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From the Editor
orm and function—long-standing buzz words of the design world. Whether
you are having a bathroom remodeled or starting from the ground up, your
professional designer will consider both form and function to meet your needs
and vision.
Your needs may require increased and updated storage with new cabinetry,
medicine cabinets and closets. The Accessory Portfolio will whet your
appetite for all that’s new in luxury amenities, storage solutions, and innovative
cabinetry hardware.
For your new master bath you may be considering the popular separate tub
and shower. The Shower and Tub Portfolio will take you to the hottest wet zones
of the year.
Shower Yourself with Luxury in Your Bath will have you planning for your spa-like
shower system. Bill Feinberg of Allied Kitchen & Bath takes the guesswork out of
the latest shower technology as he provides a comprehensive and cohesive look at
luxury shower systems.
Your vision will likely feature the master suite of your dreams. You will find En
Suite Dreams a destination meant for you—a wish list all about pampering. Our
friends from the north, the mother-daughter design team of Tereza and Leigh Ann
Hello of The Cabinet Studio (Canada) Inc. will have you walking through your
morning and evening routines, planning your suite around your lifestyle and habits,
choosing features that best suit your needs.
Planning a bathroom of any size will include the vanity. Our Vanity Portfolio will
show you the way, from guest baths to master retreats, with single and double
vanities in today’s latest styles.
With creative design and quality products the powder room can become the jewel
box of your home. This is where you can choose to include a really beautiful basin,
high-end faucets and stunning surfaces. The bathroom that pampers guests is the
perfect place to reflect your luxurious taste and style. Select high-end fixtures and
exciting faucets from our Fixture and Faucet Portfolio. Both form and function will
greet you with so many looks and features to choose from.
And when it comes to bathroom design, Don Boico of Classic Kitchens and Baths
knows that what’s on the surface really is as important as cabinets and fixtures.
See Top to Bottom for your countertop, shower wall and flooring selections.
We’ve saved the best for last—our Professionally Designed Luxury Baths
collection, submitted by some of the nation’s best professional designers. We’ve
increased this section in this year’s issue and hope that you will find the various
styles and products helpful as you plan your home’s designer baths.
Andrea Rodarte
En Suite Dreams
By Tereza Hello and Leigh Ann Hello
The Cabinet Studio (Canada), Inc.
A grand soaking tub is so inviting.
Design by Tereza Hello, The Cabinet Studio (Canada), Inc.
En Suite Dreams 11
choose for the
day. You take
one last look
in the mirror to
see yourself all
put together
and completely
composed, then
you step out of
your room and
are ready to face
the world. All
of these luxuries
promote a relaxed
atmosphere and
help you get your
day started on the
right foot. To most
of us this sounds
like a fairytale
and far from our
This bright and heavenly sanctuary is
every woman’s dream. His and hers basins
are separated by a tall tailored cabinet. A
seated vanity with illuminated mirror and
separate drawers organizes any pampering
necessities. Design by Tereza Hello, The
Cabinet Studio (Canada), Inc. How do you decide what elements
to include in your luxurious master
suite? The most straightforward way
to organize your thoughts around this
is to mentally go through your day to
determine what you would require
to make life easier, and more pleasant.
For most of us our snooze button is our
best friend in the morning. Starting our
day before we make our way into the
kitchen for our first cup of coffee is
nearly impossible. Having a mini
beverage center in your master
bedroom helps eliminate this problem.
If you program your coffee percolator
to start before you wake up, you could
gently awaken by the aroma of coffee
rather than the buzzing of your alarm.
Also, having this convenience waiting
for you so close in proximity will
motivate you to not squander those
first moments away in bed.
Water Tile™ from Kohler.
magine a world where your senses
are gently awakened in the morning
by the robust aroma of your coffee
already brewed, sitting waiting for you
just footsteps away. You gently roll out
of bed and calmly walk across the plush
carpeted floor of your master bedroom
over to your private beverage center
and sip on your favorite cup of java.
While listening to the soothing sounds
of music playing in the background you
make your way into the en suite. You
notice the floor is nice and warm under
your feet and you are ready for your
shower to wake you up for the day.
When you have finished peacefully
pampering yourself in your en suite you
quietly make your way to your spacious
and well-organized walk-in closet and
sit on the cushioned seat while you
decide which outfit and shoes to
organize your daily routines. Take a
moment to savor this thought, if you
save just 15 minutes in the morning
each day by not having to run in circles
you could add two full work-weeks back
to your personal schedule each year.
current morning rituals of the day-today hustle and bustle.
