About Cafection Enterprises
Cafection creates, designs and build top quality coffee machines equipped with our unique reverse French
press for an array of industry all accross North America.
Cafection’s founders, Mrs. and Mr. Yves Baron, made their debut in the office coffee service (OCS) and vending
industry in 1979. Wishing to develop higher quality products and after more that 15 years in the industry, Yves
Baron decided to sell his holdings in the coffee sector to devote himself with his son François (Frank) full-time
to manufacturing his own bean to cup coffee machines. Cafection as we know it today launches in 1996.
Throughout the years, Cafection has become a true leader in the industry, with over 80,000 units in Canada and
in the United States. Although greatly improved since our debuts, our coffee machines’ success and popularity
still lies on our brewing system and its unequalled freshness in every cup.
Our bean to cup coffee machines serve around 2 billion fresh cups of coffee per year! More than 80 % of
the Forbes Fortune 500 relies on a Cafection brewer every morning. Cafection is proud to include amongst
its clients Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and the largest coffee roasters and service providers in
North America!
More than 20 years and three product lines later, Cafection still strives to remain on top of the industry
trends and be a front-runner in the market. In 2012, our company proudly launched the world’s first Internetconnected and remotely manageable coffee machines. In 2014, we introduced the largest brew group of the
industry and we innovated again in 2015 by provinding our clients with our own secure and private cellular
network – two other world’s firsts!
Cafection has been awarded for its exceptional business performances many times in the last years. The
company is named ”Company of the Year” by the Québec Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2013, wins
the “2014 Customer Service Award” from the Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association (CAMA) and is
awarded two years in a row at the Prix PME Banque Nationale, in the “Exporting SEM” category in 2014 and
“SEM 20 to 50 million” in 2015.
Engineering and manufacturing the world’s expectation of bean to cup solutions, one experience at a time.
At Cafection, we are dedicated to enhance respect, commitment and determination within the company, with
our business partners as well as our clients on a daily basis.
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