Model: G-1030ST
Instruction Manual
1. Make sure to read all the safety precautions
below and look at the illustrations before you
start using the appliance.
2. Use the appliance for its intended use only
described in this manual.
3. The appliance is intended for household use
4. In order to protect against the risk of electric
short, do not immerse iron power base into
water or any other liquids.
5. Connect the appliance only to an alternating
current of the voltage specified on the rating
plate and only to an earthed socket. To avoid
a circuit overload, do not operate another
high wattage appliance in the same circuit.
6. Turn the appliance to OFF before plugging
or unplugging from outlet. Never yank cord
to disconnect from outlet; instead, grasp plug
and pull to disconnect.
7. Do not allow power cord or supply hose to
touch hot surface.
8. Unplug the appliance from main socket
before filling or empty or when not in use.
9. Do not operate the appliance with a
damaged cord or if the appliance has been
dropped or damaged. To avoid a hazard
such as the risk of electric shock, do not
disassemble the appliance, it must be taken
to a qualified serviceman or manufacturer or
its service agent for examination and repair.
Incorrect re-assembly can cause a risk of
electric shock when the iron is used.
10. Place the iron out of reach of children; close
supervision is necessary for any appliance
being used by or near children. Do not leave
the iron unattended while connected to the
supply mains.
11. During use, always place its stand on a
stable, level and horizontal surface or ironing
12. Always place the iron on its stand, and do
not allow the hot soleplate touch power cord
or supply hose.
13. Burns can occur from touching hot metal
parts, hot water or steam. Use caution when
using the appliance.
14. Never use the iron facing towards people
because the steam can cause burns.
The surfaces are liable to get hot during
16. Never twist the supply hose during use.
17. The appliance must be used and rested on a
stable, level and horizontal surface.
18 .The iron shall be placed on the separate
stand only.
19. When placing the iron on its stand, ensure
that the surface on which the stand is placed
is stable.
20. The iron is not to be used if it has been
dropped, if there are visible signs of damage
or if it is leaking.
21. The iron must not be left unattended while it
is connected to the supply mains.
22. The appliance must be rest or stocked on a
stable, level and horizontal surface.
23. During use, if no water in the reservoir, it will
produce noise<70dBA.
24. This appliance can be used by children aged
from 8 years and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and
knowledge if they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of
the appliance in a safe way and understand
the hazards involved, children shall not play
with the appliance. cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by children
without supervision.
25. Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of
children less then 8 years of age when it is
energized or cooling down.
Water tank
Iron rest plate
Heat indicator light (Iron unit)
Steam switch
Temperature Control Dial
Supply hose/Power cord
Power Cord
Max steam indicator light
Mid steam indicator light
Low Steam indicator light
Steam selection switch
Power indicator light
Power switch
Filter replacement indicator light
Pump working indicator light
Heating indicator light (Base unit)
Control board
Water tank release button
Silk, Nylon,
Dry Iron on
the opposite
side of the
Wool Silk
Use a press Iron while Steam
cloth and
Steam Iron fabric is
on the
still damp
side of the
Ironing Temperature Setting Guide
1. Follow up the ironing instructions on the garment label. If there is
not any instruction label, but you know what kind of the fabric is,
please refer to the fabric setting chart described in this instruction
2. The fabric setting chart is only valid for plain fabrics and not for
materials to which finishes, glosses etc, have been applied. Textile to
which some kind of finish has been applied (gloss, crinkle, relief etc.)
is best ironed at lower temperature.
3. First sort laundry according to ironing temperature setting guide: wool
with wool, cotton with cotton, etc.
4. The iron heats up more quickly than it cools down. Therefore, start
ironing articles that need to be ironed at the lowest temperature,
such as those made of synthetic fibres.
5. If the fabric consists of various kinds of fibres, always select the
temperature required by the most delicate fibres, i.e. the lowest
temperature. If, for example, an article consists of 60% polyester
and 40% cotton, according to the fabric setting chart it should be
ironed for polyester and without steam.
6. If you do not know what kind of fabric the article is made of, iron a
piece of the material which is not visible when you wear to find out
the appropriate temperature for your articles.
7. Pure woollen fabrics (100% wool) should be ironed with the iron
setting to steam ironing position. It is advisable to set the
temperature control button to “Max” position and use a dry
pressing cloth.
