Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
Title: Automatic Fire Alarm System
Effective Date: 01/01/14
Revised Date: 1/1/14
Code References: Title 16, Chapter 16.16 of the Roseville Municipal Code, NFPA 72
Note: This standard is a summary of Fire Department clarifications of City and State
Codes. Information contained herein applies to typical circumstances and may
not address all situations.
This standard was developed with safety as the principle objective. This standard sets forth the
requirements for the design, installation, testing, maintenance and monitoring of all fire alarm
system installations in the City of Roseville, including those monitoring sprinkler systems. All
such fire alarm systems shall conform to this standard including but not limited to:
Plan Submittal
Required Installations
Voluntary Installations
Prohibited Systems
General Requirements
Installation Requirements
New Technology
Required Documentation
System Acceptance Test
Systems Out of Service
False Alarms
These guidelines apply to any newly installed or modified fire alarm system within the Roseville
City limits. If this standard conflicts with any other code or standard, the more specific and/or
restrictive shall apply. Compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) shall be the
sole responsibility of the owner/applicant.
The following definitions are in addition to those found in National Fire Protection Association,
Standard 72 (NFPA 72 hereafter) as amended, and are provided to facilitate the consistent
application of this guideline:
Certificated Alarm System – An alarm system where the certificate issuing alarm
company declares that the installed alarm service is complying with all UL standards.
The City of Roseville requires a UUFX type Central Station Certificate for all buildings
with fire alarm panels. This means that the monitoring company is a UL listed
monitoring company and the installing company is a UL listed fire alarm service,
geographically located within two-hours of the City of Roseville and able to issue UUFX
type certificates through UL.
Listed Fire Alarm Company (installing company) – A company that provides equipment,
installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and runner service for a protected area
with its own personnel, and which subcontracts the monitoring, retransmission, and
associated record keeping and reporting to a listed central station monitoring company.
A listed fire alarm company is considered to be a prime contractor and has been
qualified to issue UL Certificates for alarm systems. This company issues the required
UUFX type UL certification for the site where the equipment is installed. Each central
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
station signaling system covered by a certificate is required to be maintained by the
prime contractor. The alarm company is responsible for issuing this certificate.
Listed Central Station (monitoring company) – An alarm monitoring facility that has
demonstrated the ability to provide service complying with UL standards. In the case of
listed central stations, UL requirements cover building structure, receiving and
monitoring equipment, and staffing issues; in addition to installation and ongoing
service. A central station monitoring company is recognized only for signal monitoring,
retransmission, record keeping, and reporting.
UUFX Certificate – A type of UL certificate issued for a site where the fire alarm
equipment and associated services comply with UL standards for central station
protective signaling service.
The process and requirements for plans shall be as follows:
1. All companies monitoring, installing, maintaining, or servicing fire alarm systems within
the Roseville City limits shall have a valid City of Roseville business license.
2. Fees shall be paid at submission of plans. Work shall not commence prior to approval
of plans.
3. Fire alarm plans for new or modified installations shall be submitted to the Permit Center
4. A minimum of two sets of plans shall be submitted. The Fire & Life Safety Division will
retain one set and the other will be returned to the contractor with an approval or
5. All fire alarm plans and calculations shall bear the stamp of approval by a valid State of
California Professional Electrical Engineer (C-10).
6. Provide a scope of work.
7. Current manufacturer’s specification sheets shall be provided.
8. Current California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) listing sheets for all installed devices shall
be provided.
Plans shall include a minimum of:
1. Minimum sheet size shall be 18” x 24”
2. Must be drawn to scale with the appropriate scale noted on the plan
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
3. Name of the owner and occupant including the address of building and suite
4. Contractor/engineer’s name, address, telephone number, license number, and signature
5. Type of system (Central Station – only)
6. Required system type (locally required, building/fire code required, voluntary)
7. Occupancy and use of each room or area
8. Point of compass and symbol list
9. Sequence of operation matrix
10. Equipment list showing quantity, make, model, and CSFM listing number of each device
11. Full height cross sectional diagram of the building where devices are mounted is
required, including: ceiling construction, roof deck construction, beams, obstructions, or
other barriers or finishes which will affect the design criteria described in NFPA 72 as
12. Type and size of wire, cable, conduit, and conduit fill ratio
13. Single line riser diagram and point-to-point wiring diagram
14. All additional breakers for power boosters and/or additional power supplies shall be
noted and labeled.
15. Initiation device circuit class designations, style designation or both
16. Standby battery calculations for each control panel, sub panel, power booster, central
station transmitter, power supply. Battery calculations shall include a 10% safety factor
17. Secondary power supply and voltage drop calculations shall be provided
18. The maximum permissible voltage drop shall not exceed 15% of the system supply
19. The end-of-line resistance for each circuit shall not to exceed a maximum of 15% of the
20.4 volt system
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
20. All supplementary power supplies shall be:
A. Readily accessible
B. Noted on the riser detail
C. Monitored for trouble
D. Noted on the alarm panel, circuit breaker, and the initiation map
21. Location of each device
22. Mounting height of fire alarm control panel, manual fire alarm boxes, audible and/or
visual notification devices, etc.
