Dear customer,
you are now holding: quality stainless steel cookware made from first-class stainless steel. Suitable for all stove types - gas, electric, glass
ceramic and induction. Stainless steel tea kettle made from high quality stainless steel. The kettle‘s handle is made from durable plastic. The
kettle also has a whistle for signalling boiling water. The kettle is equipped with a plastic lid for easy access for cleaning and filling up. Easy
maintenance and cleaning. 3-year warranty.
Operating instructions:
1.) The product is made from very high quality stainless steel and is resistant against temperatures of up to 300 °C – however, extremely
high temperatures may damage or deform the product. Always wash the cookware in hot water using detergent in order to remove all
food residues. Rinse and dry the product.
2.) Before first use, fill the kettle with a little water and boil to remove minor dirt and boil out the inner vessel.
3.) When using the kettle, never fill higher than the bottom edge of the pouring part of the kettle, i.e. spout. Do not remove the lid while
the water in the kettle is hot.
4.) Ensure that the size of the hotplate on the stove corresponds to the size of your product and that it is not wider than the edge of
the cookware. This will prevent the exterior surface from overheating - it is always sufficient to use a gentle flame for cooking. Take
advantage of the cookware‘s thermal heat accumulation property, which helps retain heat in the container longer and saves energy
5.) Never leave the cookware on a hotplate without supervision. Allow the cookware to cool down before cleaning it. Always pour out
unconsumed water or tea from the kettle, you will avoid the formation of deposits inside the kettle. Always be careful when handling
hot water (the kettle), and use a kitchen glove if necessary.
6.) To remove light stains after cooking (baked on stains), leave the cookware to soak in hot water with detergent and then wipe dry
using a soft cloth. If it does become stained, heat up some white vinegar and then wash as usual. These stains have no effect on the
properties of the product.
7.) Stainless steel cookware is very easy to maintain and clean; when cleaning by hand use only soft wipes and sponges that will not
scratch the surface. Do not use aggressive chemical products. It is possible to wash the cookware in a dishwasher – however avoid hard
water and excessively aggressive cleaning agents, which could cause the surface colour of the cookware to change. Nevertheless, these
changes have no effect on the functionality or health properties of the cookware.
8.) To achieve a long lifetime of the product, handle the cookware with care.
9.) Designed for domestic use
Safety notice:
Temperatures (above 300 °C) may damage the kettle or the lid. The use of sharp metal tools (e.g. knife, fork) may damage (scratch) the
surface. The use of coarse or aggressive cleaning agents can damage the surface (e.g. caustic pipe cleaning agents). Negligent handling
(e.g. of the lid) may lead to surface damage (chipping). These „footprints“ do not have the slightest effect on the quality of the
prepared food or beverages nor on the lifetime of the flask, they only affect its aesthetic appearance. Through the effect of
high temperature of the heat source, the surface may be damaged (burned).
Depending on the size of the product, all products have marks printed on them denoting the material used for the production of the
packaging, component and accessories, as well as their recycling. Correct disposal of this product helps save valuable natural resources and
prevents damage to the environment caused by improper waste disposal. Ask your local authorities or collection facility for more details. In
accordance with national regulations penalties may be imposed for the incorrect disposal of this type of waste. Keep plastic bags out of
the reach of children, danger of suffocation.
The buyer was informed about the function and handling of the product.
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