Although all of the above are
wonderful indulgences that sound very
appealing, the luxury that is highest on
everyone’s “want, but can’t afford” list
is: time. No matter how hard we try, we
always seem to need a few extra
minutes in the day. This could be
possible if you decide to live a life with
luxurious conveniences. They will help
12 En Suite Dreams
eyes as the water rains down on you
from the shower panel overhead.
Feeling awake and alive you reach out
of the shower to grab your towel off
the warming towel rack and dry yourself
off. You then make your way across
the bathroom to his and her basins
spaciously separated by a beautiful tall
tailored wardrobe cabinet. Imagine this
grand piece detailed with an arched
valence, skirted toe kick, pilasters
highlighting the deep drawer unit, and
the upper cabinet framed with reeding
to add a luxurious element to the room.
You slip into your intimate apparel
and the heated robe from the warming
drawer and you are ready to finish your
pampering needs.
The expansive walk-in closet is fitted
with built-in cabinetry, while the two
vanities are separated by the lowered
make-up area. This master suite also
includes a sumptuous soaking tub for
two with separate spacious shower.
Design by Tereza Hello, The Cabinet Studio
(Canada), Inc. Small appliances once only found in
the kitchen are slowly making their way
into the master suites to add minutes
back to your day. A self-contained
coffee system can be installed in any
room very easily without the need for
a fixed water supply, making it a
wonderful addition to your new home
or your existing master suite. These
units in particular are great for any
couple, allowing both partners to enjoy
their hot morning beverage exactly the
way they like it.
As you walk to the edge of the
bedroom, on-looking the bathroom, you
keep your feet nestled in the warmth
and comfort of your carpeted bedroom
floor. You are leery to take that first step
onto the cold surface in the bathroom,
afraid of shocking your body and surely
breaking the calm you feel inside. An
alternative would be to joyfully make
your way into the en suite as the heated
flooring warms your feet and prepares
you for the rest of your calming routine.
You are ready to take a refreshing
shower. Blissfully you stand amongst
the multiple invigorating showerheads
as the strategically placed jets and
water tiles wake you up and gently
massage your tired bones. Close your
You then reach for all of your
cleansing and styling aids that are well
organized in the cabinetry below the
mirror. Each piece separately divided in
the custom designed drawer unit to
keep each article from shifting to the
back or hiding under other pieces. You
also look forward to choosing your
jewelry for the day as this is another
treat because all of your small pieces,
En Suite Dreams 13
The comfort of a friendly floor by Warmly Yours heating systems.
such as rings, broaches and earrings,
are organized in their own individual
drawers and your necklaces and longer
accessories are neatly hanging in your
tailored pull-out cabinet for easy
viewing and access.
A systematic and well thought out
design plan will take your daily activities
The Belle vanity from Fairmont Designs.
into consideration to make all of these
tasks flow seamlessly into one another.
Yet, regardless of how well organized
the design you still detest attempting
to apply your makeup because no
matter how much time you spend on it,
it never looks the same once you look
at yourself in the mirror in the car. The
reason for this is the sunlight is often
brighter than the lighting overhead in
your bathroom. This is a significant
concern and lends itself to the shift
back to the old Hollywood style seated
illuminated mirror vanities. This not only
addresses the lighting issue but also
helps keep you relaxed in the morning,
rather than having to lean across the
sink to get close enough to the mirror
when applying your makeup.
In fact the evolution of the vanities
has been quite interesting to follow. Our
ancestors began with a simple pitcher
and bowl to take care of their sanitary
needs. Followed by the introduction of
running water inside the home, mirrored
medicine cabinets over pedestal sinks
came into play. Then along came full-
mirrored sink vanities inside the
bathroom. As the stature of people
became larger and time became more
of an issue it was no longer feasible
to have a single basin to accommodate
both people and still maintain a calm
atmosphere. This made way for an
additional basin in the vanity and then
later separate his and her vanities all
together. We are now seeing more
homes allowing for completely separate
bathrooms into their design, for both
partners to get themselves ready
individually in the morning. Not only
does this save time, and a lot of
unnecessary anguish, it also allows
each person to get ready in the comfort
of a room designed around their own
personal style. Modern design has now
come full circle with the introduction
of beautiful vessel sinks which come
in such a wide variety of not only sizes
but styles and texture that have taken
taking center stage. We are also seeing
the comeback of the medicine cabinets
with their vast array of styles and
colors integrated into many bathroom
designs today.
