GM camera interface for vehicles with a factory
Rear Entertainment System (RES)
(Kit # 9002-2764)
Please read thoroughly before starting installation and check that kit contents are complete.
Items Included in the Kit:
Tools & Supplies Needed:
AV input harness
LVDS video cable
Power/CAN harness
RGB input cable (not used)
Input toggle switch
9002-2764 interface
Remote eye
These instructions
Wire strippers
Wire cutters
Electrical tape
Zip ties
Plastic panel removal tools
Digital Volt Meter / BCM safe test light
Socket set
Safety Precautions:
• Work in well ventilated area that is clear of obstructions.
• Secure vehicle with tire chucks in both front and rear of tires.
• Turn vehicle accessories OFF and ensure ignition key is in OFF position.
• Wear safety goggles and snug fitting clothes.
• Use tools only for their intended purpose and which are in good repair.
• Only perform this task if confidence, skill, and physical ability permit.
NOTE: We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date installation instructions. For the latest full color
instructions, as well as an installation video, please visit
1. GM trucks only: Remove the glove
box, the HMI module is located
behind it (black box with connectors).
Remove (2x) Torx t15 screws
9002-2764 Instructions 7-15-16
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2. GM trucks only: Underneath the glove
box you’ll find (2x) more additional
Torx T15 screws firing upwards.
Remove these and pull the glove box
free from the dash (all that remain
are clips).
3. Remove the blue mini-USB connector
shown here, and replace it with the
blue male end of the provided LVDS
cable. Make sure the connector is
seated properly.
the camera must connect to the RCA
labeled ‘REAR-C’. Refer to the dipswitch settings chart to skip/enable
AV sources upon toggle switch
presses (optional.) Refer to the dip
switch chart on the last page.
The provided R-CAM output provides
power (red) and ground (black) for the
aftermarket rear view camera.
7. Optional: Connect the remote eye to
the port labeled ‘IR’ (on the power
harness) and leave it in clear view of
the driver (often it can be stuck inside
a vent). This connection would be
necessary if you want to be able to
adjust anything from the MY-CUE
interface’s menu.
While in any AV mode other than factory
(on the display screen), press the MENU
button for Menu 1, or hold the left arrow
to enter MENU 2.
To switch between AV modes, press the
‘OK’ button.
4. Plug the factory blue mini-USB
connector into the black, female end
of the provided LVDS cable.
5. Connect the white plug from the
provided LVDS cable into the port on
the 9002-2764 interface labeled
8. Optional: Connect the provided
momentary toggle switch to the port
on the 9002-2764 interface labeled
‘MODE’. Pressing this switch with the
ignition on will cycle the screen
modes as follows: factory screen >
NAVI (RGB) > AV1 > AV2 > AV3 >
factory screen. Please refer to the
dipswitch section on last page
for input settings.
6. Connect the AV Input cable to the
port on the 9002-2764 interface
labeled ‘AV IN/OUT’. If you’re only
connecting a reverse camera (and no
other inputs), the signal input from
9002-2764 Instructions 7-15-16
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9. Connect the 9002-2764 Power
harness to the interface at the port
labeled ‘POWER/CAN’. Connect the
RED wire to 12 volt + accessory and
the BLACK wire to a clean and bare
ground connection.
10. If a rear view camera is being added
connect the GREY wire to the 12v +
reverse signal in the vehicle (wire
that shows 12 V+ only when in
reverse). NOTE: when connecting
to ANY vehicle with LED reverse
lights YOU MUST use a relay to
isolate the factory wiring from
the interface. Connects are 30:
output to grey wire form interface,
87: Constant 12 V + or 12 V +
accessory, 85: Chassis ground, 86:
Factory reverse wire, 87A No
11. Start the car and test for proper
functionality before replacing dash
12. Note: All other included harnesses not
mentioned in this manual are not
needed for most installations.
9002-2764 Instructions 7-15-16
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9002-2764 Instructions 7-15-16
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