GDF101W Deep Fat Fryer
User Guide
• Do not operate the fryer without oil or with an
insufficient quantity (lower than the MIN mark inside
the oil pan).
• Do not over fill the oil pan of the fryer (above the MAX
• Do not open the lid when frying.
• Before using the fryer for the first time, check that
there is no damage to any parts and the appliance is in
good working order. If there is any damage, do not use
the fryer, contact the supplier or manufacturer.
• This appliance shall not be used by children from
0 year to 8 years. This appliance can be used by
children aged from 8 years and above and if they are
continuously supervised. This appliance can be used
by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge
if they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and
understand the hazards involved. Keep the appliance
and its cord out of reach of children aged less than
8 years. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be
made by children.
Cooking appliance should be positioned in a stable
situation with the handles (if any) positioned avoid
spillage of the hot liquids.
If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced
by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly
qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
This appliance is not intended to be operated by
means of an external timer or a separate remotecontrol system.
To protect against electric shock, do not immerse the
plug, power cord or housing in water or any other
Always unplug the appliance from the power socket
after use, before cleaning, emptying and filling with oil.
This appliance is intended to be used in household
and similar applications such as:
• – Staff kitchens areas in shops, offices and other working environments;
• –farmhouses;
• – by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
• – bed & breakfast type environments.
Before connecting the appliance, please check that the
voltage indicated on the bottom of the appliance is
the same as the mains voltage in your home.
The socket must the same type as the plug attached to
the appliance.
•Make sure that the temperature control on the
bottom of the fryer is set to OFF before plugging it in.
• Place the fryer on a heat resistant surface with access
to a power socket.
• Before operating the appliance ensure the lid and oil
are completely free of water or condensation.
• Do not use outdoors, this product is for indoor use
• Hot oil can cause very serious burns. The appliance
is hot during use and retains heat for some time after
being switched off. Do not touch hot surfaces such
as the oil pan or any metal surface. Never move the
appliance during use.
• The surface becomes hot when frying. To prevent
scolding, never touch the fryer before it has cooled
• Ensure there are no flammable objects put over or
placed near the fryer. If the oil catches fire, unplug
the appliance and close the lid. Never use water to
extinguish the fire.
• Do not use this appliance for purposes other than its
intended use.
• Don’t put the fryer in water or any other liquid.
• Don’t put the fryer in a dishwasher.
• Clean the outer shell with a clean damp cloth. Do not
scrub or use abrasive cleaners.
• Damp food should be dried before frying and remove
any loose ice crystals from frozen food.
• Always lower the basket slowly into the oil when frying
then always close the lid.
• Beware of oil spattering when food is lowered into the
hot oil. Never obstruct the air vents.
• We suggest that you always defrost frozen food before
frying it.
• Please Note: Do not use solid cooking oil, fat, butter,
margarine, or olive oil. Solid cooking fat of any kind
will overheat and burn out the element. Olive oil
contains too much water and it’s smoking point is too
low for deep frying. Buy a good quality liquid cooking
oil suitable for deep frying like sunflower or corn
oil. Don’t mix oils of different types, as they’ll have
different temperature characteristics.
• Important: The oil pan is permanently fixed inside the
fryer, you should never attempt to remove it.
• Short Cord Instructions: CAUTION: A short power
cord is provided to reduce the risk of personal injury
from entanglement in or tripping over a longer power
• Extension Cord Usage: An extension cord or longer
detachable cord is not recommended for use with
deep-fat fryers and cooker/fryers.
• Electric Power: if the electric circuit is overloaded
with any other appliance, your appliance may not
operate. It should be operated on a separate electrical
circuit from other appliances. If you are not sure of the
reason of overloading or cannot find a separate circuit,
contact a qualified electrician.
• ASDA does not recommend allowing children to
operate this appliance.
You should have
Fryer body and basket
How to...
...recognise the parts of your deep fat fryer
Filter cover
Lid button
Handle release
Product specification
•Voltage – 230VAC, 50HZ
•Lid button allows the lid to partially open
by itself
•Power – 1500 Watts
•Plastic shell protects you from heat.
•Capacity of oil – 2.0 litres
•Adjustment oil temperature – 130c to 190c
•Easy to clean system removable lid.
•Transparent viewing window.
•Temperature indicating lamp.
•Highly effective filter system to keep your
kitchen’s air clean.
How to...
