Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
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HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine
Please read this manual carefully and follow its instruction!
For your safety, please assemble, maintain, check and repair the equipment by the
For your safety, please pay much attention to the safety instructions in the manual, and
operate by the professionals.
Please put it together with Certificate of Quality in certain place to ensure the relevant
person can read it at any time.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
Special Attention to Operation and Safe Items
1. In the process of carbon cleaning, if engine flame-out unexpectedly, please process
strictly in accordance with the "Annex III: The operation introduction of engine flame-out".
2. In the process of carbon cleaning, the connecting tube between engine and machine
must be a negative pressure port, the negative pressure value -20K is appropriate; it is
prohibited pass hydrogen and oxygen gas into the air filter directly.
3. In the process of carbon cleaning, it is forbidden to enter the cab for vehicle operation,
especially step on accelerate.
4. In the process of carbon cleaning, processing the other engine maintenance items is
5. In the process of carbon cleaning, it is prohibited to operate the machine by two people
at same time;
6. In the process of carbon cleaning, it is prohibited to standing front near the car engine.
7. In the process of carbon cleaning, it is prohibited to open automobile air-conditioning,
multimedia and so on;
8. Before using the equipment for carbon cleaning, please check whether the vacuum
sensor is workable, if not, please replaced it by a new one can be used for carbon
The above points must be adhered strictly in order to avoid any security accidents.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
1. Preface-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------04
2. Installation-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------05-06
3. Control panel introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------07-09
4. Checking before debugging--------------------------------------------------------------------10
5. Prepare work before start the machine------------------------------------------------------10-11
6. The working process of carbon cleaning----------------------------------------------------11-14
7. Notice-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14
8. Maintenance of the Machine--------------------------------------------------------------------15
Annex 1: The Workflow Chart of HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine-------------------------16
Annex 2: Notice of HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine------------------------------------------- 17
Annex 3: The operation introduction of engine flame-out-------------------------------------18
Annex 4: Instruction of Electrolytic Solution’s Making and Adding -------------------------19-21
Certificate of quality & warranty----------------------------------------------------------------------22
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
1. Preface
The manual is the instruction of use, maintenance and safety precautions for HHO Carbon
Cleaning Machine. File will explain and instruct on how to connect the HHO Carbon
Cleaning Machine with vehicles, to remove carbon depositin the car or small truck engine,
as well as the operation of the machine's safety precautions and contains the instruction
of spare parts,etc.
1.1 Purpose and expected results
With the increasing of engine useful life and the complexity of automobile use
environment, carbon in car engine system will accumulate in the engine block, piston top,
catalytic surfaces and other parts. Carbon deposits will cause engine start performance
reduction, fuel consumption increasing, emissions of non-compliance and other serious
problems and safety hazards. HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine takes the advantage of the
high-energy characteristics and catalytic properties of Oxy-hydrogen gas, adds the
Oxy-hydrogen gas into the engine combustion chamber through the engine idling to
remove carbon deposits inside the engine, restore the original engine performance,
improve throttle response speed and reduce emissions. The fuel will be combusted more
efficient, fuel consumption reduced, engine life extended.
The equipment is mainly used for cleaning carbon deposits in automobile engine system.
When there is a problem of the vehicle as following, please solve the problem before
using the device:
(1Unstable idle
(2Piston ring seal failure, burning oil
(3Spark ignition system of aging
(4Nozzle clogging
(5) Air intake and exhaust system seal failure.
1.2 Operating Conditions
Normal operation requirements of HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine:
(1)Stable three-phase 220v power supply, carbon cleaning solution and good ventilation.
(2) Applies to the petrol engine (diesel engines should be customized equipment),
Oxy-hydrogen outlet hose connected to the negative end of the car's engine intake
Note: If the car traveled 30 minutes or more before, please open the hood and turn off the
engine to rest 10 minutes to make s
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
2. Installation
2.1 Before installation, please confirm:
(1) HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine should be installed on the ground of the smooth, clean
and stable ground.
(2) The equipment should adopt three phase electric power. Please make sure that the
circuit input voltage is ±10% industrial electricity, and establish appropriate ground wire
(3) We recommend placing this machine in open space with good ventilation.