8. When steam ironing woollen fabrics, shiny patches may occur.
You may prevent this by turning the article inside out and ironing
the reverse side.
9. After using of steam ironing for cotton fabrics, do not iron articles
required by lower temperature (such as nylon etc.) Immediately. It
is advisable to adjust the temperature button to the lower setting,
waiting for about 2-4 minutes till the power indicator light turn off,
and then you can start ironing.
Do not fill water tank with vinegar, starch, chemically descaled water
or descaling agents.
Prepare the appliance for use
1. Check if the voltage indicated in the rating plate corresponding to
the main voltage in your home.
2. Remove the protective foil or sticker or card from the soleplate.
3. Fully unwind and straighten the power cord and the supply hose.
4. Place the appliance on a stable, level and horizontal surface such
as ironing board.
5. Place the iron onto the iron rest plate horizontally at the base unit.
Fill Water Tank
1. Press upwards the release button at the water tank and slide the
detachable water tank outwards from the base.
2. Fill the water tank up to or below the “MAX” fill line with the clean
tap water. (You can take filter out of the opening for filling water
into water tank, or fill water into water tank directly with the filter
existing in the opening.
3. Replace the water tank into the base unit again. It will be locked in
place with the base unit until a “click” sound is provided.
4. Always pour out the remaining water after use.
Note: When the water level reaches a low level or empty, pump will
provide sound to indicate refilling. It must stop to use the appliance
immediately and refill water tank as the methods mentioned above.
Steam function setting
Once energize the unit with power supply, steam indicator light
automatically sets at low steam setting. Press steam selection switch
to change to MAX or Middle steam setting. If steam ironing is not
necessary, please turn off the steam selection switch, and wait for all
steam indicator lights go out. It can cut off steam ironing function. For
steam ironing again, only to press down steam selection switch.
Steam ironing
1. Fill the water tank with clean tap water refer to above filling
instructions. (Note: For every first use of the filter, please immerse
it in water for better performance)
2. Connect the appliance to a suitable socket outlet. Press the power
switch at the control board until the power indicator light lights up
and provide an “beep” sound to indicate the connection of the
power supply, then heating indicator light and Min steam indicator
light will light up respectively to indicate the steam chamber being
heated up and steam being set at min steam setting accordingly.
During use of steam ironing, it is normal that the heating indicator
light will cycle from ON to OFF and then OFF to ON automatically.
3. Put temperature control dial at the steam ironing setting
according to fabric setting chart. Heating indicator light blink to
indicate the iron being heated up, It will stop blinking when the
required temperature is reached. It also indicates that the unit is
ready for use. During use, it is normal that the temperature
indicator light will cycle from ON to OFF and then OFF to ON
4. Before every first use, it is proposed that the iron will be cleaned as
following procedure: Select steam selection switch at Max steam
setting, hold the iron and press the steam switch underneath the
handle for 20 seconds, and then release for 30 seconds, do this for
two cycles. When heating indicator light stop blinking, it is ready
for ironing .
5. Press the steam selection switch at the control board to select the
recommended position of “off” “
“Please see “Fabric
setting chart”.
6. After use, set the temperature control dial to “Min”position, and
place the iron back on the iron rest plate. Switch off the unit by
pressing the power switch and then unplug the appliance from the
7. Slide out the water tank and pour out the remaining water.
NOTES: a. For every first time use, it is normal that a slightly
vibration sound may be occurred from electrical pump
inside the base unit for a few seconds when steam ironing
started. It is because the water has been being just pumped
into the heating chamber. If this abnormal conditions
continuously happen for more than 30 seconds, please
check whether water tank and filter assembled correctly or not.
b. Since the appliance equips with the low temperature protective
circuit which can prevent water leakage from the soleplate, it is
normal that pump working indicator light may turn off or steam
stop going out for few seconds during continuous use of steam
ironing. If this low temperature protective circuit impacted by any
unknown factors, and can not prevent water leakage well, please
select steam selection switch at Mid or Low steam setting, it will
Dry Ironing
1. Connect the appliance to a suitable socket outlet. Press the power
switch on the control board of the main base, a”beep” sound will
be produced and the steam selection switch automatically sets on
low steam setting, the power indicator turns on to indicate the
connection of the power supply, and heating indicator light turns
on to indicate the heating chamber start being heated up. The
heating indicator light will cycle from ON to OFF and then OFF to
ON due to the steam chamber automatically heat preservation.