Wood-Mode’s Kensington Court
14 En Suite Dreams
Now that you have finished
pampering yourself and feel stunningly
alive, you must find something to wear.
You push open your closet door and
squeeze through the clothes and you
pick the outfit based on which one
needs less ironing as opposed to
choosing the outfit that best suits your
mood that day. You have your outfit in
hand and now if only you could
remember where you put the shoes
that match. There is the left one on
the floor of the closet but where is its
counterpart? No matter how relaxed
you were in the beginning part of your
morning, this picture could get any of
us frustrated enough to wipe away
those tranquil feelings.
This leads us to the next luxury
that countless couples are including
in their master suites: the spacious
A guest bath getaway offers luxurious amenities. Design by Tereza Hello, The Cabinet
Studio (Canada), Inc.
walk-in closets. This is something
that is considered in the pre-planning
stage when building a new home.
However, if you are in a mature home
and desire the roominess of a walk-in,
don’t feel defeated, consider converting
the spare bedroom into your own
luxurious addition.
Instead of the grating situation
This bedroom niche features Studio Becker’s Wardrobe System with sliding doors in aluminum frame and green frosted Satinato glass.
En Suite Dreams 15
You have used this area to efficiently
yet peacefully prepare yourself for your
day, now you deserve to use it as a
retreat to unwind in as well. Keep this in
mind when designing your dream suite.
Although you have carefully chosen
many luxuries to add to your design in
order to help organize your morning
routine, you should also pay close
attention to some amenities that could
be included in your plans to pamper
yourself after a long days work.
A grand soaking tub or a massaging
bubble bath will be a welcomed treat.
Relax upon the sculpted head and
armrests and allow your mind to escape
as the jets knead your tight back and
massage your weary feet.
If space is an issue, another elegant
option is to enjoy a soothing soak in a
beautiful tub with soft music playing in
the background and candles flickering
off the calming pool of water. If you live
in a mature home and the plans from
years ago did not include a bathroom
off the master bedroom, you can still
make your existing bathroom as
luxurious and stimulating as the rooms
described above. Even though it may
not be as convenient as having an en
suite it is still in the comfort and warmth
of your home.
A newly remodeled master suite was designed to work with the early 18th century style
of the home. Designed by Peter “PJ” Salerno, CMKBD, Salerno’s Custom Cabinetry.
Photography: Peter Rymwid.
described previously, picture walking
cozily wrapped up in your warm
bathrobe into your beautiful spacious
wardrobe room. You sit at ease on your
cushioned lounge while you decide
which fashion you will don today.
Everything organized in the open
shelved cabinetry according to season
and color, makes your clothes easy
to view at a glance. All of your
accessories: purses, ties and shoes
are tucked away neatly in a large island
in the middle of the room. After you
have decided on your outfit, you calmly
get dressed and enjoy the rest of your
day. To save more time in your morning
you may decide to choose your clothes
at night and lay them out on your
wooden valet. This will also allow
you the time to gently get rid of any
wrinkles from your suit if necessary
with your personal garment steamer
all in the comfort of your suite.
Forget about your hectic day, and
use that same beverage center from
the morning to steep a soothing cup of
chamomile tea to sip on as you retreat
back to your bedroom. Nestle up in your
luscious chaise lounge to a good book,
in front of a warm crackling fire. Having
a quaint seating area is a nice addition
to your bedroom as it gives you a
chance to engage in conversation with
your loved ones or simply relax alone
before you are ready to retire for the
evening. You may be too tired to start
another chapter in your novel, but
you still aren’t ready to fall asleep. In
this case grab the remote and turn on
your flat screen television that hangs
centered over your fireplace. Set it
16 En Suite Dreams
on a timer so you can fall into a
relaxing slumber.
Doesn’t this all sound like a dream
come true? Your workweek is over
and all in all it was pretty blissful and
now the weekend is here. If only you
hadn’t been so enthusiastic about the
wonderful additions to your luxurious
master suite! Now that you have been
sharing about your lovely new
sanctuary you are bound to have more
out of town visitors, friends and family
opting to stay with you rather than at
the local hotel. When they do so,
remember your guests are on vacation
and would love to wake
up to a luxurious getaway. A fun way
to accomplish this is to add a theme
bathroom near or within the guest room.