(4) The distance between the car and machine should be less than 10 meters; it is bette
control in 5 meters.
2.2 Add carbon cleaning solution in the first time
Note: All overseas customers, due to the customs is prohibited to carry liquid, the machin
we send are without solution. So must add carbon cleaning solution in first time use,
please refer to the annex 4.
2.3 Connect the power line
Please prepare four core cables, each of the specification of the wire is 2.5mm², zero line
is 1mm².
As shown in the picture below, please connect he wire to the machine(three fire wire
corresponds to A, B, C, zero line correspond to N that do not need to connect, the two
color line connect to Earthing probe). The machine should connect to power line which
above 7.6kw.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
2.4 Install the spare part at the back of machine.
As shown in below:
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
3. Control panel introduction
3.1 Front Panel Introduction
The first row introduction:
Gas Output Display: display the value of HHO gas production. (l/hr)
Over-pressure indicator light: When the pressure gauge value exceeds 0.2Mpa, the light
will show red, the machine stops producing gas. In the process of carbon cleaning,
over-pressure indicator light should not show red, if the light shows red, it might be
because the setting of gas production is too high, or gas outlet magnetic valve can not be
opened, or the middle of the supply gas line blocked.
Over-heating indicator light: electrolytic power temperature exceeds the set temperature,
the light will show red, the machine stops producing gas. Maybe it is caused by the
cooling fan does not work or poor heat dissipation. The over-heating light does not show
red under normal circumstances.
Over-temperature indicator light: When the electrolyzer temperature exceeds the set
temperature, the light will show red, the machine stops producing gas. Maybe it is caused
by electrolyzer cooling fan does not work properly, the over-temperature light does not
show red under normal circumstances.
Power supply indicator: when the light is green, that indicate the system power supply is
Lacking Water Indicator: a. when the water level in the electrolytic cell is below minimum
level, Lacking Water Indicator will show red; b. The carbon cleaning solution in the water
tank is almost consumed, if not add solution on time, Lacking Water Indicator will show
red, the machine will stop gas production in protected status.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
Adding Water Indicator: when the water level of water tank is low, Adding Water Indicator
will show green. At this time, you need to open the cover at the top of machine, add water
to the water tank through the filling opening. Adding until the indicator light off, should stop
adding water. If Adding Water Indicator light turns on, but without timely adding solution, it
will cause to lack of solution and the machine will automatic shut down.
Pump Running Indicator: when the system detects the water level of electrolytic cell is low,
the machine will add water from the water tank automatically, Pump Running Indicator will
show green this time.
Note: If Pump Running Indicator light and Adding Water Indicator does not light, It means
there is a fault with the solution supply system, mainly for the pump valve failure, or the
water level sensor’s pollution.
Power switch: open the main switch, provide electricity for the machine. But the machine
doesn’t begin to produce gas at this moment.
The second row introduction
Timer and counter: when without carbon cleaning, showing the set cleaning time
(--minute--second) . When in the process of carbon cleaning, the countdown shows the
remaining time , when finishing carbon cleaning, it shows 00:00. In the setting mode,
display the current set of digital. When turn on the power switch , it shows the set time for
15 minutes. (local factory default is 15minutes). Then shows the number of carbon
cleaning. There are two values, please pay attention to it. At last, it displays the set time
for 15 minutes again.
Enter set / Set time: the button is for setting the cleaning time. According to the needed
cleaning time to set the time data, typically is 15 minutes. The operation method: we
assume the data is expressed as : AB: CD. Enter set button is for setting position of
A,B,C,D. The set time button is for setting figure 0 to 9.
NOTE:During carbon cleaning operation, cannot press the Enter Set button or set time
Start button: When the preparatory work is completed before carbon cleaning, carbon
cleaning will begin after press this button
Note: If you don’t start the engine or open the gas supply valve, it will appear horn alarm
once you pressed the Start button.
Gas Production Adjustment: This button is used to adjust the gas production. Clockwise
adjust large, counterclockwise adjust small, and the gas production quantity also shows
the gas output display.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
1)As the car model is FAW-Volkswagen Bora or Buick Excelle two models, if the machine
appears shut down constantly, because the vacuum tube is smaller than other car, it
should set the gas production as 700-800L/h; the machine can do carbon cleaning normal
2)If do carbon cleaning for diesel car, before do cleaning operations, please accept our
professional train.
