60cm Freestanding Dishwasher with
hidden controls, Fingerproof St\steel
A+++A Rated
EAN13: 8017709174194
Programs / Functions
Number of programmes: 5+5 quick programmes
Washing temperatures: 38°, 45°, 50°, 65°, 70° C
Soak, Crystal, ECO, Speed 27 min, ECO Quick, Delicate Quick, Normal Quick, Auto 45-65, Strong and fast,
Energy saving option EnerSave: A+++
Delay timer option: Up to 24 hours, with automatic soak
Varied distribution 1/2 load option FlexiZone, Options for tabs FlexiTabs, Quick Time option
Basket colour: Gray
Basket components colour: Gray
Handle: On upper and lower basket
Third upper basket for cutlery: Yes, FlexiDuo
Upper Basket: With central fixed racks
Height adjustment of the upper basket: On three horizontal levels
Upper basket with EasyGlide System
Lower Basket: With double foldable rack
Technical Features
Controls: Electronic
Display: Delayed start, Indication of programme time
Salt light indicator: Light
Rinse aid light indicator: Light
End of cycle indicator: Acustic signal
Washing system: Orbital
Third spray arm: Single
Water softener: With electronic setting
Torbidity sensor Aquatest
Water protection system: Total Acquastop
Water alimentation: Single; cold/hot water max. 60°C - energy save with hot water up to 35%
Drying system: Natural condenser drying, with EnerSave
Automatic door opening system at the end of the cycle
Tub material: Stainless steel
Filter: Stainless Steel
Hinges: Self balancing with fixed fulcrum
Adjustable feet: Just for a livel adjustment
Performance / Energy Label
Energy consumption per cycle (kWh/ciclo): 0.81 kWh
Water consumprion per cycle (l/cycle): 9 l
Annual energy consumption: 230 kWh
Annual water consumption: 2520 l
Reference programme: ECO
Total cycle time of reference programme (min): 175 min
Energy consumption - stand by off mode: 0.02 W
Energy consumption - stand by on mode: 0.80 W
Duration of the stand by on mode (min): 5 min
Electrical Connection
Nominal power: 1900 W
Current: 13 A
Voltage: 230-240 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Smeg S.p.A.
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 4
42016 Guastalla (RE)
Tel. 0522 821 1
free standing
60 cm
antifingerprint st/steel
orbital spray system
energy rating A++A
At the end of the drying cycle a special device slowly automatically opens the door a few centimeters which ensures perfect drying
and can save up to 20% of energy on some models.
A delay timer can postpone the start of the programme by up to 24 hours, for convenience and also to take advantage of off-peak
energy periods
In addition to the partial Aquastop protection present in all Smeg dishwashers, some models have an electronic device fitted to the
water intake hose, which monitors water levels in the machine, detects leaks in the hose and switches off the water supply
immediately when necessary.
The new ½ load FlexiZone allows you to wash a reduced load saving energy, water and time and there are no restrictions on where
the items are placed. Traditional half loads allow only one of the baskets to be used. Flexi-Zone can be found on most dishwashers,
as either an option or a programme depending on the model.
This system consists of a double spray arm, with contra-action rotation, which distributes water evenly throughout the cavity. The
spray arm jets are perfectly shaped to direct the water with precision, ensuring an excellent wash quality and a greatly reduced noise
The st/steel material used on the exteriors of Smeg dishwashers has a finger-friendly finish to assist in maintaining the surfaces in
a pristine condition.
Smeg products with A+ or A++ energy rating are highlighted with one of the following Symbols
The crystal cycle is a particular programme designed especially for delicate dishes with light dirt.
The length of an Auto programme depends on the need for a pre-wash and the number of rinses required, as monitored by the
Aquatest, which automatically selects the programme most suitable for the degree of food debris found on the dishes.
Regardless of the type of detergent used, the wash cycle adjusts to give the best possible results every time.
The Quick Time option can be selected in conjunction with all programmes except the pre-wash in order to reduce the length of the
wash cycle up to 55%. By using higher temperatures and an intense mechanical spray action, Quick Time is able to save valuable
A new quick programme which takes just 27 minutes, suitable for a lightly soiled load.
This special programme takes less than 1 hour to eliminate the most stubborn dirt and dried on residues.
An electronic infrared sensor measures the clarity of the water during an Auto programme, and automatically ensures the minimum
consumption of water and energy during the load. Models with Aquatest will have at least one Auto programme.
Smeg S.p.A.
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 4
42016 Guastalla (RE)
Tel. 0522 821 1
free standing
60 cm
antifingerprint st/steel
orbital spray system
energy rating A++A
Smeg S.p.A.
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 4
42016 Guastalla (RE)
Tel. 0522 821 1
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