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Time Control Equipment
Model: SPS24 – 24Volt DC Power Supply
• Solid state reliability
• Overcurrent protection
• Overvoltage protection
• 24 VDC @ 2.5 Amps
• Convenient screw type terminals
• Mounting bracket included
• UL and CSA listed
SPS24 – 24Volt DC Power Supply
Output Voltage: 24 VDC
Overvoltage Protection: 120% min. shut down
Output Current: 2.5 Amps DC
Terminations: M3.5 slotted Phillips-head screws
Power Requirement: 85 to 264 VAC
Overcurrent Protection: 105% or more, auto reset
Power Consumption: 60 Watts
AC Input: 3-conductor line cord (included)
H: 3.74" (95 mm)
W: 1.42" (36 mm)
D: 4.25" (108 mm)
Weight: 0.6 lbs
Voltage Adjustment: ±10% (V.Adj. control on front)
Ripple Voltage: 2% p-p max. including noise
The SPS24 is a 24 Volt DC Power Supply with a 2.5 Amp current
rating. The SPS24 provides low ripple 24 VDC for secondary
clock applications. The power supply has both overvoltage and
overcurrent protection.
The SPS24 can be used in any application that requires a 24 VDC
power supply. The SPS24 Power Supply comes with an easy to install
mounting bracket as well as a three (3) conductor AC cord for quick
installation. In addition, the SPS24 may be mounted on 35mm
DIN Rail. All terminations are Phillips screw-type with no special
connectors required.
The SPS24 carries UL508, UL1604, CSA as well as UL1310 Class 2
Associated Equipment
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