lens (mm): 64, 95, 100, 127, 150, 190, 200,
254, 300, 351, 400, 500, 600
Spot size: From 0.091 mm to 1.65 mm
Marking field size: Up to 440 mm x 601 mm
Mark distance: From 67 mm to 576 mm
Physical characteristics
Material: Stainless steel covers, anodized
aluminium chassis
Weight: Laser head (IP54) – 26.5 kg;
(IP65) – 27 kg, Supply unit – 13 kg
Conduit length: 3 m (standard), 5 m (option),
10 m (option)
Marking head mounting options: Down (90°),
or straight shooter (0°), variable length Beam
Extension Units (BEU), 90° Beam Turning
Unit (BTU)
Marking head rotation: 0-360° with BEU and BTU
LinxVision touch screen user
Easy access operator toolbar: Date & time
offset, variable text, rotate / move / scale code,
adjust laser intensity
Multiple operating languages: Arabic, Brazilian
Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified,
Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish,
Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,
Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish,
Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
Environmental details
Ambient operating temperature: 5 to 40 °C
(70 % intensity at maximum temperature)
Automatic overheat detection: Yes
Storage temperature: 5 – 65 °C
Humidity range: Maximum of 90 %
(relative, non-condensing)
Password protection: Multiple protection levels and
access rights (User defined)
Interface ports: 1 detector, 1 encoder, Serial
RS232, 1 External RJ45 Ethernet Port, 1 Internal
RJ45 Ethernet Port (for LinxVision), Status
Beacon, Fume Extraction
Coding and programming facilities
Computer interface: Ethernet
Code options: Date, time, static text, variable text,
serial numbers, shift codes, increment/decrement
(batch count), 1D/2D barcodes, graphics and
logos, Julian date, Custom date and time formats,
2D codes including DotCode
Input / Output options: Job select, Good /
Bad Mark signal, Interlock, Start / Stop,
Ready to Mark, System Ready, Trigger monitor,
Trigger enable
Character type: Vector fonts
Safety features
Standard system vector fonts: OTF, TTF, PFA,
PFB and SVG fonts
Safety module, machine integrated: With
a safety circuit according to EN 13849-1,
achieving performance level “d” for the door
circuit and performance level “e” for the
emergency stop circuit
Optional customized fonts: Arabic, Bengali,
Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese
Bar codes: BC25, BC25I, BC39, BC39E, BC93,
GSI-128, PZN, EAN 8, EAN 13, BC128, EAN
Data matrix 2D codes: ECC000, ECC050,
ECC080, ECC100, ECC140, ECC200, ECC
PLAIN, QR, Aztec
General features
No safety module: Gives Shutter lock with no
performance level; Interlock to performance
level “d”
• CE
• RoHS
*Maximum line speed / marking speeds are
**application dependent
Variable pulse frequency: 50 Hz to 160 kHz
Memory storage: (SD) 1 GB
Set-up: Via LinxVision UI or LinxDraw (PC)
LinxDraw compatibility: Windows 7
Protection class: IP54 (standard), IP65 (option)
Cooling: IP54 - air cooled, IP65 - Blower Unit
Supply voltage/frequency: Auto selection range
100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 1.15 kW
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