Warm Water Bidet Installation.cdr

Warm Water Bidet Installa on
Model SF-W60
Stainless Steel Bidet Sprayer Head
Stainless Steel Bidet Hose with EPDM Inner Tube
Bidet Hook Holder for Toilet Tank
Faucet Diverter with Aerator
Male Threaded Adapter
2 Rubber Washers
Blue Screw Key to Remove/Clean Faucet Diverter Aerator (future use)
Warning: Threads on Male Threaded Adapter May be Sharp When Handling, Proceed with Cau on
STEP 1: At bathroom faucet, use hand to unscrew the aerator from bo om of faucet (FIGURE A).
If it will not budge, consider using pliers to un ghten, using a cloth around the aerator to do so.
A) Once aerator has been removed from faucet, if faucet has threads on the outside (Image 1),
proceed without the provided Male Threaded Adapter and simply screw the Faucet Diverter
into place. Make sure a clear rubber washer (found in bag) is in bo om of swivel nut on
Faucet Diverter and screw into faucet, turning mul ple mes by hand to ghten into place. If
faucet does not have male threads, move onto Step B; otherwise skip to 'Finishing
Installa on' sec on.
HINT: If you have trouble screwing in Faucet Diverter, your bathroom faucet may already have a
rubber washer inside faucet so be sure to check.
B) Once your faucet aerator has been removed, if faucet has threads on the inside (Image 2), use
the provided Male Threaded Adapter. Screw Male Threaded Adapter into the swivel nut
over the exis ng clear rubber washer that is seated flat inside the swivel nut. (FIGURE B).
The second rubber washer (found in bag) should be placed on the exterior, larger open side
of the Male Threaded Adapter and should fit snug into grooves of the adapter. Then screw
en re Faucet Diverter with a ached Male Threaded Adapter into faucet, turning mul ple
mes by hand to ghten into place.
Swivel Nut, 15/16-27
Male Threaded Adapter
Top: 55/64 - 27 Male
Bo om: 15/16 - 27 Male
Faucet Diverter Lever
1/2” Threads for Bidet Hose
Faucet Diverter or Male Threaded Adapter Doesn't Fit?
Take your faucet aerator & included adapter to hardware store like Ace Hardware or Lowes. You'll
be able to find out the thread size of your aerator on the thread size chart found in the faucet
aerator parts department (or just ask for help). There's a good chance you have a junior size faucet
aerator (13/16" male threaded or 3/4" female threaded). Thus, you'll be able to purchase the
correct size male threaded adapter.
You can usually determine this in advance by finding a dime in your home and placing the coin
over the aerator. If it's about the size of a dime, you have a junior size aerator (an aerator the size of
a nickel would indicate standard size, which is included).
Our warm water bidet unit uses the most common aerator thread size -- the Faucet Diverter is
15/16-27 female. The Male Threaded Adapter is 15/16-27 male (bo om) and 55/64-27 male (top).
1) Make sure Faucet Diverter lever is off (pointed down) and remaining diverter opening for the
bidet hose is directed towards the toilet. (FIGURE C). Turn on water to check for leaks. The
water should flow smoothly down through the aerator into the sink. Turn water off before
proceeding. (The included blue screw key will help remove the aerator from the Faucet Diverter
in order to clean and maintain in the future).
2) Locate Bidet Hose and connect smaller end (hexagon shaped nut) to opening of Faucet Diverter and screw on ghtly by hand. A
rubber jar opener will help assist ghtening if necessary.
3) Locate Stainless Steel Bidet Sprayer head and affix to other end of bidet hose by hand.
4) Locate Bidet Hook Holder and affix to convenient loca on on toilet tank and place Bidet Sprayer Head inside Bidet Hook Holder,
dropping in over the top of the holder. (FIGURE D)
With the Faucet Diverter lever s ll pointed down, turn on the hot water handle un l a warm temperature is reached.
Turn off the hot water and turn on cold water handle. Slowly turn on hot water again un l the appropriate temperature has been
reached. This is the correct approach to acquire the right temperature -- the hot water should never be turned on high and mixed
with cold water because scalding can occur in conjunc on with other water sources being used in your home. This includes toilets
flushing or showers or faucets being used concurrently.
Once appropriate temperature has been reached, press the Faucet Diverter lever forward with your finger to ac vate and divert
the water into the bidet hose and sprayer. Direct the hand held sprayer into the sink or toilet and press on the Bidet Sprayer lever to
release flow of water and to confirm the correct water temperature before using.
Water spray is adjustable and will spray with high or low force (jet spray vs gentle rinsing) based on how much depression is
placed on bidet sprayer head lever. The maximum water temperature for diverter is 135 degrees. Ho er temperatures than that
can damage the rubber washers inside the diverter and male adapter.
Make sure to turn off bathroom faucet when finished and flush out remaining water from bidet hose a er use by depressing the
bidet sprayer head handle. This will remove water from hose and allow the hose to lay be er.
The hand held bidet has many uses including female and male hygiene, cleaning toilets, sinks, or tub shower, cloth diaper
cleaning, washing pets, etc.
If leaking occurs where Bidet Sprayer head meets Bidet Hose, or where Faucet Diverter opening meets the Bidet Hose, detach
either of those connec ons from the hose and check for existence of rubber washer or that the washer is lying flat and deep in
hose. Re ghten hose by hand or with rubber jar opener for maximum connec on.
WARRANTY: Components are to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase. Any
component found to have such defects will be replaced or repaired without charge.
ALWAYS turn off the bathroom faucet a er using the SmarterFresh Warm Water bidet. If you choose to not turn off faucet, you risk
weakening the internal components of the diverter, sprayer and hose, or exposing your home to water damage or flooding.
Manufacturer is not responsible for damage which may have been caused by failure to follow this recommenda on.
ALWAYS make sure the hot water tank in home is set appropriately to prevent scalding from water. Our recommenda on is to not
use hot water from the faucet as this can make the sprayer and/or hose very hot to the touch.
Contact us for installa on instruc ons or ques ons at support@smarterfresh.com.
Do NOT return product to retail store or online before contac ng us.
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