...get your fryer ready for use
Take the fryer carefully out of its box.
Push the lid button in, the lid will pop open.
Lift up the basket handle upwards until it locks in the
horizontal position.
Lift the basket out of the fryer. Remove all remaining
packaging and dispose safely.
Clean the fryer body with a soft damp cloth to remove manufacturing dust etc.
Wash the basket.
IMPORTANT: Do not immerse the body of the fryer in water. Ensure fryer, oil pan and
basket are dry before using.
Place the fryer on a stable, level, heat-resistant
surface, at least 75cm above the floor, with at least
5cm space all round it. Keep it away from cupboards,
curtains, anything that could catch fire, and anything
that might be damaged by heat or steam.
Place the basket in the fryer with the handle
extended. Position the fryer so the handle doesn’t
extend up to or over the edge of the work surface,
Make sure the temperature control is in the OFF
position and the fryer is unplugged.
Press open button and open lid and remove the
Fill with good quality liquid cooking oil. The oil must
be between the MIN 1.6L and MAX 2.0L marks.
IMPORTANT: Never over fill the fryer.
Push the lid down until it locks with a ‘Click’.
PLEASE NOTE: If you use blocks of fat, cut into pieces and melt in a pan on a heat source
such as the top your cooker. DO NOT melt the fat in the fryer as this will cause it to smoke
and may damage it.
IMPORTANT: Never attempt to melt the fat in the fryers basket.
How to...
...prepare your food for frying
• Clean the food and cut into uniformly sized pieces.
• Coat wet food (e.g. fish, fruit) with flour, crumbs, batter, etc.
• Don’t defrost food in the fryer. Any food other than pre-cooked, quick-frozen
foods (e.g. frozen chips, scampi in breadcrumbs, chicken pieces in batter) must be fully
defrosted before putting into the fryer.
• When frying pre-packed or pre-cooked frozen foods, follow the instructions on the
• When frying raw vegetables (e.g. chips), wash the cut pieces and dry them with paper
towel or a tea towel first so they are as dry as possible.
How to...
...use your deep fat fryer
Slide the temperature control to the temperature you
need. See the tables in the back of these instructions
for a guide to temperatures and cooking times.
Put the plug into a wall socket and switch on.
The temperature light will glow, to show that the
fryer is heating up (10-15 minutes). The light will go
out when the correct temperature is reached. The
temperature light cycles on and off as the thermostat
works to maintain the temperature.
Close the lid to allow the oil to heat up quicker. The
HEATING light on the front of the fryer will light up
showing the fryer is working.
Once the oil has reach its temperature (the HEATING
light will go out), press the lid button to open the lid
CAUTION: Steam will billow out as you open the lid,
so stand well back.
Use the basket handle to lift the basket out of the oil.
Put the prepared pieces of food in the basket. Try not
to put more than two layers of food in the basket. If
you need to fry more, fry in multiple batches.
Lower the basket slowly into the oil. The oil will foam
as it comes into contact with water from the food.
WARNING: If you have overloaded the basket the
oil may overflow, to avoid this carefully remove the
basket and take some food out.
Push the lid of the fryer down until it closes with a
Push the handle release button inwards and push the
handle down into the slot in the front of the fryer.
Once the food has been cooked for the correct
time, see How to fry different food section of these
instructions for guidance.
Lift the basket handle up and allow the food to drain
for a few seconds. Push the lid button to open the
CAUTION: Steam will billow out as you open the lid,
so stand well back
Lift the basket out of the fryer and empty the
contents into a bowl or colander lined with paper
towel. Leave the food to drain for a few seconds
before serving.
How to...
...empty the oil out of the fryer
When the fryer is fully cooled, place a funnel into the container that you wish to pour the
oil into. Remove the basket and lift the fryer up and pour the oil out of one of the corners
of the oil pan.
If you are filtering the oil (you can use coffee filters, cheese cloth or a strainer to do this)
pour the oil a small amount at a time, so as not to spill any.
How to...
...remove the lid
To aid with cleaning, the lid of the fryer can be
removed. To do this simply push the tabs on the
hinge of the lid (see diagram) towards the back of the
fryer and pull the lid upwards.
To refit the lid, simply push the hinge assembly back
into the slot in the back of the fryer.
How to...
...remove the filter
To remove the filter cover, push the tab in towards
the air vents. Push the cover upwards and lift the filter
pads out.
