Manuale d’uso del cassetto scaldastoviglie
Le guide d’utilisation de votre tiroir chauffant
Guide for using your warming drawer
Handleiding voor uw verwarmingslade
Benutzerhandbuch für Ihre Wärmeschublade
Guía de uso de su cajón calientaplatos
Table of contents
Protection of the environment
Description of warming drawer
Safety tips
Using your warming drawer
Cleaning and maintenance
The packaging materials used for this appliance can be recycled. Take part in
recycling and help protect the environment by discarding them in the
appropriate waste bins provided by the municipal authorities.
The symbol
on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product
may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to
the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic
equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help
prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human
health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of
this product.
For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact
your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop
where you purchased the product.
Dear Client,
You have just acquired a SMEG warming drawer; thank you for your
Our research teams have designed a new generation of appliances with you
in mind. Their quality, design and state-of-the-art technology incorporate our
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Your new SMEG warming drawer will be an attractive addition to your
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SMEG products include a wide range of ovens, microwave ovens, glassceramic cook tops, vented hoods, built-in dishwashers and refrigerators that
you can match to your new SMEG warming drawer.
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The SMEG trademark.
Description of warming drawer
1. Timer, stop/start switch
2. Signal light on the front showing that power is on
3. Temperature control
4. Drawer for dishes
5. Antiskid mat
Safety tips
Keep these instructions with your appliance. If the appliance should be
sold or given to another person, be sure that these instructions are
supplied with it.
Please read these recommendations before installing and using your
warming drawer. They have been drafted for your safety and that of
This warming drawer has been designed for use by private persons in their
homes. It is intended exclusively for warming dishes. Any other use is
prohibited and could be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable in
the event of non-complying use.
Do not use this appliance until it has been installed in the cabinet. Only full
installation of the drawer prevents any risk of contact with powered
Never open the body of the appliance.
The inside of the drawer can heat up 70°C depending on the temperature
chosen and the duration of use. Use hot-pan holders or gloves to remove the
hot dishes.
Do not use the warming drawer to keep food or drinks hot or to reheat or cook
food or drinks. The moisture in the food or drinks could cause corrosion of the
Do not stand or sit on the open drawer; this would damage the telescopic
rails. The maximum load of the drawer is 20 kg.
Do not store any plastic goods or inflammable objects in the appliance. They
could melt or catch fire when it is turned on.
The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons
without supervision.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
Before connecting the appliance to the power supply, check that the
wires of your electric installation have sufficient diameter to supply
power to the appliance normally. The fuse for the installation should be
10 amps.
It is necessary to provide a bipolar cut-off device in the power supply circuit,
where the opening of the contacts is more than 3 mm.
The electric connection should be done before the appliance is set in the
The drawer should be connected by a (standard) power cord with three 1
mm² couplers (1 single phase + 1 N + ground) to the 220-240 V single phase
power supply via an electric circuit corresponding to the standard CEI 60083
or complying with the installation rules. The protective wire (green/yellow)
corresponds to ground
on the appliance and should be connected to the
ground of the installation.
In the case of a connection via an electric outlet, the outlet should be
accessible after the installation of the appliance.
The neutral on the heating drawer (blue wire) should be connected to neutral
on the power supply.
If the supply lead is damaged, it must be replaced by an equivalent lead
(H05RNF 3x1mm²) available from the after-sales department.
Set the appliance into the niche in the cabinet. Make certain that the body of
the appliance is positioned correctly.
Open the drawer and fasten the appliance to the sides of the cabinet with 2
screws and the 2 spacers delivered with the appliance.
Using your warming drawer
The appliance should be used exclusively to preheat dishes.
The appliance uses a hot air system to heat the dishes. A fan distributes the
heat from the resistor in the drawer. The dishes are heated rapidly and
uniformly by circulation of hot air.
A protective grid prevents the dishes from coming into contact with the
resistor or the fan.
The floor of the drawer is covered with an antiskid mat that prevents the
dishes from sliding when the drawer is opened.
The controls include a temperature knob and a Start/Stop switch. These are
only visible when the drawer is open.
When the drawer is closed, the signal light on the front of the drawer comes
on when the appliance is running.
ƒ Put the dishes in the drawer.
ƒ Select the temperature.
ƒ Set the timer (minimum 10 minutes).
The signal light shows that the power is on.
ƒ Close the drawer
When the timer runs out, the hot air heating system stops and a bell rings.
To turn the bell off, turn the knob to 0.
Using your warming drawer
The temperature knob adjusts the temperature between 30 and 70 °C.
The most appropriate temperatures for the types of dishes used are as
follows :
ƒ 40 °C: for cups or glasses. Hot drinks stay hot longer when poured into
cups or glasses preheated to this temperature.
ƒ 60 °C: for plates and dishes. Food served on preheated plates or dishes
maintain their heat.
Preheating time depends on several factors:
the thickness of the dishes and the material they are made
the load
disposal of the load
temperature setting
Consequently, we cannot give times that will correspond systematically.
A few hints :
For a temperature setting of 60 °C, heated evenly:
ƒ dishes for a meal for six take about 30 min.
ƒ dishes for a meal for twelve take about 40 min.
After using the drawer a few times, you will know for yourself how long it
takes to heat your dishes.
Using your warming drawer
Capacity depends on the height of the model, and the weight and size of your
This model has maximum capacity of 20 kg.
The following examples are given as an indication only :
Quantities are determined by volume
Dishes for 6:
6 dinner plates
6 soup plates
1 serving bowl
1 serving bowl
1 serving bowl
2 serving platters
Ø 28 cm
Ø 22 cm
Ø 22 cm
Ø 20 cm
Ø 18 cm
36 cm
or 16 large plates
+ 8 bowls
Ø 28 cm
Ø 10 cm
or 24 soup plats
Ø 22 cm
or 40 bowls
Ø 10 cm
or 60 cups
Ø 8 cm
Cleaning and maintenance
Before any maintenance, turn off the appliance and let it cool.
Clean all surfaces with a sponge, dish washing soap and warm water. Then
dry it off with a soft cloth.
Do not steam clean the alliance.
The use of scouring powders, alcohol or grease-cutting products is not
recommended – they could damage the appliance.
The stainless front can be scratched. Use a special non-abrasive cleanser for
stainless steel.
The antiskid mat can be removed to clean the bottom of the drawer.
The antiskid mat can be washed with warm water and dish water soap. Then
dry it off and put it back in the drawer when it is completely dry.
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