23. Details on support and anchorage of any fire alarm equipment weighing over 20 pounds
24. Voice messaging content and languages, (if applicable)
25. Description of auxiliary features and operations (smoke evacuation, smoke/fire damper,
door release services, special extinguishing systems, fire pump monitoring, etc.)
26. Description of any special features such as detector cross zoning or alarm verification
1. An approved fire alarm system shall be installed per the California Building and Fire
2. Required fire alarm systems per the building and/or fire code shall be installed per
NFPA 72.
1. Voluntary systems shall meet this standard, NFPA 72, and be approved by the Roseville
Fire Department.
2. Replacing of an existing fire alarm panel shall be considered a new system for the
purpose of permitting for plan reviews and inspections.
1. Combination burglar/fire alarm systems are not allowed.
2. Burglar alarm devices that deploy smoke to confuse or incapacitate an intruder shall be
3. Any device that has the physical appearance of a life safety or fire protection equipment
device but does not perform a life safety or fire protection function shall be prohibited.
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
UL Certification Required
1. All fire alarm, automatic sprinkler systems and hazardous materials emergency alarms
shall be monitored by a listed central station in the current edition of the Underwriter’s
Laboratories Fire Protection Equipment Directory under the category Central Station
(UUFX). The listing shall indicate the listed fire alarm company provides service to the
Roseville area.
2. The Prime Contractor as listed in the current edition of the Underwriter’s Laboratories
Fire Protection Equipment Directory under the category Central Station (UUFX) shall
notify the Roseville Fire Department Fire and Life Safety Division in writing within eight
(8) hours when systems are not found to be in compliance with applicable codes.
3. The required UUFX certification shall be site specific.
Central Station Monitoring Required
1. All valves controlling the water supply for automatic sprinkler systems and water-flow
switches on all sprinkler systems shall be electronically monitored for integrity by a
“Central Station Fire Alarm System” meeting all the requirements for Central Station
Service. Definitions for Central Station Service may be found in NFPA 72, in the
glossary and the chapter covering the requirements for Central Station Fire Alarm
Systems. All alarm transmitting devices and systems shall be maintained in accordance
with all state laws and nationally recognized standards.
1. Underground key or hub valves in roadway boxes provided by the municipality or
public utility need not be monitored.
2. Valves controlling 19 or less sprinkler heads need not be monitored.
Alarm Transmission Standards
1. The activation of a fire sprinkler system or a fire alarm/detection system shall cause the
system to initiate a signal to the Central Station within ninety (90) seconds.
Retransmission from the Central Station to the Fire Dispatch Center shall not exceed
sixty (60) seconds.
2. A minimum of one phone line shall be required for all fire alarm systems.
3. Other means approved by the national fire alarm standard and/or the Roseville Fire
1. All installed systems shall be maintained and monitored for integrity in accordance with
this standard, including unoccupied areas.
2. Fire alarm systems shall be extended, altered or augmented as necessary to maintain
and continue protection whenever the building is altered, remodeled or increased in
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
3. Buildings, in which 3 or less initiating devices (as defined by NFPA 72) are proposed to
be installed, shall be required to have a minimum of 4 distinct zones.
4. Buildings, in which 4 or more initiating devices (as defined by NFPA 72) are proposed to
be installed, shall be required to have fully addressable panels installed.
5. On systems with fully addressable fire alarm control panels, initiating devices shall be
durably labeled with a simplified corresponding device address.
6. All specialized systems shall be connected to and monitored by the fire alarm panel as a
separate zone.
7. Duct smoke detectors are not required to be monitored on basic waterflow/tamper type
fire alarm systems. If they are connected to the building’s fire alarm system, they shall
report as SUPERVISORY only. See State Fire Marshal Interpretation 06-053.
8. At each new installation, a waterflow bell shall be installed outside of the fire control
room. It shall only sound upon the waterflow switch being activated. In addition, a
STROBE shall be installed outside of the fire control room. It shall activate whenever
any “alarm” condition is present at the FACP. A single approved horn / strobe device
shall be provided in the interior of the building in a normally occupied location within
each space/dwelling unit and floor level unless full notification is required.
9. An approved visible sign shall be posted at all control valves, control panels and
monitoring panels that states the name of the monitoring company and the 24 hour
phone number of the Central Station. It shall also state that the Central Station shall be
called before doing any work or testing on any system being monitored.
10. Reset instructions and reset code shall be clearly posted at the FACP.
11. A laminated floor plan (11”x17” minimum) for each building floor shall be posted
adjacent the FACP in the Fire Control Room. It shall indicate the location of all initiating
devices, inspector’s test valve, monitored valves and main corridors, stairwells and
elevators. See Attachment 1 of this standard for a detail.