To refit the filter cover, place the filter pads in the
space provided, ensure the tabs on the back of the
cover are inserted in the slots in the lid. Push the filter
cover down and push the tab back in to lock in place.
How to... for and maintain your fryer
How to look after your fryer
Unplug the fryer, and leave it to cool down fully.
If you intend to move the fryer without emptying it, take care, it’ll be heavy.
Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents, solvents or alcohol.
To avoid the build up of jelly-like deposits, it’s best to clean the deep fryer after every
few uses. If you leave it too long, solid layers of oil will build up.
How to clean the fryer
Make sure the fryer is unplugged and the temperature adjuster is in the off position.
Only clean the fryer when it is completely cold.
Press the open button and open the lid entirely, remove the lid from the body.
Lift up the basket handle to its highest position until you hear a click. Remove the
basket from the pot.
Clean the outer shell with a clean damp cloth. Do not scrub or use abrasive cleaners.
How to clean the lid
Remove the filter before cleaning the filter cover.
Wash the filter cover with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry. Do not wash in a dish
How to clean the basket
Wash the basket with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.
How to clean the oil pan
Pour the cold oil out and dispose of.
Wipe any oil off the pot with kitchen towel
Wash the pot out with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.
Wash the basket in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and leave to air dry.
Wipe all other surfaces with a damp cloth.
With use, the basket and bowl will discolour. This is inevitable and harmless and
won’t affect the operation of the fryer.
Hints & tips...
Never operate the fryer without oil or fat in it.
Always use oil and fats which will withstand high temperatures e.g. sunflower oil or
coin oil.
Do not mix different types of oil or fat.
Change the oil or fat when it becomes brown after cooking.
When frying, oil may take on the flavour of other foods that are being fried.
Therefore, fry strong flavoured foods such as fish after cooking light flavoured foods
like chips to avoid cross flavouring the food.
Fry foods of similar size together to avoid over or under cooking.
Food for frying must be completely dry before frying to avoid the oil overflowing the
and also the make the oil last longer.
When preparing potato based food (chips, fries etc.) cut them up and wash them in
cold water to remove any excess starch. This will prevent them from sticking together
when fried. Dry thoroughly before frying.
Do not over fill the basket, the oil temperature will drop making the food greasy and
prevent the it from crisping.
Do not keep the oil at a high temperature for long periods of time. It will lose its
properties and need replacing.
Set the temperature to the lowest setting between frying batches.
Do not leave food in the basket to drain for to long. The vapour from the oil could
cause the food to loose its crispness and go soft.
Only use metal utensils, never use plastic as they will melt.
Use caution when frying items such as flour tortillas for tortilla chips and deep fried
enchiladas. The oil can become trapped in bubbles and if not properly drained will
burst and burn. Allow the oil to drain for a few minutes before serving.
Seasoning directly after frying is recommended as the seasoning will adhere to the
food and will help preserve your oil.
Beware of steam: It is normal for steam to be come out of the vents and when
opening the lid. Be careful when opening the lid after frying your food.
Always allow the fryer to cool before removing the oil or cleaning.
You can reuse the oil providing it is properly strained though a coffee filter, cheese
cloth or strainer and it is the tightly sealed in a container and not exposed to light or
air as this will allow it to go off. You can refrigerate the oil to keep it longer.
Change the oil regularly, depending on your own needs.
Replace the oil if it changes colour, smells rancid, smokes excessively when heated or
starts to foam.
Food will crisp better if cooked in small batches.
Never pour used oil down the sink. Check with your local waste disposal service for
more advice.
How to...
...fry different foods
IMPORTANT: The times give in the cooking tables are for guidance only,
Quantity time (mins)
3-5 pieces
(Mushrooms, cauliflower)
8-10 pieces
Frozen french fries
Potato croquettes
4-5 pieces
Chicken nuggets
8-10 pieces
8-10 pieces
190ºCCamembert (Bread crumbed)
2-4 pieces
3-4 pieces
Fresh potato chips
Chicken drumsticks
Aubergine (Slices)
How to...
...change the fuse
Slot the end of a screwdriver into the recess in the
plug cover.
Pull the fuse holder upwards until free of the plug.
Slide the fuse out of the fuse holder.
Slot the replacement fuse into the fuse holder. Slot
the fuse holder back into the recess in the plug.
Push down on the fuse holder until it is locked back
in the plug.
WARNING: Only ever use a 13 amp fuse.
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