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Permit decals are issued during the scheduled initial permit and annual permit renewal
inspections. Vehicles are not permitted to operate without a valid permit. To schedule a permit
renewal inspection, please submit the commissary agreement form(s), route sheet, and a copy
of the menu and vehicle registration.
Please arrive on time for your inspection with all hot and cold holding equipment in operation. If you are
15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule. Failure to meet the requirements listed below may result in
a delay in permit issuance. Please be prepared to wait in the event the inspection prior to your appointment
runs longer than expected.
Your inspection is scheduled for:
Approved active mechanical refrigeration capable of maintaining cold foods 41ºF or below at all times. Arrive
with food containers (inserts) at top section of the food preparation refrigeration unit(s). Please note: Cold
plates are no longer permitted in refrigerators for mobiles handling perishable foods. Only freezers storing
prepackaged frozen ready-to-eat foods are permitted to have cold plates.
Hot holding equipment capable of maintaining hot foods at or above 135ºF.
Adequate supply of hot (120ºF minimum) and cold running water of adequate pressure available at
unobstructed and accessible 3-compartment sink.
Adequate supply of warm (100ºF minimum) and cold running water of adequate pressure available at
unobstructed and accessible handwash sink.
Soap and paper towels in dispensers at the handwash sink. A wall-mounted paper towel dispenser is required.
Free of vermin infestation and free of dead insects/rodents/droppings.
Approved probe thermometer that is accurate within ±2ºF. Recommend using thermometers that are able to
be calibrated onsite.
Accurate thermometers in all refrigeration units and hot holding/warming units.
All drain lines free of leaks and connected to wastewater tank.
Waste lines equipped with proper cap and valve assemblies.
Protective screen (filter) and cap for water inlet.
Mechanical ventilation equipment in good operating condition and equipped with approved baffle filters.
All seams, holes, and gaps are sealed, smooth and easily cleanable.
Cutting boards are smooth, easily cleanable and in good repair. Maplewood is the only wood approved for food
First-aid kit (enclosed case) and located in a convenient area.
Wall-mounted, minimum 10 BC rated approved fire extinguisher. (Type K if deep frying)
All equipment is NSF/ANSI certified.
Shatterproof covers/bulbs at all light fixtures.
Identification is permanently affixed on the consumer side of a non-motorized (non-occupied) vehicle and on
both sides of a motorized (occupied) mobile food vehicle. Motorized mobile food vehicles and mobile support
units shall have the required identification on both sides. The business name must be at least 3-inch lettering,
name of the permittee if different from the business name, and commissary address must be at least 1-inch
lettering. The color of each letter and number must contrast with the background.
Drinking water safe hose to obtain potable water AND a separate hose for cleaning the vehicle.
Approved sanitizer with appropriate test strips available for wiping cloths, food service utensils and equipment.
Use chlorine (unscented bleach) or quaternary ammonium (QUAT).
Wiping cloth sanitizing buckets/pails and a clean supply of wiping cloths.
Approved emergency exit (minimum 2 feet x 3 feet) in the side opposite the main exit door, roof, or the rear of
the unit. The exit shall be labeled “Safety Exit” with at least 1-inch high letters.
Self-closing device present at main entry door.
Tight-fitting screens present at ceiling openings.
Positive closing lids and latches for coffee urns, deep fat fryers, and steam tables.
Pass-through window openings not to exceed 216 square inches with at least an 18” separation. Screening
material is at least 16 Mesh per square inch and the pass through screen is self-closing.
All food obtained, stored and prepared at an approved food facility. No food or equipment is to be prepared or
stored at home.
Additional requirements:
Valid Food Safety Manager Certificate and copies of the Food Handler’s Card(s).
DEH placard and permit posted in public view.
Copy of inspection report available upon request.
Test for propane leaks.
Fire suppression system requires bi-annual inspections and the fire extinguishers require annual inspections.
Valid HCD Insignia affixed to vehicle – vehicle modifications may warrant a new insignia.
Operate with a valid Environmental Health Permit. Schedule the annual renewal inspection
approximately 2 months in advance to ensure your permit is renewed prior to your permit expiration
date. All mobile food vehicles found operating without a permit will be closed and assessed a penalty.
Fire Code Standards may be found at (UN-105).
This document serves as guidance and is not inclusive of all mobile food requirements.
Rev. 1/2017
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