Matrix SQGR15
1.5 Bowl no drainer
Fitting type: Undermount or Inset
Sink handing: Left hand main bowl
Finish style: Black metallic granite
Min. base unit (bowl, tap & overflow only): 600 mm
Durable matt finish granite composite construction throughout
Packaged size L x W x D: 700 x 580 x 280mm
Softened square edges for a sharp but easy clean look
Supplied boxed or sleeved: Boxed
Smooth lined luxury Orbit waste supplied as standard
Boxed weight: 15.06 kg
Sink only weight: 10.44 kg
Can be fitted as undermount or inset
Compact sink designed to complement smaller kitchens
Included parts:
2 X AX1002 (m)
1 X AX1007 (m)
1 X AX1009 (m)
1 X AX1053 (m)
1 X AX4017 (m)
90mm (1.5") Orbit manual basket
strainer waste - long bolt
Round overflow pipework
1.5 or 2.0 Bowl pipework
8 x Composite undermount clips, insert
& 25mm bolt
Fitting & care instructions & data sheet
- SQGR15 (inset and undermount)
Recommended accessories:
1 X AX2502 or AX2503
High & Dry drainer rack - Green &
grey or White & grey
All accessories can be
purchased directly from
or phone 01226 283434
Materials and workmanship warranty summary:
Sink materials & workmanship 10 years.
Waste kits 1 year.
Connecting pipework 1 year.
Care instructions:
Clean the products regularly using soapy water and a non
abrasive cloth, regular cleaning will prevent the build up
of lime scale and dirt.
Avoid contact with corrosive or abrasive substances.
After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water then dry.
For more detail see supplied booklet or
19/09/2016 - This sheet is a summary of the product information full details are available on request,
errors & omissions excepted, details are subject to change without prior notification.
Product order code: (AW3128)
Product dimensions and installation information: note:
symbol indicates position of acoustic pad on stainless products.
*Important, fabricator /
installer notes for
undermount &
flushmount sinks:
The cut out size indicated is
aligned with outside edge of
the bowl top radius (see
example below).
You should confirm with your
client if the worksurface cutout
is to be cut flush, inside or
outside this suggested
perimeter shape & size.
If you create the cutout smaller
or larger than the indicated
size then the fit of the
accessories may be affected
and should be physically
All details are provided in good
faith but do not include the
tolerances of the material or
manufacturing process.
We request that a test cutout
is made in scrap timber and
checked against the actual
sink to be installed before
committing to cutting the
final worksurface.
Adittional notes: Repeated release of boiling hot water directly into coloured sinks can in extreme cases cause crazing and
even cracking. Therefore we recommend great care is taken not to release the water directly on to the sink surface at full
Overall product size: 560 x 460 x 220 corner radius 30mm
Taphole(s) detail: None
Compatability with large square taps:
Wastehole(s) detail (mm): 90 / 90 / N/A (nb. 90mm wastes accept a waste disposal unit)
Min. base unit (refers to space required for bowl, tap and overflow only): fits 600mm carcass
Min. Recessed fitting width: required (bowl(s), tap and overflow: 506mm
*Worktop cut out size: 0x0 corner radius 0mm, for .DXF cut files please see
Min. & Max worktop depth or clip depth reach range: 0 - 0mm
Fitting temple supplied? No, use cut out instructions as supplied
Dishwasher under drainer? Distance from top of worktop to underside of the drainer 0mm
Abode can not accept
liability for problems or
costs incurred by failure to
follow this request.
Note: the dimensions on
ceramic fireclay products are
subject to wider tolerances due
to the nature of this natural
material and the firing process.
CAD cutout files can be
downloaded from
Bowl details: (sizes in mm unless specified otherwise)
Bowl 1 (typically main bowl):
Bowl 2 (typically ½ or ¾ bowl):
Bowl 3:
Bowl 1 size L x W x D (mm): 277 x 400 x 200
Bowl 1 construction: Moulded, 10.00mm
Bowl 1 floor radius (mm): 15
Bowl 1 Wastehole diameter (mm): 90
Bowl 1 overflow: Cirlcular, 30mm diameter
Bowl 1 texture: Metalic Black Granite
Bowl 1 apx. volume (litres): 14.00
Bowl 2 size L x W x D (mm): 172 x 400 x 100
Bowl 2 construction: moulded, 11.00mm
Bowl 2 floor radius (mm): 15
Bowl 2 Wastehole diameter (mm): 90
Bowl 2 overflow: N/A
Bowl 2 texture: Metalic Black Granite
Bowl 2 apx. volume (litres): 6.00
Bowl 3 size L x W x D (mm): N/A x N/A x N/A
Bowl 3 construction: N/A, N/Amm
Bowl 3 floor radius (mm): N/A
Bowl 3 Wastehole diameter (mm): N/A
Bowl 3 overflow: N/A
Bowl 3 texture: N/A
Bowl 3 apx. volume (litres): N/A
19/09/2016 - This sheet is a summary of the product information full details are available on request,
errors & omissions excepted, details are subject to change without prior notification.
Product order code: (AW3128)
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