For example, a lot of people are drawn
to the Eastern design styles of the
Orient but that doesn’t necessarily
match the décor of the rest of the
house. The guest rooms are an exciting
way to incorporate different design
styles that contrast the rest of the home.
If this is too drastic for you, adding
some of the luxuries like the warming
towel rack or the beverage center into
the space will help make your guests
This en suite master bath’s understated beautiful wood cabinets complement the glazed
tile, pulls and glass-enclosed shower with an Adam and Eve fixture. Interiors by Cathy St.
Aubin. Design by Tereza Hello, The Cabinet Studio (Canada), Inc.
enjoy a little piece of private luxury
as well. A simple way to add elegance
to the guest rooms is to replace basic
pulls and knobs with jewelry like
hardware. Also, including glass mosaics
Pamper yourself with a welcoming, luxurious master retreat. Design by Tereza Hello, The
Cabinet Studio (Canada), Inc. in the bathroom is another technique
to add brilliance and luxury as well.
A major trend we will be seeing in the
next ten years is a shift back to the
construction of smaller scale homes up
to 2700-square feet. This shift will mean
that designers will need to become
more creative with their designs in
order to allow their clients to live a life
with all of the luxuries they desire within
the smaller space. This being said,
although grand, elaborate master suites
can be breath taking, you can also find
luxury on a smaller scale. It is very
exciting to start building your new
dream home from the foundation up.
This process allows you to build the
walls around your dream. However, if
you have an established home you now
have the opportunity to build your
dream around your existing walls.
You have a good idea of what your
dream would be for your suite, but there
are a few things to keep in mind.
En Suite Dreams 17
To ensure you are completely
satisfied at the end of your project and
for years to come, insist that your
designer focus not only on the beauty,
functionality, and organization of the
design but make sure that they are
concerned with how you intend to use
all of the rooms. Lifestyle questions are
just as important, if not more important
than style and aesthetic questions,
when wanting to live a life of true
convenience and luxury. ■
The posh minimalist approach—Mistral from Bristol and Bath.
The Miele Coffee Systems for example
are completely self-contained.
Tereza Hello is the owner and principal
designer of The Cabinet Studio (Canada) Inc.
Her award-winning team of professionals are
proud members of the National Kitchen and
Bath Association, Windsor & District
Chamber of Commerce and Executive
Women International. Her daughter, Leigh
Ann Hello, joined this illustrious team and
together they have formed the dynamic mother-daughter duo that is at the forefront of the
business bridging the generational gaps.
Together they ensure that every associate
maintains the genuine personalized touch
Tereza established the company on over a
decade ago.
Vanity Portfolio
NeoMetro Cranberry and Skye
Consoles. 쑼
쑿 Fairmont Design’s Urban Loft vanity
쑿 Iris vanity and mirror from Xylem
with apron-front sink.
with Reflex vessel in Metallic Silver.
Award winning powder room by Tereza
Hello, The Cabinet Studio, Inc. Interiors:
Cathy St. Aubin. 씰
Porcher® Tetsu™ Collection features
exotic woods from Africa and the
Orient. 쑼
쑿 Design by Michael E. White, CKD,
Aspen White Star, LLC, Woody Creek,
CO. Quality Custom Cabinetry.
Photography: Bob Brazell.
The Cabinet Studio (Canada) Inc.
Designer: Tereza Hello
(877) 604-4334
Spanish Spice
nfluenced with a touch of Spanish spice, this gorgeous bathroom is a wonderful
escape for the man of the house. The dark tones and rustic textures on the walls
and floor provide a masculine feel while the accessories add a feminine touch to
allow any guest to feel comfortable and enjoy the space. A unique feature in this
retreat is the floating alder wood vanity with granite countertop. While giving
character to the space, this allowed us to raise the vanity to base height to
accommodate the stature of the client without overpowering the room.
Interiors: Cathy St. Aubin
Elegant Oasis
ven before entering this bathroom
you start to gain a sense of feminine
elegance and organization. Clean,
bright, organized, striking and grand,
are all words that come to mind as
you enter this space. As you descend
down the hallway into this beautiful
oasis, you are greeted by a tall cabinet
inset between two full-length mirrors.
The pristine ambiance is echoed in the
bathroom with the harmonizing French
Vanilla hand glazed cabinetry. The gold
trim on the wainscoting around the
entire room beautifully accents the
gold hardware and fixtures at the vanity.
Sandra Ling of Instinctive Interiors, LLC