2. Press the steam selection switch until 3 steam setting indicator go
off, which indicates that it is ready for dry ironing.
3. Turn steam control dial at the iron to desired position according to
fabric setting chart, The iron’s red light will go on to indicate the
iron being heated up. It will go off when the required temperature
is reached. During the dry ironing stage, the temperature indicator
will cycle from ON to OFF and then OFF to ON automatically due to
the iron is automatically heat preservation.
4. During using, please press the steam switch per 15 minutes since
the iron has auto- shut off function and it will shut off in 15minutes(
refer to”auto shut off function”described below).
5. After use, turn the temperature control dail to “MIN” position.
Then, turn off the power switch and unplug the appliance from the
Note: When changing your Temp setting from high setting to lower, it
is proposed that not to start ironing immediately since there may
be any burns caused on your fabrics by high temperature. Please
wait for temperature indicator light stop blinking, and then start
ironing. Otherwise burns will be caused to your fabrics.
Vertical steam ironing
Follow the steam ironing process, and then hold the iron in vertical
position between 5cm and 15cm away from the hanged fabrics. Press
down steam switch, this will create vertical steam. This feature is
especially used for removing creases from hanging clothes and
curtains. Never directly perform steam ironing on people.
a. During the steam process, the surface temperature
of the supply hose would be quite hot. It is normal since there has
steam passing through the steam transportation pipe inside from
the base to iron. Do not touch by hand!
b. Please keep the supply-hose unblocked and untwisted.
Replacement of Filter
1. The unit equips with filter invalid checking system. During steam
ironing, this checking system will automatically check the used time
of filter . Once the used time exceeded the working life of it, the filter
replacement indicator light will continuously blink to indicate that
the filter need to be replaced.
2. Follow below procedure to replace the filter:
i. Slide out the water tank from the base, and then take out the
filter from the water tank.
ii. Replace it with a new one.
iii. Re-install it into the water tank
iv. Fill water into water tank up to MAX fill level,and slide water tank
into the power base again.
3. Connect the power base to power supply, and then press the steam
selection switch and power switch, the replacement indicator light
will stop blinking and come into re-check status.
Safety protection device
This appliance has a safety valve protection on the base unit. If the
supply hose is blocked accidentally, the safety valve will be opened to
release the steam under the base unit. This is normal that it may
produce a high pitch sound. Once this abnormal condition happened,
unplug the appliance immediately. To check whether any damage is
found in the supply hose
Anti-Scale system
Filter is designed to reduce the build-up of limescale which occurs during
steam ironing, this will prolong the working life of your iron. However,
please note that the filter will not completely stop the natural process of
limescale build-up.
Filter should be replaced with a new one after the filter replacement
indicator light lights up at the base. If a new filter is not available, you
can continue operating the appliance but limescale will build up much
faster. To prevent limescales from building up,it is purposed that to mix
your tap water with distilled water at a proportion of 50%.
Auto shut off function
If there is no actions has been made on the steam switch for about 20
minutes during use, all indicator light will go out and 2 “Beep” sounds
produced to indicate the unit come into auto-shut off status. To
continue ironing, only press power switch again.
Emptying and storing
1. After use, slide out the water tank and pour out all the remaining
2. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply and allow the
appliance to cool down for 60 minutes at least.
3. The iron should be placed on the iron rest plate of the power base
and they should be stored together.
Cleaning and Maintenance
1. Unplug the appliance from the main supply and let the iron cool
2. Clean the iron with a damp cloth.
3. Wipe off scale and any other deposits on the soleplate with a damp
cloth or non-brasive(liquid) cleaner.
4. Never clean the appliance under the tap water.
Trouble Shooting Guide
Trouble Shooting Guide
Product specification table
220 -240V ~50Hz/60Hz
2000 - 2400W
Exposed power cord length
Max water capacity
Steam Rate
Product net weight
Size of iron
288 x 130 x 145mm
(L X W X H)
Size of base
383 x 215x 150mm
(L X W X H)
Size of gift box
408 x 244 x 315mm
(L X W X H)
Never dispose of your product with other
household waste. Please inform yourself about
the local rules on the separate collection of
electrical and electronic products. The correct
disposal of your old product helps prevent
potentially negative consequences on the
environment and human health.
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