Pressure gauge:It used to display the abnormal pressure inside the machine.Since the
oxy-hydrogen gas was sucked into the engine by the car the vacuum tube, so the
pressure gauge generally in stationary state. If there is too much residual gas in the
machine or poor external gas, the pressure gauge pointer will rise. Once the pressure
reaches 0.2Mpa, the machine will stop producing gas. After the residual gas was
discharged or used, the machine will automatically resume gas production.
3.2 Back panel introduction:
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
4. Checking before Debugging
Please accord the following safety instruction to ensure operation safety after installed
4.1) The machine should be placed in ventilated and dry place, the surroundings
temperature shall not be lower than 0℃, the highest temperature shall not be higher than
40℃, relative humidity shall not be exceed 90%.
4.2) The machine should be placed on smooth, clean and dry ground.
4.3) Please do not place heavy objects on the machine. If necessary, please turn off the
machine and clean up the shell with half wet dishcloth. Please do not use any solvent to
clean the machine.
4.4) We suggest the maximum length of the gas pipe shall not be exceed 10m. And the
power supply wire shall not exceed 15m.
4.5) Please make sure the Power Switch are turned off before connect the power line.
4.6) Please check all the power line are connected solid and reliable before start any
power supply.
4.7) We suggest place the machine in a fixed location, forbid to move the machine during
carbon cleaning.
4.8) Before start the machine, please make sure the car have enough petrol, so that the
car can idle running more than 20 minutes without stop. Before do carbon cleaning for the
car, please make sure there is no other bad auto fault (such as unstable idle speed, oil
leakage,smoke, engine knock, ignition system failure, oil system failure etc).
4.9) Before carbon cleaning, please check whether vacuum sensor is workable.
Inspection method: turn off the gas supply valve on standby state, at the same time press
the Start button, the machine will alarm; If not alarm, there is some problem with the
vacuum detection system, you need to replace the vacuum sensor.
5. Prepare Work before Start the Machine
5.1)Open the Power Switch in the front panel of the machine, Power Supply Indicator will
light. During self-inspection of the machine, other indicator generally will light for a few
seconds,this is normal.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
5.2)During machine’s self-inspection, the machine will detect the water level, it possibly
will appear Adding Water Indicator or Lacking Water indicator light and anti-backfire
tanker’s water level automatically control.
5.3)Please observe the machine’s front panel. If Adding Water Indicator show green, you
should open the machine cover, add liquid from the filling opening through funnel until the
indicator light is off.
6. The Working Process of Carbon Cleaning
6.1) Please make sure that the prepared work have done
6.2) Please make sure the car in stationary state, have flamed out. Automobile clutch in
park sate and hand brake state, these will avoid car slide accidental. Once again confirm
the automotive fuel is enough for car running for 20 minutes at idling speed.
6.3) Before start the car, please make sure that exhaust valve are closed. As shown
When start the car, if the above exhaust valve is not closed, it may cause unexpected
If the exhaust valve is not closed, may lead to the internal circuit board’s relay and
solenoid valve damage. You will hear a continuous sound of “ba, ba, ba”. So, please
remember: make sure the exhaust valve is closed before start the car.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
6.4) Open the front engine cover and make it reliable support.
6.5) To find out and confirm the vacuum tube (it generally connected with the brake
vacuum pump), and disconnect it with the vacuum pump. As shown in the picture below
(take TRITEC for example):
6.6) Connect the gas output tube of the HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine with the vacuum
tube of car, and lock it tightly. As shown below:
Note: If it is diesel car, cannot connect vacuum tube, because the diesel car’s vacuum
tube is not connected to the engine, can only connect to the engine air intake system.
Diesel engine without vacuum suction, the vacuum sensor cannot detect the vacuum, so
the machine will not Work.
6.7) Before start the engine, please reconfirm the exhaust valves at the back of the
machine are closed.
