Fabric Basket Class With Sarah Meltzer &

Fabric Basket Class
With Sarah Meltzer & Jackie Marable
Assorted fabric cut in 1 inch strips – length does not matter – cut off selvage.
Cotton cording – clothes line from Walmart will work well (50 feet is plenty for small basket)
Glue Stick
Sewing Machine with “Jean” needle (#16 or #18) & capability of multiple zigzag stitch
Open-toe appliqué foot for sewing machine & Jeans –a-ma-jig if your machine needs it.
Blendable Thread to coordinate with fabrics (30 weight works well)
1. Set machine to multiple zigzag at a medium width and length, use matching bobbin and
top thread with blendable thread.
2. Attach open-toe appliqué foot and lower presser foot tension (depending on machine).
3. Begin wrapping your cording:
a. Apply glue or adhesive to the first 2 inches of fabric strip
b. Lay cord at 45 degree angle about 1” from corner, and fold over the corner.
c. Begin wrapping cord at a 45 degree angle. Wrap tightly and try not to twist
cord. Secure end with a clothespin when you take a break.
4. Add additional strip by cutting off corner and applying glue to the end of the new strip –
continue wrapping.
1. Coil wrapped cord for approximately 2-3 full wraps. If your machines requires your
presser foot to stay level use a jean-a-ma-jig
2. ZigZag across the coil 4 times clipping threads each time so you have one X on top of the
other to hold center of coil.
3. Place coil in machine so it will be coiling to the OUTSIDE of your machine needle.
4. Begin stitching with your presser foot in the center between the two coils so both are
caught in the stitching.
5. Continue stitching and molding your project as you go to create your favorite shape.
6. Handles and or embellishments may be added as you go or after.
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