Smart Classroom Instructions
If you are having difficulties using equipment in this room, call extension 3166
1) Point Epson Remote at projector on ceiling.
Press power button once. NOTE: Projector
will take 30 seconds to power up.
2) Set video switch to desired device computer, laptop, VCR or Document Camera.
Using Console Computer
1) Set video switch to Computer
2)Press Power button on the PC
3) Follow login instructions for:
a.Control - Alt - Delete
b.Click OK
c.Enter user name
and password
d.Click Enter
Using a Laptop
1) Shut down your laptop
2) Press Laptop button on video switch box
3) Connect the Laptop Video cable to the
video output port on your laptop.
Please note: the Laptop Video cable is VGAcompatible only. Certain laptop models will
require a DVI-to-VGA adaptor or a Mini-VGA
adaptor. Consult your owner’s manual for further
4) For Internet connectivity, connect to HSU
Wireless or connect the green laptop
network cable to your laptop.
Please note: you will need to “register” your
laptop before connecting to the campus
network. Contact your college ITC or the Help
Desk for further information.
5) Connect your laptop’s AC adaptor to a
power outlet and start up your laptop.
6) If you still do not see an image, refer to the
laptop troubleshooting guide later in these
7) When finished, shut down your laptop and
disconnect all cables.
8) Proceed to shutting down the rest of the
equipment. Follow the instructions later in
this guide, Powering Down the System.
Sound and Video
Amplifier (sound)
1)Set Selector to desired
source device VCR, PC or laptop.
Adjust volume as needed.
Playing a Blu-Ray
1) Power on the computer
2) Insert media.
3)Use on-screen controls to control playback
Playing a DVD/VHS Tape
1) Set amplifier to VCR.
2) Press player Power button
Insert media.
4)Use Player remote to select
media type (DVD or VCR) controls on remote will change
to selected media device.
Using Closed Captioning
1)For DVDs, use the DVD remote and the DVD menu to set closed captioning
or subtitle options.
2)For VHS videocassettes, set the closed caption
device switch to the CC1 position.
When finished with video,
please set the switch to the Off position.
Using the Document Camera
1) Set display switch box to
Document Camera.
2) Power on the Document Camera.
Note that there is no need to have the
computer turned on to use the
document camera.
3) Press the Live/Win button to switch
between showing the Windows
desktop and showing the camera
image full-screen.
Laptop Troubleshooting
For PC Laptops: Depending on your model of laptop, you
may need to toggle the display mode. For example, on many
laptops, you must hold down the function key (FN) located in
the lower left-hand corner of the keyboard, and at the same
time, press the video toggle key, which is located along the
top of the keyboard. Look for the text
CRT/LCD or an icon of a display and a laptop.
Examples of video toggle keys
For Mac Laptops:
1) Go to System Preferences/Display.
Select the Arrangement tab and
check the Mirror Displays box.
Powering Down the System
1) Obtain the Epson remote, and
point it at the projector on the ceiling.
Press the power button to shut
down the projector.
Power down Computer
Start Menu -> Shut Down ->
Click OK
Who to Call for Assistance
If you are having any difficulties using equipment in this room,
call extension 3166
Spring 2016
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