6.8) Start the engine at idling speed. If not, the HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine will not
6.9) Once again confirmed that the Power Switch of the machine is open, if not, please
open it.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
6.10) Press the Start button in the front panel of HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine. It will
start working, the countdown time begin, at the same time machine will receive work
6.11) Gas production adjustment button (clockwise turn up the gas production,
counter-clockwise turn down the gas production). Adjust value on Gas Output Screen until
it turns to 1000-1200. Only need to adjust for the first time, you don’t need to adjust later.
6.12) Carbon cleaning process..........
Carbon cleaning will last until the time you set, HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine have the
countdown function, you can see the remaining time from the panel.
In the process of carbon cleaning, you can look the working state of the machine, if
appear water adding tips, please add water on time, don’t need to stop the machine. If
appear engine flame-out, please process according to The Operation Introduction of
Engine Flame-out.
Notice: If the machine appears power outage or other abnormal, should immediately stop
carbon cleaning.
The method to stop carbon cleaning: press STOP button, and close the Power Switch, let
the car work for 3 minutes on idle speed to discharge the remaining gas.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
6.13) The countdown time is 00:00, the system will automatically cut off electrolytic power,
stop to produce oxy-hydrogen gas.
6.14) Continue to wait for 60 seconds so that complete the transportation of the rest
oxy-hydrogen gas.
6.15) Let the engine flame-out and connect the car vacuum tube with the vacuum pump,
ensure the connection is reliable and will not leakage. Open the Exhaust Valve behind the
machine; discharge the remaining gas in the machine.
6.16)Re-start the car engine.
6.17) Speed up to 3000-3500 rpm under idle running. Loosen the throttle and interval to 3
seconds. Repeat 6 times, you will see the discharge of the water and dirt out of exhaust
6.18) Carbon cleaning is over.
6.19) If you will not do carbon cleaning for a next car, please open the exhaust valve,
discharge the remaining gas in the machine, then turn off the exhaust valve.
7. Notice
7.1) The machine power input cable should be reliable connection, the machine should be
fixed installation, free move should be prohibited.
7.2) gas pipe connection should be properly sealed, prevent air leakage.
7.3) The working medium of the machine is carbon cleaning solution and electricity. The
power supply should be three-phases, 220V, please take care your device.
7.4) The carbon cleaning solution will be consumed during carbon cleaning, when display
water adding tips, please add carbon cleaning solution to water tank of the machine.
Carbon cleaning solution has corrosive, please keep away from your cloth and skin, if
accidentally touch your clothes and skin, please rinse immediately with water.
7.5) If appear engine flame-out during carbon cleaning, please process according to The
Operation Introduction of Engine Flame-out (For more details, please read Annex3).
7.6) Regularly blowing dust inside the machine using the compressed air machine once a
month. Replacing the electrolyte and cleaning the electrolytic cell for six month.
7.7) Before start the engine, please make sure that the exhaust valve behind the machine
on closed state.
7.8)If not use for a long time, please discharge all remaining gas in the machine.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
8. Maintenance of the Machine
(The Introduction of Electrolytic Cell’s Cleaning and Electrolyte’s Replacing)
8.1)Turn off the Power Switch.
8.2)Put the machine in outdoors.
8.3) Refer to the “Annex4: The operation introduction of adding solution in the first time”,
remove the water level sensor in the electrolytic cell, expose the filling opening.
8.4) Open the drainage valve under the electrolytic cell, forward and back shake the
machine during drainage process, try to get rid of the dirt.
8.5)Close the valve when the liquid flow out totally.
8.6) Add water for the electrolytic cell until it left 10cm from the filling opening to the water
8.7)Repeat the steps from 8.4-8.6 five times, until the exhaust liquid is clean.
8.8) According “Annex4: The operation introduction of adding solution in the first time” to
add electrolyte for electrolytic cell. Electrolyte replacement is done.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
Annex1: The Workflow Chart of HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine
Note: If no next car needs doing carbon cleaning within 30 minutes, Please opens the gas valve.
Let the residual gas out, and then close the machine
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
Annex2: Notice of using HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine
1. The machine adopts three phases power supply, if the voltage does not match or lack
of phase, the machine cannot work properly.