12. A key for the FACP and pull station(s) shall be provided in the KNOX Box.
13. Upon activation of the Fire Alarm System, all electronic security locks shall release (failsafe).
14. No other equipment, such as HVAC units, water heaters, and/or domestic water
supplies shall be allowed within the Fire Control Room. Exception: Electrical equipment
is allowed when the fire control room is shared with the electrical room.
Automatic Fire Alarm System
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
15. Fire alarm systems that use radio signals to transmit alarms shall be listed for use with
the FACP. They shall also be capable of mirroring the exact same transmitting zones
as the primary telephone line dialer.
16. Additional specialized systems that use a supplemental FACP shall be capable of
transmitting a minimum of 4 distinct zones that mirror the exact same zones as the main
FACP dialer. Panels that serve these specialized systems shall be identified in the fire
control room on the laminated floor plan.
1. New technology, such as internet based transmission of fire alarm signals, shall be
reviewed for approval prior to installation. Such systems shall also be acceptance
1. The permittee shall provide the Certification of Completion in accordance with NFPA 72
to the authority having jurisdiction that the system has been installed in accordance with
the approved plans and specifications.
2. The permittee shall also provide the Underwriter’s Laboratories Central Station
Certificate for the protected premises.
3. Any revisions, additions or deletions to the protected premises shall require an amended
UL Certificate. An amended UL Certificate shall also be required when there is a
change in Central Station.
4. Records of Inspection, Testing and Maintenance, as required per NFPA 72, shall be
maintained on site and available for review by the Roseville Fire Department.
5. Maintenance shall be per the requirements of NFPA 72. A copy of the monitoring,
maintenance, and runner service agreement, signed by both parties shall be provided
and verified at time of plan review.
6. Installation, monitoring, maintenance, and runner service shall be established by
contract prior to final fire sign-off of the building.
1. A Roseville Fire & Life Safety Inspector shall witness all tests required for system final.
All testing shall be completed in the normal mode of the operating system panel.
2. Prior to requesting a final system inspection and acceptance test the installer shall
perform a satisfactory, 100% test of the system. The entire system shall be installed to
3. The central station monitoring UL certificate application shall be made available to the
inspector and a copy maintained in the fire control room.
Automatic Fire Alarm System
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
4. A confirmation from UL verifying certificate processing shall also be made available to
the inspector.
5. A Record of Completion form shall be maintained by the owner and a copy in the fire
control room.
6. Magnehelic gauge, decibel reader or any other equipment required to complete a
system acceptance test shall be provided by the installing contractor to show
compliance with this standard or NFPA 72.
7. Testing shall be completed per the approved manufacturer’s specification sheets, NFPA
72 and/or this standard.
8. A test of the standby power supply shall be conducted including all supplemental power
9. A functional test of all new equipment shall be conducted.
components shall be tested for amended systems.
10% of all existing
10. Signal initiation and central station retransmission shall be demonstrated. Signal
initiation to central station shall not exceed 90 seconds. Retransmission to fire dispatch
shall not exceed 60 seconds.
11. All required labeling including the laminated floor plan shall be ready at final inspection.
12. A 24-hour battery test, if applicable, shall be performed and witnessed by a member of
this department. This required test shall include all additional power supplies and
boosters. Power shut-off shall be completed 24-hours prior to inspection. Shut-off and
restoration of all systems shall be verified prior to final approval.
13. All circuit breakers shall be tagged and labeled, including breakers for additional power
supplies. Each circuit breaker shall be locked in the “on” position.
14. Additional 24-hour battery test may be performed, subject to the review by this
department, once leased space exceeds 50% build-out.
15. To schedule an inspection, research permit history, or apply for permits online please visit the City
of Roseville Citizen Portal at All inquiries regarding inspections
and permit fees shall be made by calling (916) 774-5332.
16. Inspection times are approximate and may vary because of delays at previous
inspections or emergency response by Fire Department personnel. Please allow time
on either side of the inspection time for the inspector to arrive.
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Roseville Fire Department
Fire and Life Safety Division
17. A Fire Department permit sign-off card shall be retained at the construction site for Fire
Department use for all required inspections.
1. Refer to Roseville Fire Prevention Standard, Fire Watch Procedures for fire alarm
systems out of service.
1. Prior to any person working on any monitored fire alarm system(s), the person shall
place the system(s) in “test” through the monitoring company.
2. If an alarm is transmitted from the Central Station to the Roseville Fire Department
whenever anyone is working on a system, Cost Recovery may apply. See the Roseville
Fire Department Fee Schedule, as adopted by City Council.
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Fire and Life Safety Division
Attachment 1: Fire Control Room Map -- Laminated floor plan example
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