Apri? 30, 1968
Filed March 16, 1966
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Patented Apr. 30, 1968
A further object of this invention is to provide a novel
shower head which can incorporate a number of molded
Leon C. Miller, Playa Del Rey, Calif., and Richard A.
Mason, Orange, Conn., assignors to National Distillers
and Chemical Corporation, New York, N.Y., a corpo
ration of Virginia
Filed Mar. 16, 1966, Ser. No. 534,879
3 Claims. (Cl. 239-458)
An adjustable shower head including a housing mov
able axially with respect to an internal shower head core
to selectively control the rate of ?ow through said head,
core and housing preferably being molded from plastic
plastic parts for the moving parts thereof to provide in
herent lubricity.
These and other objects of this invention will become
apparent from the following description when taken in
connection with the drawings, in which:
FIGURE 1 is a cross-sectional view of a shower head
assembly constructed in accordance with the invention.
FIGURE 2 is a cross-sectional view of the shower
head core of FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 3 is a side view of FIGURE 2.
FIGURE 4 is a cross-sectional view of the shower
head housing of FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 5 is a side view of the shower head hous
ing of FIGURE 4 vas seen from the left-hand side of
FIGURE 6 is an enlarged view in cross-section of
one of the grooves in the shower head housing.
head core being provided with an internal passage com
FIGURE 7 is a side cross-sectional view of the shower
municating directly with a source of water supply, and a 20
head cover of FIGURE 1.
spider extending through said second flange and pro
FIGURE 8 is a side view of FIGURE 7 as seen from
viding communication between the internal passage in
left-hand side of FIGURE 7.
said core and the discharge cavity de?ned between said
Referring now to the drawings, I have illustrated
?rst and second ?anges.
therein the novel shower head which is connected to a
suitable standard ball connector 10‘ which is connected
to a suitable outlet line in the usual manner. The ball 11
This invention relates to a shower head, and more
of ball connector 10 is then captured between retaining
speci?cally relates to a novel adjustable shower head
ring 12 and rubber sealing ring 13 which are respectively
which can be adjusted through the rotation of an exterior
carried in the ball cap 14 and shower head core 15. The
member whereupon a sealing ring is driven deeper into
ball cap 14 is threadably connected to the shower head
or away from an internally tapered grooved ring form
material and the core including ?rst and second spaced
?anges of different diameters providing -a discharge
cavity therebetween, the inner extremity of the shower
ing the discharge ori?ces, thereby to adjust the diameter
of the discharge ori?ces.
Adjustable shower heads are well known to the art
wherein an adjustment member is provided to adjust
the coarseness or ?neness of the shower spray.
The present invention is for a novel shower head con
st-ruction which provides the {full extent of adjustment
core 15 as illustrated, and the parts are then ‘locked to
gether by a suitable set screw 16.
The shower head core 15 is a unitary device of plastic
material which could be an acetal plastic such as “CelcOn”
which is capable of being molded according to standard
molding practice. As shown in FIGURES 2 and 3, the
shower head core 15 has a ?rst threaded section 20 which
is threaded into the 'ball cap 14, as shown in FIGURE
1, and 1a second threaded section 21 which threadably
number of parts are materially reduced, thereby to intro
receives the shower head housing 22 which will be de
duce considerable economies in the manufacture of the
scribed more fully hereinafter with reference to FIGURES
device and which further includes ease of adjustment
4, 5 and 6.
of the shower head.
Shower head core 15 then has a ?rst extending ?ange
In accordance with the invention, the shower head
is formed of a shower head housing of attractive appear 45 23 which receives a sealing gasket 24 which is sealed
to the interior of section 25 of shower head housing 22,
ance, and which is threadably secured to a ball cap con
as shown in FIGURE 1, and a second end flange 30
nected to a standard ball connector which swivellably
which receives a sealing O-ring 31 which controls the
mounts and connects the shower head to a suitable outlet.
effective discharge ori?ce diameter of the shower head, as
The shower head housing is threadably connected to the
ball ‘cap, so that rotation of the housing on the ball cap 50 will be later described.
It will be noted that all parts are circular in con?gura
causes the movement of a sealing O-ring along encircling
tion, as shown, for example, by the circular shape of ?ange
grooves which are inwardly tapered contained at the in
30 of FIGURE 3.
terior outlet end of the shower head housing. Therefore,
A chamber 35 is then formed between ?anges 30 and
when the shower head housing his moved inwardly over
23 of the shower head core, which chamber is enclosed,
the ‘ball cap, the discharge ori?ces de?ned by the tapered
as shown in FIGURE 1, by the shower head housing 22.
grooves are reduced in size, thereby to adjust the ?neness
The shower head housing 22 is shown in detail in
or coarseness of the spray discharged from the shower
FIGURES 4, 5 and 6, and again is molded of a suitable
'plastic material such as ‘an acetal plastic such as “Celcon.”
Accordingly, a primary object of this invention is to
provide a novel shower head wherein the water supply 60 Note that the use of such plastic material insures effective
lubrication between the threaded engagement of the
can be easily adjusted by rotating the exterior surface of
shower head housing 22 and the shower head core 15.
the shower head.
The shower head housing 22 of FIGURES 4, 5 and 6
Another object of this invention is to provide a novel
has ‘an interior end thread 40- 'which engages the thread
shower head in which spray adjustment can be obtained
21 of the shower head core 15, and the opposite end of
without putting one’s hand into the spray.
shower head housing 22 includes an enlarged diameter
A further object of this invention is to provide a novel
section 41 which has a plurality of tapered grooves 42
adjustable shower head which can be adjusted to a ?ne
extending around the inner periphery thereof which are
or coarse spray and can be placed in an extreme posi
parallel with the axis of the shower head housing 22.
tion to ?ush out dirt, scale and the like.