2. The machine use carbon cleaning solution as working medium, other media are
prohibited. If you use other media, the machine can’t identify and will alarm to stop
working. And it will also cause damage to the machine.
3. The machine in the running process, if Adding Water Indicator shows green, please add
electrolyte quickly. During carbon cleaning process, if appear engine flameout, don’t
re-start the engine, please deal with according to operation introduction in Annex3. Details
as following:
1) gas supply valve.
2)Turn off the Power Switch.
3)Use compressed air blowing the engine and air intake pipe to clean the remaining
Oxy-hydrogen gas.
4. In the processing of using, if the Power Supply Protect Indicator light and the fan
doesn’t work, at this time, we should find the reason cause the fan’s failure.
We should find out it is fan’s power input or internal circuit breaker that cause the fan’s
5. If the water tank is filled with water, but Lacking Water Indicator and Pump Running
Indicator shows red. It indicate that the water-supplying diaphragm pump is bad, please
replace the same model diaphragm pump.
6. Don’t put stuff on the machine, please clean the dust regularly. You should replace
electrolyte for the electrolytic cell once every six month.
7. If appears the magnetic valve(at the back of machine)open and close frequently,
1)The first gas valve(exhaust valve) are not closed, it should be closed during car starting
and idling running.
2)The drainage system is unusual, caused by the solenoid drain valve can’t open. Open
the electromagnetic valve diaphragm to check whether it is damaged, dirty or damaged
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
Annex3: The operation introduction of engine flame-out
Note: If the engine flame-out during work, prohibit re-start the engine. Please deal with as
A. Please turn off the gas supply valve, remove the machine’s gas tube from car’s vacuum
B. Turn off the Power Switch.
C. Open the exhaust valve to discharge the remaining gas in the tube.
D. Blowing the engine and air intake tube by using compressed gas, keep 3 minutes,
discharge all the remaining Oxy-hydrogen gas, and then keep rest for 5 minutes.
E. Return back the car’s vacuum tube, start the car, keep in idling speed for 1 minute,
check no abnormal situation, flame/out.
F. Re-starting the carbon cleaning process after completing all the above operations.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
Annex4: Instruction of Electrolytic Solution’s Making and Adding
1. Preparation:
1pc Stainless steel container (40kgs volume),
1pc Electronic balance (40kgs),
1pc stainless steel bucket (15kgs volume),
1pc stainless steel spoons,
1pc concentration hydrometer,
KOH (concentration≥95%)
Purified water
1 bottle table vinegar,
1 pair rubber gloves,
Other protective articles
2. Make make up the electrolyte, add it electrolyte for the machine.
KOH (purity≥95%)
Pure water
1) Open the machine’s cover, find the position to add solution, as shown below:
2). In the quick coupler, disconnect the water level sensor with the wire. Then unscrew the
water level sensor from counterclockwise by using a wrench, take it out.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
This is the filling opening, as show below:
3) Add the electrolyte for the machine(You must wear safety goggles and silicone glove
when conduct this step).
You should prepared these: one big stainless steel funnel, one stainless steel spoon, one
stainless steel kettle, a pair of silicone gloves, a set of safety goggles.
Pour the electrolyte into the stainless steel kettle, then add electrolyte to the electrolytic
cell slowly through the funnel.
a. You must be slowly when add electrolyte. Liquid leakage is prohibited, especially can’t
flow to the circuit board.
b. You should notice the internal solution when add electrolyte. Stop adding electrolyte
when there is only 10cm from the water level to the filling opening.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
4). Return the water level sensor, fix and seal it. Reconnect the water level sensor with the
quick coupler. As shown below(returned to their original state):
5). Add electrolyte to the water tank. As below picture showing: open the cover on the
water tank, add electrolyte through funnel.
Operation Manual of Kingkar HHO carbon cleaning machine
Certificate of Quality & Warranty
Machine name
HHO carbon cleaning machine
Product number
Power Input
QA tester
Date of test
Date of delivery
This Machine tests well! Allow delivery.
We supply one year free of charge quality maintenance since sold out. After one year,
only charge raw material fees. Physical damage is not within the scope of warranty.
Without our written authorization, any organization or individual does not allow to copy this
manual all or part in any form (except the simple reference in reviews or comments).
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