Yet another object of this invention is to provide a 70 The ‘depth of grooves 42 decreases from the left to the
novel shower head which has few parts and is inexpensive.
right in FIGURE 4 due to the tapered bottom of the
of any presently existing shower head where, however, the
grooves. This is shown in more detail in FIGURE
the groove 43 which has a taper angle of approximately
10°, and an axial length of approximately 0.437 inch.
The diameter of the cylinder containing the outer surface
of grooves 42 can be approximately 1.122 inches.
It will be noted in FIGURE 1 that the periphery of
grooves 42 is of such a diameter that they receive the
outer diameter of O-ring 31 which serves to de?ne a sep
arate discharge ori?ce between each of the adjacent
grooves by sealing off the interior surfaces of the grooves.
Moreover, depending upon the axial location of O-ring
31, the effective discharge ori?ce will change in size
since the depth of the groove decreases from left to right
in FIGURES 1 ‘and 4, whereupon the discharge ori?ce
area will increase as the O-ring 31 moves to the left.
In order to provide a non-slip [area for rotation of the
shower head housing 22, the outer surface of portion
41 is serrated with notches such as notches 50.
The shower head housing 22 of FIGURES l, 4, 5 and
'Although this invention has been described with re
spect to its preferred embodiments, it should be under
stood that many variations and modi?cations will now
be obvious to those skilled in the art, and it is preferred,
therefore, that the scope of the invention be limited not
by the speci?c disclosure herein, but only by the appended
The embodiments of the invention in which an ex
clusive privilege or property is claimed are de?ned as
1. A shower head comprising a shower head housing
having a central opening therein, a shower head core
positioned ‘within said shower head housing and having
a ?rst extending ?ange on the outer extremity thereof, a
second extending ?ange on said core of substantially
lesser diameter than said ?rst ?ange and spaced there
from to provide a discharge cavity therebetween en
closed 'by said shower head housing; a peripheral seal
ing gasket on said second ?ange ‘for providing sealing
6 is then cove-red with a suitable shower head cover 60 20 engagement with the interior portion of the central open
ing in said shower head housing; the inner extremity
which is of a thin metallic material such as yellow brass
having a wall thickness of approximately 0.020 inch.
The shower head cover shown in FIGURES 7 and 8
is secured to the shower head housing, as shown in
of said shower head core being provided with an internal
passage communicating directly with a source of Water
supply; a spider in said shower head core extending
FIGURE 1, as by punching short depressions 61 and 25 through said second ?ange and providing communication
between said internal passage and the discharge cavity
62 into depressions 63 and 64, respectively (FIGURE 1),
de?ned between said ?rst and second ?anges; and ad
which locks the shower head cover in position.
justment means connecting said shower head housing to
In operation, water from a suitable pipe flows through
said shower head core permitting relative axial move
the ball connector 10 into the interior of shower head
core 15. This water then ?ows through the spider 65 30 ment of said shower head core within said shower head
housing; the central opening in the shower head housing
of shower head core 15 into the chamber 35. Thereafter,
having an outer interior surface formed by a plurality
the water flows through the discharge ori?ce grooves 42
of grooves encircling the ?rst ?ange in the shower head
with the discharge ori?ce area being determined by the
core and in contact with the peripheral surface of said
relative axial position of O-ring 31 along the grooves
42. In order to obtain a ?ner spray, the shower head 35 ?rst ?ange, said grooves having a constant minimum
diameter extending along the ‘full width of said ?ange;
housing 22 is rotated on the core 15 so that the threaded
the depth of said grooves gradually increasing from one
engagement therebetween causes the housing or cover
end of said grooves to the opposite end thereof whereby
22 to advance to the left with respect to the shower head
each of said grooves de?nes a discharge ori?ce of variable
core 15. Thus, the discharge ori?ce areas de?ned by
each of the grooves between the grooves and the gasket 40 area depending on the axial location of said ?ange with
respect to the bottom of said grooves.
31 decreases.
2. The device as set ‘forth in claim 1 wherein said
In order to have a coarser spray, the discharge area de
?ange has an O—ring secured to the outer periphery there
?ned by each of the grooves is increased by causing
of; said O-ring contacting the interior of said grooves
the shower head housing 22 to move to the right with
along a circular line.
respect to shower head core 15, whereupon the O-ring
3. The device as set forth in claim 1 wherein said
31 :will move to an axial position along the grooves 42
shower head core and shower head housing are formed
having greater depth thereby to de?ne a larger discharge
of plastic material; \and a metallic cover enclosing the
outer surface of said shower head housing.
It will be noted that the novel shower ‘head of the
invention has a minimum of parts, most of which can
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be economically formed of moldable plastic material.
Moreover, this moldable plastic material provides its own
lubrication for the relative movement of the various mov
ing parts.
Furthermore, the novel shower head of the invention 55
6/ 1942
Pennypacker ______ __ 239-460
7/ 1956
Warren ___________ __ 239-457
Coleondr-o et al. ..__._ 239-458 X
can be easily adjusted without placing one’s hand in the
2/ 1962 Young _________ __ 239-458 X
shower spray by gripping the outside of the shower head
6/1966 Bachli et a1 ______ __ 239-457 X
cover 22 along the serrations 50 and rotating the shower
Savage _________ __ 239-460 X
head. Flushing of the unit may then be accomplished
by flushing out dirt or scale by placing the unit in its 60 M. HENSON WOOD, IR., Primary Examiner.
extreme coarse position and increasing the water pres
V. C. WILKS, Assistant Examiner.
sure in the usual manner.
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